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My gives me many opportunities to excel academically. I have had the opportunity to take college courses while continuing with my core classes. It was a great experience working with different professors. Faculty encouraged us a lot. I am thank do that.
At Eau Claire High School, I liked just about all the books in the library I like to read. Plus i also liked some of the teachers and more. But i wish Eau Claire can plan a lot more stuff with students, like going on trips and so much more...
The students are a bit disobedient especially to the teachers but I'm pretty sure you see that at every school. Needs to improve on the food.
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I love the culture here at Eau Claire bu the food is terrible. The fine arts department is nice. The faculty and staff is friendly, and some of the student are bright. Some of the buildings are old but they still are standing. The New gym is also nice. The athletic department is wonderful and the teams are good.
My four years at Eau Claire High School was great. I got involved in many activities. Met new students and also faculty and teachers.

What I liked most about Eau Claire was being able to be involved and meet new people and try to better the school. What I liked most was game days or even practice I love to be around my cheer sisters and cheer coach. Also I liked being with student council and FBLA to have the chance to network and met new faces.

If I could change anything about my school it would be the Schools Report Card. my school had an F. because we didn’t have great test scores. We wasn’t college ready. Also our graduation rate was low. Hopefully Class of 2020 can change that.
The experience that I get going to Eau Claire is one that is preparing me for the life after it, whether it's the college route or a career ready one. The things I like about Eau Claire are the faculty and staff as well as our fairly modern learning resources and techniques.
Being at Eau Claire High School for a total of four years has taught me a lot about myself. The school started off very loud and playful and nothing was being done. After the change of workers and principal, the whole school changed. Things became more serious, graduation was the goal, college was the thing we had our eyes on and the playing was very minimal. The only thing I would change about Eau Claire is the about of opportunities that were presented for students to thrive. More organizations, and more way for students to get involved should be incorporated into the school.
What I like about Eau Claire is that they give you the opportunity to try new things & encourage you always work hard at anything you do.
This school comes to a misconception to many because of its pass. My years at this school has been nothing but amazing.
The staff at Eau Clair High School doesn’t care about the students. The school is very poorly managed. The area is not so good, therefore the kids don’t have good support from their family or community. Not all kids are bad just because of where they live. I think they just need some guidance. If they can’t get it from home they should at least get it from school. I wish there was something I could do to help out with the school and community. A mentor program would be great.
i liked eveyting about eau claire , the teachers is awesome , the diversity is amazing and the academics is amazing.
My experience at Eau Claire High school was a touching and overall memorable experience. I have been through many hardships and tough times, in those walls. I learned many things but not just from the teachers but from obstacles I faced and situations I went through. Eau Claire is a very good school despite all the negative comments you hear about it. Some of the things that are said about Eau claire may be true and some may be false. I wouldnt dare change anything about it or my experience because it mold me into the person I am right now.
School had the best principal from 2008-2011. He was dedicated to seeing some improvement. He came in and left when we did. School made big improvement with him.
The teachers are really great but there are a lack of resources, compared to other schools in the district.
Eau Claire High School is one of the slackest schools in Richlandone school district however it feels like home. Once you’ve been to Eau Claire you’ve been somewhere.
I loved the student teacher relationships at eau Claire but I would improve its surrounding neighborhoods. eau Claire taut me a lot about the real world and they never tried to hide it from the student attending the school.
Eau Claire High School is not a bad school, it is that we do not have the necessary materials we need to pass the classes and getting ready for college. It seems like the resources here are only meant for seniors and not juniors who are actually trying to make a difference. Also when it comes down to the classes most of the teachers are just lazy and do not care. Also when you try to get out of a classes they tell you that just ask for help or "I feel like you could do great in this class."
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The teachers, parents coaches and parents are all trying to achieve one thing, getting each child to college or leading them in a successful direction so we wont be clueless in the real world. I loe how engaged the principal and faculty are in students lives. the interactions help to shape us in the own way's. Rcently the volleyball team went to the playoffs and the school supported us on our journey. So overall eau claire is'nt all the bad things you think it is. We have bad times like fights, but fights happe any where, no matter were you go. But you have to think about the good. Like today when we had pancakes with the police. It allowed us to interact with the police that keep us safe. It also brodened our minds about the conception of police. So Eau claire is'nt a bad school at all. But the things that i would like at eau claire is, an expansion of classes, because some of the classes i would like to talke ar'nt offered here. But i an manage taking online courses.
I love that I am able to be involved and be myself here at Eau Claire High School. I face my challenges like students at any other school but it has truly allowed me to grow and allow me to be prepared for college.
It is a fair . Its an average school with different personalities and opportunities. I believe its not only the teachers job for us to learn but the students as well and as long as I'm doing what i need to do i feel the school is right for me.
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