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There was a policy against bullying and threats were taken seriously.
There is not much of a choice it is whatever is being served that day.
They do not offer the state required courses like foreign language. The students there not receiving the instruction that they deserve.
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If there was an issue you were likely to be avoided instead of addressed.
They would give assignments but some if they didn't "feel well" they wouldn't.
There were no extracurricular activities.
There was little opportunity to be in a sport. High schoolers weren't even offered physical education. There was a basketball team and that's about it.
The staff is great they are always there to you help you. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure you are understanding the topic they are talking about.
We only have basketball and gym. The basketball team is pretty good.
we are a small school and the teachers and students are very close
The school did everything they could, but it could of been a little better. I think with the amount of people that were there it was kind of boring. There was not much at all to join at the school. The school could of definitely been more exciting for the students.
The school was very safe I would say. The police always arrived immediately, and whenever we needed to be protected they were there. There was one bomb threat, but I believe it was a prank. Our administrators always had taken care of the school safely and properly.
The food was not very good at all, but every now and then it was manageable. It was sort of like jail food. A lot of it was not very good, or it did not make anyone full. I would not recommend the food they give.
Overall, high school was an okay experience for me. I made some really good friends that I am still in contact with today. The teachers throughout my time in high school were always there to help and talk to. The student body as a whole was pretty good. However, I do feel as though the college preparation could've been better!
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