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Although I wish I had been more involved in my high school experience, I got a decent education somewhere in-between late night breakdowns and last minute projects to maintain my 4.0 GPA. Overall, Easton Highschool is your average high school, not bad but nothing too special. I'm grateful that our principal made a good effort to include the arts programs as much as sports, although it never can be equal either way. The facilities aren't terrible, just the usual graffiti and toilet paper on the floor. Problems I've noticed have to do with vaping and juuling in the bathrooms which, by the way, CAN'T be solved by locking the bathrooms before classes and during lunches. There are a good handful of good teachers that I've taken lots of valued information from, but there are a few that I would not recommend. I'm proud of the effort being made to make the school more diverse all around, despite county and statewide restrictions. All in all, a pretty good average high school.
I liked all of the teachers and how they are always willing to help people. I think that the school itself could be better as far as some of the things in the school don't work but the experience is great.
Easton High School is a smaller high school and everyone basically knows each other. The academics are good, sometimes I found myself not challenged enough even though I took advanced courses. The sports programs are average, not a lot of money put into sports other than football; we had to raise money on our own to get new uniforms and equipment.

I did feel very safe at school and the teachers and administrators were always nice. If you drive to school, you had to get your parking permit (cost you $50) before school started or you would not get a spot.
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I liked that there were a variety of people (mixed races) there, the teachers are there to help whenever you needed help. May it be after school or during lunch. if there was something I would change it would be the school itself, the school could use some new things in the building.
I am a current senior at EHS. Academically I take AP classes and participate in sports. Sports are bias at my school. You make teams like softball and volleyball based on who you know and race. It is well know that only 1 black person if any will make the softball team and it because they can run fast. There is a lot of bullying in my school and TCPS system that gets swept under the rug. EHS does offer dual enrollment which is great because it has given me a head start on college.
Inclusive, Tailors to students needs, knows what the students are interested in. uses social media to interact with students. makes the students feel welcomed. teachers are caring towards student and want them to succeed
I love my friends I made in high school. I did not enjoy high school and I think I would've felt that way at any other school, too.
Its fine. There are a few teachers that I have great relationships with as teachers and coaches. However, the administration tends to be very liberal. They don't listen to students and their priorities tend to be in the wrong place.
I went to this school all four years and had the same principal. All of my friends went to this school for all four years also. I played softball and attended dual enrollment classes. I had a lot of options that maybe other schools could not afford their students.
Easton High is a very accepting school for all types of people. It has many extra curricular activities and has many different course options.
I have had a great 4 years here. They have great incentives they are constantly approving. Definitely recommend!
I am having a good time here. Freshman year started off unpleasantly, but not at the fault of the school. It progressively got much better. There are tons of things to do and the teachers are amazing. Although some teachers aren't the greatest, they try their hardest to help you succeed. I had no clue what my passions were, and I was in the completely wrong friend group. Through taking classes, joining clubs, and participating in sports, I discovered which kinds of people I like to surround myself with, and then environment that helps me succeed the most. This school helped me find my friends, passions and conceive my goals.
I was bullied, the school and administrators did nothing about it. I felt like i wasn't prepared for anything in life after high school.
Easton is a fairly typical high school. There is little which one count as “extraordinary” or the like. We do have some fantastic teachers, but their efforts are often balanced by less than great ones. It’s not somewhere you’d be fighting tooth and nail to go to, but if you do you won’t be completely miserable.
My experience at Easton High School was fairly well. I can honestly say I have learned a lot from this school. Easton High School has taken part in shaping me into the young man I am today. Being here of course I had my good days and bad days but rating this school I would definitely give Easton around 4-5 stars. I will truly miss this place, June 2rd will be the last day I step foot in this school. As an Easton High School Student.
The overall treatment of students at Easton High School is fairly good. Although, there are a few kinks that should be worked out. Like the scheduling of classes, which is a mess every year. Students are often placed in random classes and the classes they signed up for are ignored. Other than issues like that, student life at EHS isn't all that bad.
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My experience at EHS has been interesting to say the least. I've noticed a lot of what people care about is people passing and graduating. Education isn't as big of a priority as graduating. I've noticed the AP teachers and program has most of the students and teachers who actually care.
I liked Easton High School! It was inclusive of all students no matter the race or gender type. There is also a lot of different classes that are available depending on your interests. For example, I am interested in the medical field, so I took the biomedical sciences pathway.
Easton High School is a pretty average high school, lots of sports that do well and clubs with a good amount of diversity. The teachers are mainly friendly and know how to help their students exceed beyond high school. Although, not the cleanest and the arts programs aside from art class itself are rather scarce. Overall a decent place on the Eastern Shore to get your education.
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