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Eastland Junior-Senior High School Reviews

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The staff is very caring when it comes to their students' educations. Many of the teachers go out of their way to make the best education possible for their students.
My school is a school with tons of support no matter what academics or sports or events are happening. Our school is very much involved with the community. Everyone in our school is involved in every activity nobody is left out. The relationship between us students and the teachers is amazing. It is like family. We are able to get in touch with our teachers at any time of the day. Our sports program is tremendous with great leadership
I have attended Eastland since middle school and graduated in Michigan for a good reason. They claim to have a zero-tolerance bullying policy but was always told by my own school counselor "you scare people away sometimes." Absolutely no diversity, so being a different race or LGBTQ is definitely a challenge. I did not feel safe there, as a transgender person myself, which left me not using either restroom until I got home. The teachers are unprofessional, and they placed me in special education classes when I didn't need them at all. I'm glad I did not get my High School Diploma here.
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This is a very good school with caring teachers. Everything about the learning is great, but some of the politics in the school can be noticed. There isn't much diversity, but that isn't such a bad thing considering how small of a town the school is from. The school is safe, for the most part, and the food is very good. Facilities are very nice, and there is a lot of involvement of people around the community.
Going to high school here has been a great experience. The teachers are super nice and incredibly helpful. Classes are fun and full of great information.
Eastland Junior-Senior High School has been a wonderful place to grow up. The small town feel allowed me to form multiple strong friendships that will last a lifetime. Despite how small we are, the following from the community is absolutely astounding.
I am very happy with my experience at Eastland. The biggest downfall here is the lack of attention that is paid to certain clubs/sports in comparison to others. I will say that the golf and cross country team doesn't really get any attention for their accomplishments, but if the Volleyball, Football, or Basketball teams accomplish anything they are the talk of the halls for WEEKS. It is kind of discouraging at times, but you learn to deal and not sweat the small stuff. I can't complain really because I look at everything else this school has and I'm very content. The people here are welcoming and the teachers have become some of my favorite people. The food here is AMAZING! Honestly, from what I've seen, school food around us is GROSS! I am so glad I was able to spend the last 13 years of school at Eastland and I am so excited to continue the journey that is has prepared me for.
Ive gone to eastland my entire life, as well as my kids, and I must say, its a joke, from sports, to studies, right down to most of the staff, its a joke.
If you are not a teacher, or other staff at the school, then you will get the short end of the stick...guaranteed! They talk and act as though are an anti-bullying school, yet the staff with verbally and mentally bully the students themselves. If you are considering moving to Eastland, reconsider!
If I had not attended this school for the past 13 years of my education, I would not be who I am. The building feels like home thanks to other staff members who are sure to greet me every day with a smile or a warm "hello". Thanks to the strong leadership of teachers and faculty, the students are great as well. Eastland is my family and my home. One thing I would change is that I would like for these amazing people to receive more recognition from administration, as most of them stay in the background. Every club is lead by a passionate adviser who encourages participation from all members. Everyone has glowing pride the second they put on a piece of apparel that says "Eastland". Sports are mediocre at the school compared to everything else. While the basketball coach is absolutely phenomenal, the volleyball coaches are scum of the earth, to say the least. We have the best food in the area, maybe in the world, because our food director is an absolute angel!
I am very pleased with my experience at Eastland. They offer challenging classes including Advanced Placement and a few dual-credit. Through taking these classes I entered community college with 18 college credits and was able to graduate with an associate's degree in 1 year! The faculty and staff are very friendly and willing to help whenever needed.
I found Eastland to be one of the best schools in our little corner of Illinois. Everyone is very involved in our school by not only in sports but in all aspects of our high school experience. Nothing is worth changing because Eastland is such a well rounded school!
We have a small school and it is not very diverse, so if you are not involved in FFA or an feel like a loner
Our school seems to be much like any other school that I have heard about. We have our typical cliques but they aren't abusive or anything like that. There is some overlap and no one seems to really be any better than anyone else in the big picture. There is the normal amount of peer pressure that is expected in high schools but ethnic conflicts are not really prevalent because we are not a very ethnically diverse community.
Everyone always would complain about our food at the high school until they went to another school for lunch and realized just how well we had it made. It was nice having peanut butter and jelly available as well as the new addition of salads. The healthy benefits were there if you just took advantage of them.
I really enjoyed the teaching staff at my high school. They almost all worked as hard as they could to make sure that we understood the material and also made sure that we were doing well outside of the classroom. A large majority attended a lot of the extra-curricular activities and then would ask about them in class to make the students feel like they were noticed. This really seemed to help the morale of the school without even realizing it.
There are definitely a lot of things to do outside of the classroom. Whether you are interested in agriculture or student government there is something for you to do. It is all a matter of whether or not you put forth the effort to join and make a difference. A lot of people participate but the lack of time to meet sometimes hinders the quality that the organizations could be at.
I feel that this high school was one of the best ones that I could have went to in order to prepare myself for college. The school was by far the best one in the area in terms of academic standards as well as athletics. This helped me to know the material that I needed to for my college classes as well as develop the competitive spirit to keep pushing me throughout the rest of my life.
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Here at Eastland High School, we have many different extracurricular opportunities that students can be involved in. Some organizations offered here include: Student Council, FCCLA, SADD, Servant Leadership, National Honors Society, Theater, Jazz Band, Morning Chorus, Yearbook,
The athletic facilities that we here are amazing. Two years ago we got a brand new gym and fitness center. It is top of the line and is kept spotless. Many students and sports groups use these constantly. Our school spirit and fan support here at Eastland is off of the charts. People go out of their way to make sure they attend games or support their team by wearing Eastland sports wear.
Another thing to mention is that a few years ago our volleyball team was back to back state champions and just last year our boy basketball team went down state. Although they finished 4th, there so many students and Eastland community members who drove down to Peoria to support the team.
Normal and AP classes are offered here. You can take many different classes as long as you get the required amount of English, Math, Science, and Social Sciences. The electives that are available range from band, Ag classes, wood shop, art, and technological classes. Some difficulty of the class depends on the teacher and subject.
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