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I am a senior at Eastlake High School and I have enjoyed the four years I have attended. The teachers are, except for a few bad apples, kind and fantastic at teaching as well as letting students understand the material at hand. Coupled with this, the school is very diverse with people of all creeds and orientations. The only concerning experience was during a lockdown which was handled in a odd, incoherent and unorganized manner. Hopefully that is fixed for next time.
I am currently a senior enrolled in Eastlake high school. Throughout the years I have attended this school, I've truly enjoyed my experience. The majority of the teachers put their best effort forth towards ensuring that their students succeed. Additionally, the sports programs at this school compete at a very high level, earning several championships at the league and state level. Although many improvements are not needed, improving school facilities would make an already great school even better.
My favorite part of Eastlake High School is the teachers. In my four years at Eastlake, I have never been placed with a dissatisfactory teacher. The teachers truly care about the students and their well-being. My least favorite part of the school is the facilities. The school is barely 25 years old, yet parts of it are broken and worn and disgusting. Bathrooms are awful, and some classrooms leak when it rains.
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Eastlake High School -- for the most part -- has teachers that care for their students and their growth. The environment is friendly enough but the large number of students makes it impossible to interact with every one of your peers. The one thing I would change is the class sizes, as most classes feel cramped.
Eastlake gave me the best high school experience it could offer. The school is very strong in spirit and the teachers there are selfless and truly care for the students. Although the district couldn't afford to supply the seniors with laptops this year, I was able to get by this year through the help of the teachers. My only critic would be on the funding for VAPA programs and on the bathrooms and the lack of soap in them, but this is mainly due to the district's problem with handling money.
I enjoyed attending Eastlake High School because the academics were good. I felt safe and the teachers were very accepting. I was pushed academically without feeling pressure. I enjoyed the clubs. I never ate lunch at school but my friends did and it seemed good. Staff were friendly. I had an excellent counselor who I believe was one of the best because she was the head of counseling during that time. Other students had issues with their counselors but I never had a bad experience. I took AP classes that pushed me to succeed. I was in performing arts and spent majority of my high school career in those extracurricular activities. The school activities were always really fun. although I was not involved a whole lot, I was enough to have a good high school experience.
I'll start off by saying that the school has a good variety of electives and general ed classes. I've had some fantastic teachers who really made me excited to learn and who took the time to get to know their students. But I have had issues with a few difficult teachers and counselors. This past year I had a teacher who brought up their own religious and political beliefs into the classroom and forced them onto students in a way that did not make me feel comfortable. I've also had issues with the way a counselor handled a home issue with a classmate.
Eastlake high school is underfunded by the district and the bathrooms are often dirty or closed. There are a few exceptional teachers, but there are also plenty of lazy ones who do not care.
I have a hard time with my mental health to the point I was incompetent to continue in school for my in and outs of hospitals, the school was patient with my recoveries and help me get into a program where I'm help to graduate and still go to school.
This is my first year at Eastlake High School and so far the experience has been amazing. The environment is so welcoming and im surrounded by amazing people. The teachers and staff are all of polite and are good at their jobs.
At Eastlake, I have a great group of friends who support me with all my decisions. I met them in middle school and became friends with more people in high school. I also have been doing well academically. I have good grades and whenever I need help, I know I can go to any of the teachers I have.
So far, Eastlake High School has been a great experience and I can't wait to complete the rest of my 3 years of high school here.
Eastlake high school has a strong culture and known for their sports programs. They also have great performing arts programs such as dance. The school has been a great experience for myself as i feel I have grown socially in many areas due to my extra curricular activities.
A lot of caring teachers and students. Students have a lot of school spirit & take pride in sports and extra curricular activities.
Eastlake High school is home to various different kinds of students. The administration are always doing their best and they always take care of the students. Some teachers could use a bit of motivation whilst others always are ready to teach. A lot of students are hardworking and I feel like the school contributes to their passion and motivation.
I love the many opportunities I have to be involved in school from the schools waterpolo team, swim team, student senate, class office, asb and clubs. I believe we have a very wonderful and caring staff. I believe our math department is lacking and it is very hard to get a good teacher. Our science department and medical pathway excel here and help us get on a career track.
Eastlake is a good school compared to other schools around San Diego. Academically wise, I think it's pretty great and the staff are pretty good too.
Eastlake Highschool is a well staffed safe environment for all teens regardless of race, sex, identity, and more. The teachers are hard working and helpful and the students provide a healthy environment for all to thrive.
Eastlake High is a diverse school that encourages individuality and student expression. Our arts and sports programs are engaging and fosters growth in students of all skill levels. With some outliers, a majority of teachers are knowledgeable, make courses exciting, effectively teach students the material, and genuinely care about their students' success and happiness. Counselors, campus security, and other staff administration members go out of their way to provide students with whatever help they need. However, students are, for whatever reason, broken up into small rigid social "clicks" which separates the community on campus. Students rarely interact with others outside of their click, and those unlucky enough to now have one have trouble making new friends. In addition, the school feels overcrowded. Parking is a huge issue as only a small percentage of students can fit into the parking lot, and many students miss out on our assemblies since our gym is too small to fit everyone.
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I've attended Eastlake High School the past 4 years and during my time here I've come to make many different observations. Overall, the school is of high quality in comparison to others in our district, however there are some issues. Though I have been lucky enough to meet staff whom I feel comfortable confiding in as trusted adults, some of the admin disregard the concerns over the students, and sweep conflicts that occur between teachers and students under the rug. Teachers whom constantly are having issues with students get away with rude comments, which I find to be pretty unprofessional. This is just minor though and the strong AP education available makes up for it.
As a senior looking back on my high school experience, I feel lucky to say it has been mainly positive . We have a lot of school spirit and that classic public school charm (meaning that I have something weird or funny to tell my mom about every day after school). While of course imperfect, the school truly tries to create an inclusive culture and I have met great people (as well as not so great people) here. The teachers at Eastlake are mostly good. There are of course some duds but for the most part teachers really do care about what they are teaching and their students. The only issues I have had with teachers/administration is teachers that do not allow any opposition to their opinions and administration that is overly cautious. It often seems like administration/teachers are so focused on "saving" the students and making sure they don't look bad that they disregard any student opinions. Well I'm almost out of space so go wolves I guess!
It is a very nice community with everyone around you very supportive. At the same time, everyone is also very competitive with their academics and extracurricular that it makes it feel like your fighting against time. The facilities and very nice and most of the resources are new.
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