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I actually went to Holyoke public schools from k-8, and transferred to Easthampton for high school. It was a big change for me. Even though the two towns border each other, they are much different. Easthampton was very welcoming and is probably the most friendly town I’ve ever ever been to. Being such a small school, I felt at home quickly and throughout my four years I’ve made a lot of lifetime bonds and relationships. I believe that the education and teaching at Easthampton is excellent, everybody wants to see you succeed and they almost make it impossible for you to fail. I very much enjoyed my high school experience at Easthampton.
I love the teachers and the new principal is great. We have many programs and extracurricular activities to participate in.
I would like to see more advanced classes offered. A better process in scheduling classes by grade, seniors have first option, ect.
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Easthampton High school is a great building and has great intentions. The principal is really great but some of the departments are lacking for sure.
Easthampton High school is one of those schools where people want to go but don't really want to go because it's school. This school has built me into the person I am today through the teachers, courses, and experiences I've gone through. Thanks to this school I am persueing a good career and living my best life.
My experience at Easthampton High School was not terrible, but not the best. Our English and History teachers are some of the best teachers around and are amazing at what they do. Our math department is very weak and not very supportive. Administration is very weak and I hope that changes in the future.
Great school, awsome teachers. All the departments are amazing, especially the history department! The teachers really care about the students. In general a very inclusive atmosphere.
Horrific lack of leadership. Cover up incompetence by blaming teachers, parents and students. Racism and bias are a huge issue. Disparate discipline practices. Administration is lacking in experience and expertise. Have not changed practices even after AG report concerning racism and bias. Use the terms “diversity” and “inclusion” to appear compliant with AG agreement with no value to so called trainings for staff.
Here at Easthampton High School the guidance department is very helpful in prepping for college as well as all of the teachers. The honors and AP classes push you to college level in order to prepare you and the teachers work to make sure you fully understand what you are learning. The school is very new and is treated well by staff and students. The classrooms are large, open, and welcoming for allreturning students and those who are new transferring in from another school district. Coming from another school this one is far more friendly and helpful in every single aspect and I am very happy to have gone here the past few yearsof my high school career.
The faculty is amazing. There is always one teacher that almost every student bonds with. The teachers are always so kind and helping. Even the guidance department helps you with everything and they help you get ready for college and offer many events to go learn about college.
Teachers are very friendly and helpful. Guidance Counselors are always there when you need them especially with college applications.
Easthampton High School is a great school. The new building adds a lot of modern technology into the classroom. All the teachers are amazing and will take the time to help you if you put the effort in. I am now a freshman in college and was more than prepared at this school. The school community as a whole is close knit and you know almost everyone.
What I loved about Easthampton High School was the teachers and the friendly atmosphere created by the school's community. The history department was especially highly intelligent and they probably prepared me the most for higher education. The athletic department also contributed to my positive view of the school. However, departments that could be improved were the Mathematics and Science Departments. I felt that they were the weakest in the school.
It was a good school to attend. It gave me the best years of school so far. Social and Education wise.
Overall Easthampton High School has a lot to offer students from gaming club, to many Varsity Sports, there is something for everyone, and everyone is very accepting and supportive of others.
Most teachers I have had here are great. They really care about all of the students and try their best to help the students who need it.
They won't to know who's in the school and what there doing but they don't need to worry about kids fight in school
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There no a lot to chose from and the more atlhlete kids get the spot and everybody else doesn't play
It's a really friendly place to be everybody is welcomed
The math teachers need to be more out going any actually teach us the stuff
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