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I just graduated from Eastern. It's a good school, but some of the academics are a joke. Only a few of the teachers prepare you for college. The higher administration never comes around and there is no discipline.
I enjoyed the overall freedom and comradery of teachers and students throughout all 4 years of highs chool. I made many new friends and had very memorable school activities to participate in.
Eastern York High School is a very small school in Wrightsville. The teachers at the school are great and the academics are good. I like most how students know everyone's names. The school sometimes falls flat in some extracurricular funding, such as for the music department and sports. I would like to see the school give more funding to the music department and have a bit more diversity.
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Eastern York played a good role in showing me the responsibilities of growing up and being an adult. All of my classes gave me hard work and struggles that I had to overcome and work hard to complete. The teachers were very helpful and will always be there when I need them, even after I graduate. I enjoyed attending not only Eastern York High School, but Eastern York School District and being part of the Eastern York Family.
The best thing about EYHS is the community. This is because of teachers who treat the students like family and will go above and beyond to help any student who is having difficulty who is also willing to do the work. Switching schools can be a horrifying thing but the easygoing an open nature of the students made this transition a breeze and made me glad for the change. Everyone in all of my classes are all just wonderful and friendly people, the culture that the students have built is that if you are in our class we are going to accept you and be your friend. What needs to change is the principle Timothy Mitzel, repeatedly he has talked a big game about how rules and new policies need to be followed, then he just doesn't follow through. Since I have never had disciplinary actions taken against me, these big announcements that he makes are the only times I have any interaction with his authority, and when he doesn't follow through on what he says, he and authority just become a joke.
My personal experience with Eastern York High School was quite enjoyable. There was a variety of sports and clubs to get involved with, and there was a wide range of courses to experience. I would like to see more events held in the future at EYHS for the students to interact with each other more outside of just sports events. Otherwise, Eastern York was a generally fun experience, and I will continue to carry its memories and knowledge with me.
At Eastern York High School there are many great things that have impacted my learning experience. Some of the best things about the school are the teachers involvement with the students' education, the students' preparedness for further education and the opportunities that are provided to help the students succeed. Some of the things that could be changed is the administrators' watch over the teachers, their lack of ability to change and fix problems and the way they handle stressful situations. Overall Eastern York is a high academic establishment and in general a good school for students to attend.
I had a pretty good time at Eastern with the school functions and opportunities given to me. My education I received was okay there were a lot of things I wish I would've learned instead of what I actually did learn. I feel that in high school you should learn things that you will use in your daily life/ in college one day. I would send my kids there if that's the district I lived in but wouldn't go out of my way to send my kids there.
My two favorite classes were calculus and physics, both had outstanding teachers who help shape my passion for science. The AP classes are highly recommended, because being in the general class felt more like a much lower level education and too slow a pace. Being a small school, Eastern doesn't have much to offer. Unfortunately their art courses continue to diminish and the school has low funding. I do like that they taught me personal finance and the metal shop was my favorite place to hang out and pick up new skills. It's a majority white school, which can unfortunately cause some conflicting diversity issues between the students. Security is minimal, however in recent years they have been taking threats very seriously. There are only two or three people in the building who can help with college searching, so that was done mostly on my own. Many of the kids who graduate from Eastern stay in the local area, but I was glad to get away.
Course selection is rather limited to the average student, same with the selection of extra-curricular activities. Teachers can be a hit or a miss. A rather bland school with a lot of students and teachers not taking too kindly to those that are outside of the normal white, conservative box that's the norm in the area.
I like the atmosphere here at Eastern York High School. All of the teachers are nice, saying hello in the halls and being involved in school activities. The other staff like the cafeteria workers are nice, greeting you as they serve you lunch. It is a small school and its easy to find out where your class is and how to get there. The sports programs are competitive but welcoming. There is a weight room with plenty of equipment and free weights. My experience was great here, I made many friends and many life long friends going here. I would recommend this high school if you want close relationships with friends, and teachers.
The teachers were great. The overall atmosphere was descent. Good curriculum. Bad food. Fun extra curriculars.
My time at Eastern York High School has been interesting. There lots of things to like about the school, the closeness between students and teachers, the activities, and the opportunities given to the every student. We are in a safe environment and for the most part, the teachers really care about the students they have and want them to succeed which is something I really liked. If we're being honest, every teenage student is not going to find everything about their school great and they will have an opinion on some things they'd wish were different. For myself I'd like to see changes with the standardized test distributions and flexibility for seniors. I'd also like to see the diversity in the school be more accepted in order to have the community we have in the school come together and be more helpful and respectful towards each other.
They have many programs and classes you can take that can help you find out what your future career might be. I am able to go to high school half of the day, and spend time at the elementary the rest of the day to gain experience to become a teacher.
I like that at Eastern everyone feels like a big family. It is a good place to go to school. I'm proud to say that I went there.
I came to Eastern York High School in the beginning of my Sophomore year. Before that I went to Dover Area School District. From the start, I was amazed by how different Eastern was to Dover. Its a smaller school than Dover with less students, so I noticed teachers were more able to be involved with students. The school was also just remodeled so it had all the advances that came along with it, such as, better technologies and resources. Plus, you could tell the teacher cared about the students and always wanted to help us. They always offered to stay later to help students, or were involved with students activities. These are just some of many ways that made my overall experience at Eastern one to remember.
I liked the friendly atmosphere at Eastern York High School and how helpful the teachers are if you don't understand something. One thing I would like to see change is the diversity at school. There is not that much diversity, and that could be just the area.
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My overall experience at this school so far is good. I enjoy the smaller classes and just being a smaller school in general. However, that also leads to the issue of the lack of variety and rigor in course options.
The vast majority of teachers at this school are amazing. So many of them go above and beyond to innovate in the classroom and keep us engaged. Most of the teachers are very friendly and approachable whether what you need to discuss is school related or not. Generally speaking I think the teaching staff is of a high caliber.
There are endless extracurricular opportunities at Eastern York High School. There are many sporting opportunities such as football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, field hockey, track and field, and basketball. There are school clubs like varsity club, national honors society, newspaper, student counsel. There are musical activities as well. Most students participate in some sort of after school activity.
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