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Eastern Lebanon County Senior High School Reviews

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The teachers are nice but a lot of work they give us is pointless. The councillors often hurt more than they have ever helped.
It’s a small community, everyone knows everyone. It’s hard to get into the small community if you just are entering the district.
For the most part it is a nice school with a relatively good selection academic and athletically. The main drawback is the administration isn’t particularly good at explaining things to students and preparing them for the future.
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Teachers are there to make money, not teach. Curriculum is not that great. Guidance counselors are rude and don’t care.
You will find a handful of educators who are genuine and professional educators. Unfortunately, the district’s staff roster is made up mostly of alumni and family of those who work/worked in the district or were approved by board members who are or were family members.
Bullying is a problem in this district. Teachers, Administrators and certain members of the board bully the parents as well as the students. No pride in the district. Too many ELCO grads and family members employed in th district.
Eastern Lebanon County High School (ELCO) is a small school in a rural community. The biggest problem with this school is its lack of Resources for a student intrested in a STEM Major. The school doesn't offer AP Physics and Taking BC Calc woud be impossible if a student isn't very proactive from the start of their high school career. The School also offers no introduction to computer science related subjects such as Java or C programing.
A very close knit community, that holds good small community values but lacks diversity overall. The academics are good and the High School offers a variety of AP and College level courses to take; students have the option of dual enrollment to further their education as they see fit. The teachers a committed to their job and making connection with their students, to ensure the student's success. Many of the teachers are good mentors and role models for students. Administration is friendly and helpful to students, supporting their ideas and ambitions. The community surrounding the High School is one that really wants their students to be successful and thrive.
In 2009, the district superintendent at the time, let it slip that the ELCO SD was operating without a standard, aligned district wide written curriculum. The last known copy of anything resembling organized, properly, maintained curriculum “may exist on a floppy disk”. Over the years, the administration and the school board told parents curriculum issues would be addressed and a district wide curriculum was in place. Only to find out this past fall, under new administration, ELCO SD was still operating without a properly maintained, standard aligned written curriculum.
Most parents and graduates don’t care to talk about this but, over the last 5-10 years, more ELCO seniors are not prepared for college level work and find themselves spending their summers in Summer College or spending semester 1 of their freshman year in one or more remediation classes because they do poorly on class placement exams. This needs to be addressed.
The experience was good, the school spirit was there if you want it to be there. My family and I are proud to have spent my education there, and would recommend it to others.
The actual student culture and faculty are both excellent, but it's actual problems with safety and the utilities that worsen my experience. For one, it is impossible to control the heating and air conditioning in the classrooms, so they are often freezing, even in the winter. It was 50 degrees in the auditorium one day, so the chorus had to meet somewhere else. The piping is also a concern. In one of the classrooms, a pipe was leaking so much that a ceiling tile collapsed during class. But the teachers and academics somewhat make up for it. I can't think of a single teacher that I dislike. The clubs and activities also promote a very positive environment, being in band and in the musical have been some of my best experiences in high school.
In my time there, I enjoyed such things as the kind and supportive faculty and being part of the Quiz Bowl team. However, assuming it has not been fixed, it would be nice to link up with the municipal water supply. When I was there, water was apparently drawn directly from a natural source underground, which could result in a rather poor taste.
The school provides pretty good material and has some different classes that most schools that I have seen don't have such as EMT.
Personally, I have loved my high school experience here at ELCO High. The teachers here are amazing, because the majority of them genuinely care about the success of each of their students. I struggle in math, but every single math teacher I had was willing to take study hall and lunch periods, sometimes even after school, to work with me and sometimes reteach me things from class. The student body itself is not very diverse, because we are mostly of white descent. The building itself needs to renovated, because there are various problems that could cause safety issues.
The school in general is pretty safe, there are occasional threats that are taken care of immediately, and the school's effort in safety is very prominent.
There are many different clubs that you can be a part of, and teachers are willing to run these clubs for the students' benefit.
Whether involved in music, sports, yearbook, or any activity, there is always great support from staff, parents and the local community. Everyone attends sports events, music events, talent shows, and other activities at school.
The teaching styles at this school are very diverse, but they are also interesting and unique to each teacher. Every teacher is interested in each student's success, and communication with students is great.
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I think our school is great when it comes to policies and keeping everyone safe but there are still acts of bullying.
There are a lot of great opportunities, students can get involved in a wide variety of activities after school.
Most parents at the school are important and are willing to help. There are a few that could care less what happens at the school.
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