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Overall, Eastern is a great school! The teachers and counselors are always ready to help students academically and to prepare for college. What could change is how they help students emotionally. Some teachers are great, but overall it should be a safe environment for everyone. Bullying can be a problem, also.
I liked the teachers and staff there. I would like the overall maintenance to improve and I think it could be run better
My experience was better than average because I felt like I belonged. I participated in swimming and made a lot of memories with the team. Swimming helped me have some friends and helped me get into shape so I highly recommend participating in some sport. I also made friends outside of swimming and they made me feel welcomed into their circle so that's what made Eastern better. The classes aren't too difficult and the teachers treat you with respect. They are flexible with assignments and encourage you everyday to succeed. The counselors are incredible to because if you need any help with scholarships and college help they will send every resource they can get their hands on. They also will help you get on track if you are going through difficult times. Eastern is a fairly average school but the people you meet will help you to be a better person.
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I love the teachers and the school I just wish our dress code wasn't as strict and that we could've had more assemblies and pep rallies.
The teachers are good. The adminstration not as much. The food is bad. The kids are ok and there is not much diversity.
Eastern High School was a good place where I was introduced to some of the best friends I have ever had. However, the environment that the principal had provided was one that was not based on equality or the happiness of the students.
Eastern High School has a lot to offer students. When enrolled at EHS, students can: be involved in many different sports, participate in some of our various clubs, go to counselors/teachers for advice/help, receive a great education, and have teachers that work with every student when needed. There is no limit to the success each student has the opportunity to achieve. Eastern's staff are very polite, respectful, helpful, and confident in what they know.
Eastern was really your average high school. Everyone participated in SOMETHING. If you weren’t a jock then you were at least in NHS and helped with Holiday-Carevan. The teachers were always friendly but we underwent a serious dress code change after an incident at homecoming and things have gotten better since. The way that we rely so heavily on technology isn’t an issue because the school provides really wacky tablets but they’re functional. The school can be super cliquey at times but regardless there’s no place I would have rather spent 4 years of my life.
It's a fairly good school. There are a lot of students. A downside is they do have some strict rules such as no earbuds and no backpacks. The no backpack rule is especially annoying because a backpack would be so much easier to carry around than a 5 lb. purse; especially for people like me with back problems. My back and shoulder are usually killing me by the end of the day. Most of the staff and teachers that I have met are nice. Overall, It's an okay school.
Eastern is a second home. The teachers and classmates become close friends and maybe even family. There is something here for everyone. Whether you want to go into med studies or art studies, there are opportunities offered by Eastern for all interests. I hope to see the orchestra program expand in funding as there are talented musicians with painfully damaged instruments.
As an alumni, the school itself underwent many changes and lots of remodeling during my time there. Other than that the school was amazing, all athletic departments were excellent, we excelled academically and there wasn't a single staff member I didn't like; except for....just kidding, all of them were great! I highly recommend Eastern High to all considering parents and students.
The school has terrible food, like most high schools. Also, the school would be much better if it operated on a block schedule. DuPont Manual has a block schedule and their students take more classes than Eastern students. Other than that, the school is amazing. The landscaping around the school is amazing. The inside of the school is clean. The staff is nice and the events are very exciting. There are a lot of clubs- some academic and some active. There are a diverse range of classes that are well taught.
I would like to see Eastern Highschool become a School that only people who live oin it’s surrounding area go to school there.
All of the teacher are super nice and they understand what being a high schooler is like and they make their students feel like they can achieve anything that they want to do in life.
Great school, had a good experience! The academics were definitely great, and if you're looking for a school in line with your goals to become more musically or technologically advanced, Eastern is right for you! There is a place, club, or class for everyone all all your favorite activities.
I loved my time at Eastern. The teachers are excellent, but make sure you give them some grace. They aren't perfect but they care about you and want you to learn and grow. My favorite teachers of the entire high school experience definitely came around junior and senior year. So wait for that!

Also, give making friends some time. I didn't really fit into any friend groups at Eastern until mid junior year. That pretty late! But I pushed through the first two and a half years till I found my "niche". That isn't to say I had no friends at all at first, but it took time to find MY people.

I love this school! Wouldn't trade my time there for the world. Enjoy high school while it lasts!
I like that the teachers care about the students for the most part. One thing I would change is that so far administration isn't really involved and doesn't really ready you for college. Another thing that I enjoy at Eastern is that the teachers for the most part have interacting classes so the students could get involved within the class if it fits their learning ways better.
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It can be seen as a common public high school, but it was quite different. School was organized and prepared for students. Teachers and administrators were willing to help and listen to students. Even though it can have limited environment for some students, school itself showed hard work to provide everyone equally.
In need of a friendlier more approachable staff. I enjoy Eastern because of my involvement within the school. Eastern is low on custodian staff which needs to be changed to get the smell out of the lunch room. I enjoy my encouraging teachers but the attitude of the school needs to come from the top down.
I liked the classes I had with my friends and not much more. There were a few teachers I really liked, some I really hated, and I lot I had no feelings about either way. The school starts 4 minutes earlier than every other school in the district and it makes no sense. I've dealt with being bullied at the school by students and even by one teacher. I still met a lot of great people in my life because of going to this school and I can't say I'll ever regret going here because of that. But I can't wait for high school to be over.
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