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I have had a great overall experience at Eastern Guilford High School. The school had a way of making most everyone feel like family. I will miss the administration, they were a great group of folks to see daily. I think that the district needs to do a little more work on assigning students to schools. During my Freshman year, school was not to crowded, but as I moved up during the years the more crowded it became. I think that if the district worked on getting students assigned to schools closer to their home and Eastern wasn't so crowded, it would help the morale of the students. As we always say "Once A Wildcat, Always A Wildcat". EG - Class of 2020
Overall my experience at EG was very good. I was lucky to have great teachers and participate in many activities. The one thing that I would change is offering more classes with alternate times. I had to skip concert band 3 semesters in order to get the honors & AP classes I needed since they were only offered at the same time as band.
My skills wasn’t ready for the environment I was in. I was unsure of myself, battling personal insecurities, and miserable with myself. Sports was my outlet. I was fortunate enough to receive a full scholarship to the university of Wingate for athletics. Great people, great learning environment, but lacks culture.
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Very friendly staff, teachers were very engaged and cared about their students. The school is modern and is up to date. The library houses thousands of books and the staff In the library are very friendly and helpful. The staff are very welcoming to current and alumni students. The school events are well organized and well monitored. Sporting events are very engaging and the school has many boosters providing equipment for the sports teams.
I would say in general, this school has a lot of room for improvement. For one, the administration, while it's not completely horrible, there are some complaints that have been ignored, and problems that need to be faced have not been. I would say the school is diverse enough, it does have more of a black population, but there are some mixes in the student body. The teachers are also mixed, as some are completely respected, and other having a lot of complaints under their belt. College readiness needs to be better also, not exactly from the counselors, but more of a lack of seeking information. From issues like these, the school spirit can suffer a little. Apparently, we aren't a modern institution, like some other schools in Guilford County, but there are going to be some changes to our quality in the soon future, so I believe that is something to look forward to.
Overall the school is cool. I would like to see change in the teaching style and teaching effort for certain teachers. I would also like to see change in the school food. Other than that the environment is great to be in.
What I like about this school is that it is very welcoming and it makes you feel like you belong there. Everyone is so nice as well as the teachers and other faculty.
i did enjoy the people i met here and some of the teachers are so caring and concerned for your grades and your liliehood to get into a good college. something i would like to see changed is the teachers ability to teach. i have ended up in a couple classes where i felt that the teacher didnt know what he/she was teaching.
Overall, my experience at EGHS has been okay, mainly because the group of friends I've decided to communicate with. Some teachers are okay and others are outstanding. I really do wish they started preparing us for college way sooner than they did. A lot of important deadlines are coming up and we had no idea about them until very recently.
The teachers are caring and want to see the students succeed. We need the counselors to have more time for students to be able to talk about our future like college.
I love the teachers and diversity within the school. There is a nice blend of students who get involved within the school, which is definitely nice to see among your peers. What I would recommend changing is administration because they do not always seem effective when it comes to disciplinary action. They sometimes just ignore the issues within the school or at least that’s what it seems like. Overall however, I have enjoyed my time at Eastern and will be sad to leave.
Great atmosphere. Teachers arnt totally great though. There are some who inspire you, while others suffocate your creativity.
I have enjoyed my high school. Most people encouraged a move to a school with a better softball program but I chose to stay and try to help better the program. My school is very diverse which is good because it prepares you for the real world. I play volleyball and softball and have enjoyed every minute.
Eastern would most likely rank #1 in school spirit, because as a current "wildcat crazie" we definitely show up and show out, whether that's community service offers, football games, or local festivals we are always ready to bring a positive light to any event.
Eastern Guilford was just not the school for me. However i did enjoy some of the teachers there that i had. Also i liked some of the sports that i was involved in while going there.
Eastern is a very diverse school and they helped me achieve success and greatness throughtout my four years. All of my teachers assisted me with my classwork and homework.
Although there’s things my school could improve on, I’ve always felt safe in my school environment and very comfortable. I’ve enjoyed cheering for my favorite athletes on the sidelines, fun classes like art and physical education, and especially becoming closer with my peers. My experience here has not been easy, but overall has been enjoyable. It’s sad to say I’ll be entering my senior year because I’ve learned so much at Eastern Guilford High, not only in the classroom. There’s been many ups and downs, but no matter where I go, I’ll forever be an Eastern Guilford Wildcat.
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My experience at eastern guilford high school was very sweet and sour. There were some teachers and staff who were the sweetest and most understanding people. Then there were other teachers who probably shouldnt be teaching. Overall though this is a pretty good school and although it may seem like they are being too tough, they do care about the well-being of their students.
I enjoy attending Eastern Guilford because of the opportunities that it opened up for me. Education comes first & there is plenty of opportunities to improve your grade and attend study sessions. All teacher have a open door policy.
Eastern is great when it comes to academics but lacks in other ways like diversity. It is very segregated when it comes to race and culture. Its like being stuck during the old days when racism was high and alive. Not really an accepting place but very good when it comes to education and sports. They offer a lot of resources and programs to students if you are willing to participate in them.
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