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Eastern Alamance High School Reviews

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Eastern Alamance is a very diverse and open minded school. the academics here are excellent, but there is a lack of adequate college prep and life skills being taught to the students.
This school is full of drama and the teachers do not pay attention to the students. Certain students thrive in this kind of environment but other struggle.
I would not recommend this school!!!!!!!!!
I like the variety of classes they offer, it’s more than just your basic electives. Most of the teachers seem to genuinely care about the students and are there to help if you need them.
The facilities need to be updated and better safety measures put in place. It’s an old school with multiple buildings...hard to lock down. Overall, it’s been a good experience.
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The school is not bad you just have to get used to some of the quirks like the size the administration and the facilities and some of the teachers They have pretty much all of the types of clubs you can think of They have most of the spots but they are missing sand volleyball, and girls lacrosse, they also don’t have field hockey and some of the other northern sports. The food is not that good so I would recommend bringing your lunch And follow pretty much any thing you can that is involved with easternon social media that way you know what’s going on because the announcements don’t help If you go there you also better get used to the classrooms being freezing while it’s warm outside and burning while it’s cold outside and you might get tranfered to a different t room for a few weeks if your classroom gets messed up, due to the school being old and pretty much outside But there is good if you join a club or get involved with school activities.
I see Eastern Alamance as an overall great place to be. All of the teachers I have experienced have been wonderful, and they seem to actually care about me as a person. The clubs and sports are great, and they are something that often bring the school and community together.
I like the social element of the school. It is very active in sports and the performing arts. I'd like performing arts to get as much attention as the athletic events do, though.
Eastern is a stellar community with access to great resources. The faculty is extremely supportive and will help students in whatever curriculum they choose to follow. The facilities may not be top notch, but the sense of community is truly unparalleled.
Certain aspects of the school (especially extra-curricular activities such as Student Council, school sports, and clubs such as FCA) were enjoyable and provided quite the high school experience. I had incredible teachers, but the overall atmosphere of the school felt very negative and cold.
Eastern Alamance High School has been an overall great experience. Some teachers were not ideal but most of my teachers acted as my own advocate and led me to be a better student. Other than the fights and numerous threats placed upon our school, I can truthfully say that I admire the school and all of its traditions. Just like any other student I have had my ups and downs but all of the issues I encountered were either a result of my own issues or things out of the schools control. The motto at our school is " Once an Eagle Always a Eagle" and I completely support that. Everyone who has graduated has been able to come back and visit teachers and support the school. Most teachers really were passionate about their subject and helped students no matter what and I could never forget that. Overall an amazing school!
I’ve been active within the school way before I was a freshman through clubs and school activities. Once I enrolled my eyes and opportunities opened up to great memories and life experiences that has helped my on my everyday life and future references and relationships. It’s the one place that has changed my views in my talents and my strengths and has grown me to become a strong, independent student. The only thing I would change about the school is that the school needs to be updated and remolded, ever sense 65 years ago.
Eastern Alamance is a second home to me. It’s so sad to see four years fly by like this but i wouldnt trade it for the world. EA is prided in it’s athletics but we could improve on our facilities.
Eastern Alamance is currently severely over crowded. Most of my classes frequently have a 35-40 to 1 student/teacher ratio. The school is underfunded and doesn't offer a diversity of classes. The school's main concern seems to be on their highly supported football program that continuously wins "State" each year. Students who are there to actually earn an education are often ignored.
Eastern Alamance High School is a great school where kids can be taught by some of the best teachers in the county and feel safe everyday at school. The school encourages everyone to get involved and be a part of something whether sports or clubs. The technology provided at Eastern Alamance High School certainly helps to prepare students for college. The teachers do a great job of teaching the kids how to manage time well and use time wisely. Overall a great school!
The buildings are old and need major repairs. The teachers were great. In my four years at Eastern I haven't had any uncomfortable moments. Eastern's Sports programs are top notch. Winning the Conference title in football for 4 years and basketball as well. The student body is very involved with school activities. We have other area schools that join our student section at our home games because our section is so spirited. Overall had a good experience at Eastern Alamance High School.
Eastern Alamance is an average high school with good teachers and poor resources. In my 4 years there the resources for students have gotten better, but still need a lot of work. The Alamance Burlington school system is not good and could benefit from a lot of changes. Eastern Alamance has great athletics and a great athletic director and they are currently working on their facilities for athletes. However, they are not working on their academic facilities or other extra curricular facilities. Currently most teachers have to share their classrooms with other teachers because if he lack of space, but the teachers seem to make it work.
Even though my high school experience at first kind of sucked, it has gotten better over the years. Me personally I did not enjoy high school until later during my sophomore year. It has gotten better due to my teachers who have really made my experience better. I would love to see however, an improvement in little things such as work load and difficulty of class. Sometimes an honors class does not feel like an honors class.
Overall it's an underfunded, gross, old school that is somewhat trapped in the past and poorly built. If it wasn't for some good teachers, it would be really awful. Half of the students are idiots, there's constant weed, vape, and dip problems. The counselors are useless. Half the hallways are outside which is awful in bad weather/temperature and NOT safe during storms.
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I would like to see the mood of the school change because it seems like everyone doesn't want to be their . My teachers don't really care that much they are more stuck in their high school years then focusing on theirs students and moving them ahead in life .
Eastern alamance is a great school. The teachers are great and they have good programs for everybody. I will like to see a change on how they should knowledge the dance team more often.
My experience at eastern has been love hate. Many of the teachers there that I’ve had I liked. The facilities there are terrible though. The boys bathrooms don’t have doors and if they do they don’t close
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