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What I like about East Wake Academy is the fact that it is K-12. I recently just graduated there in the spring so I was with the same people since 5th grade. That allowed us to grow up together and have a personal connection not offered in a public high school. What I did not like is there was little to none diversity. Out of the 85 graduating people in my class, only 5 of them were African American. Additionally, you used to only be allowed to get the uniforms from a specific store and my mom would spend $300 on two skirts and two shirts for my sister. There is no cafeteria so you have to bring your own lunch every day which is expensive and time-consuming.
My experience at East Wake Academy has been mixed all throughout my years. I first arrived in Kindergarten, so I will have been attending the school for 13 years! Throughout middle school I experienced a whole new building being built for the middle school students, unfortunately, I was only able to be apart of that for a semester until I started my freshman year. This school is truly a college prep school and the teachers and staff truly care about you and how you are doing in your classes, which means a lot. This school has a few different ways of handling things compared to other schools, we wear uniforms and have a dress code for all students. Since I have always been apart of this rule since kindergarten, I have yet to know a difference. It makes things easier and gives everyone kids a chance to be equal. Our school is very small compared to other schools. This has made it easier to connect with others and form lifelong friendships. This school has been more than amazing for me.
I transferred my sophomore year and it was the best decision because it is a college prep school. My education and skills have grown so much coming this school. I love the environment of the students and staff!
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East Wake Academy is a great school. It runs a college prep curriculum and it absolutely does prepare you for college if you put in some effort. Most of the teachers are fantastic, both as teachers and as people, and I genuinely enjoyed my time there.
East Wake Academy is a wonderful school with the most amazing and dedicated teachers. The teachers prepare students for the future and for success.
It has a good honors and AP academic program, especially when compared to other public schools nearby. However, it is difficult to get into and the athletic department is lacking in participation.
I liked that EWA was very college focused and they wanted to see you accomplish your goals. If college is not for you though, they do not have many options for you. It was a safe environment, where you did not have to worry about violence. However, because it is a smaller school there are limited options in courses you can take. Other students I have met had many more AP classes offered to them. In addition, EWA is a reflection of the nationwide shortage of math teachers.
This school provides opportunities for strong relationships between faculty and students. As a result of this, the overall atmosphere is comfortable. However, there is an inconsistency with the teachers at the school as they are leaving and returning frequently. There is also very little diversity throughout the school.
East Wake Academy was a great school. They prepare you for college or your next steps after graduation. I would like to see the high school expanded for the growing class sizes and an increase in sports for middle and high school.
Overall, I was not satisfied with my experience at EWA. The administration was obnoxious, and the teachers weren't very good at their jobs.
The overall experience at East Wake Academy has been eye-opening. East Wake Academy has provided me with many opportunities and chances to strive to learn new things about myself. I have found many different interests and also found many things that challenge me. Even though some of the classes are hard the teachers make the experience the greatest. The environment of East Wake Academy is positive and safe. The School is known for being small and I feel like I have a family community at East Wake Academy.
I love East Wake Academy! All of the teachers are so kind and really care about the education of the students and want to see them all succeed. There is so much aid that is given and the teachers will really work with you if they see you are struggling while also challenging you to do your best work! I'm not a senior and I don't regret going there one bit - I feel very prepared for college!!
I have been at East Wake Academy since kindergarten. Yes, it is an amazing private school that kept me from things such as bullying, bias, etc. I have received a better education than most. And without this school, I wouldn't be who I am today
I liked how prepared I was for college and how challenged I was. But also provided with help and opportunities to thrive. We didn't have busses, a cafeteria, or a lot of students, but what our school had was dedication and goals. We focused on college and what to do to prepare for college, they showed off achievements, accomplishments, and acceptances. The school was very competitive and everyone strived to do their best and be their best. Teachers where encouraging and accommodating and wanted to help you when you were struggling. It was an overall great high school expirence.
East Wake Academy is a small school, and that's the best part about it! Everyone knows everyone! Also, the teachers will do all they can in order to help students succeed.
I entered in the fourth grade so it was easier then than it is now; however, it is worth the waiting to get in. I do not regret going to this school and has thoroughly prepared me for college.
I am a senior at East Wake Academy and have been a student there since the third grade. I have gotten a great education there and give credit to them for my academic successes. It may not be your average public school, but it is an excellent school.
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The Teaching style is nice, i like the student teacher ratio and the ability to create a relationship with the teacher. The teachers are mostly nice and EWA is a family school. We are a college prep school and year round. EWA is a school rising to be great, however sometimes the teachers are rude and the kids who attend EWA can be rude which sucks but you get a good education here.
I have attended this school since kindergarten. The school is my family. I would not trade my teachers for the world!
I started at East Wake Academy in the Third grade after attending a nearby public school. The school is a small family. The administration and staff are very approachable. The teachers from Fifth grade on have encouraged us to attended college and made us aware of their college experience.
I have also been apart of a great FBLA organization beginning in Middle School all the way until my Senior year. It has helped understand and experience trips to places and learned things first hand. I would have never been if I was not a part of FBLA.
East Wake Academy has also given me many opportunities to play sports I love, including basketball, baseball and cross country. I have learned about teamwork and sportsmanship on many levels.
I will be proud when I graduate from High School in May of 2018 to say that I earned my diploma from East Wake Academy.
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