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I had a great experience at East Providence high school until COVID hit. I am a Senior now and I feel that our year has been ruined. I am running for class President so that I can work with the school to find ways to make this year memorable. I have enjoyed the school spirit that East Providence has and I have formed great relationships with my teachers and friends. I am happy to attend such a diverse school. I also have enjoyed my experience working with special needs students in the life skills program. It has been life changing for me.
I would say overall my experience was an average experience. I am glad to see the new school being built, and hopefully a lot of my experiences being in an older building, such as classrooms falling apart and things just not being up to date, new students and staff won't have the same issues.
East Providence High School has great arts programs but could imporve in safety and overall school culture.
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Most teachers that have worked at this school give students flexibility and empathy, which may be needed. The physical building is starting to collapse. Most deans and students attending this high school, however, are a problem. The overall experience is somewhat enjoyable, and students can be given multiple opportunities.
I liked some teachers, but the vast majority of teachers are stubborn and stuck in their ways, not listening to the feedback and cries for help from their students. Administration also functions like a corrupt system, putting down young teachers with great ideas, and glorifying older teachers that hate teaching and only do it for the job security.
I enjoy all of the staff members and teachers. They are all down to earth, easy to talk to, and understanding. The facility itself isn't great right now, but they are working on building a new school for future students. Overall, the school has taught me a lot both academically and personally.
There are always ups and downs of high school, but at EP you have a whole team to back you up. Plus, our SRO officers are the best!!! The teachers will always help you, though sometimes you have to be persistent. However, the food isn't the best, but it's alright. Overall, the experience of my high school career has been fantastic!
I liked that most teachers were very nice and most were hands on when teaching. Teachers were also understanding for the most part. Language (Spanish) teachers and history teachers I had were the best, always my favorite. Students could be brutal, not physically, but mentally. It was not a totally inclusive environment. The building itself was bad, but they are rebuilding after I have left. I strongly disliked the cafeteria food.
The building is falling apart and a quarter of the staff doesn’t seem to even care about the students or teaching in general. However the majority of the teaching staff is amazing and try their absolute hardest. They are the main upside of the school.
East providence high school has been some of the happiest times of my life. It has help me to discover my love for computer science.
Some things that I would like to see changed at East Providence High School are the way teachers interact and teach kids. I have had some amazing teachers that have done so much to help me. However, I have had many teachers that do not help at all. They make it very obvious that they do not really care whether or not their students are understanding the material or need help. The way that they grade things is very unfair for the student and will change their overall grade in a bad way whether it is a good grade or a bad grade on an assignment. This does not go for all teachers, just certain ones. The students in the school are typical high school students. They are not that bad, but also not the best. Overall, the school is not too bad, it is just certain aspects that should be changed for the students.
My overall experience of high school is like no other. I met some great people and learned a lot of great life lessons wouldn't change anything about it.
I like how large the school community is. I would definitely fix the math department, all of the teachers are terrible there (except for Mrs. Banville, love her). I think the teachers should be reevaluated on their ability to teach students and the curiculum should be revised.
I like most of my teachers and classes and the staff is friendly. The kids there for the most part are okay, there are a lot of fights that occur though. The thing that I wish was different for me is the building, which is very old with cracks in the walls and foundation, bathroom stalls with no doors, sinks that do not work, and asbestos warning signs. There is a new building being built, but I will graduate before its completion.
East Providence High School is a very diverse school in culture which is one of my favorite things. Besides how diverse the high school is, the environment and staff who attend here have always ensured that the students and everyone else was safe and in a great and healthy environment. Lastly, the school spirit is excellent here. Spirit weeks are memorable and fun in so many ways.
Overall I had a pretty great high school career. The teachers at East Providence High School helped me succeed academically. One thing I would like to see changed is the school itself. Unfortunately the school is falling apart. Luckily for us however, East Providence is getting a new high school. Although I won't be able to experience it, I believe it will help more people living in East Providence succeed in whatever they want to achieve.
My overall experience was decent. Although the building and resources available to me were not to my advantage. The building was falling apart, the hallways were leaking, the wifi connection didn't work, computers were damaged, heating systems are not efficient, and there was no cooling systems. Some days, I would be trying to learn in a 89 degree class room or during the winter time I would wear multiple layers in 30 degree weather. I did try to make the best of it, my being a part of the band, student council, class committee, and morning announcements. I enjoyed it because I worked to make a difference by becoming class president and school secretary. They offered what seemed like a nice diversity of classes, from honors, dual enrollment, to AP classes. When I came to college I learned that my school did offer as much as others and they had personal laptops or more sports than I had.
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East Providence high school is an average school. It isn't terrible but it also isn't the best experience. They do offer many higher-level classes for kids that want that college experience. The overall diversity of the school is very good. Many teachers care about their students and want to see them succeed. However, a new building is definitely needed with the school literally falling apart. I feel there isn't really anything rewarding students doing good and succeeding in that school. They tend to focus more on the attention of the kids that aren't doing as well, which is unfair. I wouldn't say it's the worst school but there are definitely many areas of improvement.
I had an average experience at East Providence High School; I was apart of a few clubs, excelled academic wise and was awarded for my achievements. Sometimes, the environment of the school isn't ideal for learning and there aren't many resources for the students.
My experience at East Providence High School has been absolutely amazing. It is my second high school and I am so much happier here. The teachers are amazing and there are so many opportunities for college credit and advanced courses.
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