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The education here is very good. It's just that sometimes the staff aren't friendly and the people at the school are predominantly richer people which kind of explains the environment a little.
I have had mental health issues and the school has tried to help, but some staff made it worse and would vocally harass me. The admins didn’t really understand how to help me either. But teachers are nice and try to help, and the students are relatively nice.
I loved the teachers and classmates I got to know while attending East Lyme High School. I would like to see more diversity and and college prep as well as better counseling services.
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We really do have fantastic teachers and great, clean facilities. Teachers who are anything less than stellar are very rare and tend to be older, so they will soon retire. The food is much better than most. I only deduct one star for the environment — while most are extremely accepting of anyone no matter what, the few who are rude or say slurs are not punished harshly enough. They punish more harshly for drug use than bullying. That being said, the counseling is the true highlight of this school. Every single person in the counseling and social work department is a gem.
It isn't bad. Its a pretty neat place and the teachers are nice for the most part. I wouldn't mind going back.
East Lyme High School prepared me by giving me all the tools to succeed in life. Teacher and counselors are willing to answer questions and help at any time. The school is extremely clean and safe. You have to be buzzed into the school and then you are greeted by a security guard whom scans ID to make sure you are safe to be in the school.
I have just finished my first year at East Lyme High School as a junior after being homeschooled all my life. Although it is a completely different environment than what I've been used to, I have really enjoyed my time so far at ELHS. The teachers and staff especially are fantastic, and the music program is exceptional.
I love how many things there are to do at the school! I would love to see better administrators who care more about the students personally.
My experience and e-file my school was very good. The professors that I worked with were very knowledgeable about each subject I was taking did everything they could to ensure my success both in high school and in life after high school. Things I wish East Lyme would change is there policy for canceling school during bad weather. I say this because I am in a wheelchair and that makes it difficult for me to get to school on days of bad weather where my driveway may be covered in ice or snow.
I got a good education. The administration seemed to be confusing at times, but overall I had a good experience.
East Lyme High School is a good school. It is the only high school I have gone to, but the people are pretty nice and my teachers have had engaging classes. There are many opportunities that are available to students, with many AP classes, sports, and other activities.
This school does a very good job supporting their students and equipping them with the necessary skills they will need for after high school. Most teachers are very helpful and accommodating. Outside of the classroom there is tons to do considering the immense number of clubs the school has to offer.
The teachers are almost always great. Administration is always easy to deal with. Counselors and college and career center is very helpful through the application process. Best education I could've gotten.
Great academics, really nice teachers. It's a highly ranked school. I can't think of anything bad about it.
I had a pretty adequate time at East Lyme. These reviews are correct in that there is a culture of apathy, and ELHS is a very white school. Some people LOVE it though. I got kind of depressed my last two years (me issues, not school issues), so it got a lot less fun, but I bet I would've had an above average time if I hadn't gotten depressed. Coming to college I felt pretty prepared, because I was able to take a ton of science and math APs, and I earned sophomore status the second semester of my freshman year! My only real qualms with the academics are that they can totally add more APs, like Computer Science and World History or Geography, but don't for stupid administrative reasons. Like we can only take AP Economics online wtf. Nevertheless, I can't say my education was bad, just adequate.
My experience at ELHS has been mostly positive. It’s easy to make friends and the academics are very good. However, there’s next to no diversity and a somewhat apathetic culture for most things.
I enjoy the different levels of classes that allows one to challenge themselves. The teachers are very helpful and always email you back when you have questions. However, I do not enjoy having to carry a textbook around to many classes in one day.
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Very good public school overall. For those on the AP track there are a lot of options and the teachers are well-qualified. I’m not sure about the other level classes.
I had an alright time I just do not feel prepared for college at all socially or with life skills, I felt I learned alot of useless information.
This school definitely prepared me academically for college. The curriculum is challenging and the teachers are very dedicated. I never felt that I couldn't succeed during my time there.
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