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Small school, many racist staff members and openly homophobic staff, staff doesn’t try to help with racism in the school.
East Islip High School prepared me for college. I would like to see the mascot changed, I think it is offensive to Native Americans.
I'm a senior and the school has amazing teachers, but the students can be mean and administration can be counter productive.
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The acadamic department of the school was limited. I've transeffered several times throughout my middle school life and partly high school, and i could not find as much variety of courses as in other schools
I loved my high school. There was a great sense of community and involvement from both students and faculty. I hope to stay with in this school district so that my children will be able to have wonderful experiences as well.
There's nothing super SPECIAL about East Islip High School. Just imagine an average high school with the colors red, white, and black, and that's my school. However, I have made some extremely strong connections with almost all of the teachers I have had and sometimes with some that I have never had. The community is what stands out to me when I think of my school, and that is all that matters.
As a student at East Islip High School, I feel like I am getting a good education. My teachers care about how well we do and I feel like there are lots of opportunities available to the students at this high school.
The school is nice, but of course some things could change. The bathroom situation a year or two ago, in which they locked the bathrooms during passing and for the majority of the periods, was absolutely bizarre. Most of the teachers are sweethearts, but some just don't give off the energy that they care.
The teachers are excellent. They are committed to helping the students anyway they can, especially the honors and AP teachers. However, the school focuses too much on the football team instead of music and arts, or even other sports teams. I think that the administration is just "people pleasers" and would pour money into what the people want (especially the people who want football to generate profit), even if it's not the best thing to do for the students.
My school values the safety of their students. They have safety policies and “chip in” machines to ensure that no one will break into our school. I loved going to school at East Islip because everyone was able to embrace themselves without any restrictions. The teachers were kind, supportive and always put your comfort first. I miss school very much, and I am very saddened to hear that we might not be able to have the rest of our senior year due to the pandemic. It frightens me to think that we may not get our last prom, music banquet, spring concert, a capella performance, field trips, or even graduation. I would give anything to go back.
Best high school I struggled through high school but there was one man who helped better by days his was principal Brandan
East Islip High school is unique, I've made a lot of friends and love most of my teachers. However the administration is what kills the school most of the time. I do not know whether its the non-specific orders the state gives to the school, but any implementation of new rules is either crazy in its basis, or impossible to ever enforce. I would hope that eventually East islip gets new administrators and becomes a better place for students and faculty alike.
I love my teachers, they are the reason I am graduating. The kids, I hate them. There are fights which aren't a fun thing to see.
I transferred to East Islip for my junior year and I’ve gotten used to it but I didn’t like it as much as my other school. There’s barely diversity in the school.
I cannot give a huge review because I was only here junior and senior year, but from my experience, I struggled with finding a group of people I can adjust to and be comfortable around. As a result, my academics suffered a little, but I managed to do my best.
My experience at East Islip High School was pretty good. There were many fights when I first entered the school, but throughout the years, there have been a lot less. The teachers are great and understanding, and the staff is very friendly.
Playing sports at East Islip has been a great experience. I would like to see better technology in the class rooms.
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I transferred to East Islip High school on september during the first quarter of my senior year and one of the few experience here is that I have encountered is getting lost in the hallway,that was because i did not know my way around the but even when i was lost and had no friends at the time, two of the female students offered to help me and directed me to my next scheduled class. I learned alot from the kindness and grew a sense of belief that this school will be a good school to graduate from which i hope to find more about before I graduate from this school.
Multiple years while I attended I remember my parents having to vote on increased budgets just to play sports. Budgets increase would fail and we would have to raise money ourselves just to participate in sports programs for that SEASON. Lots of drugs go through the school. Sports programs are pretty good. In my 4 years I can count on one hand how many teachers actually cared about my education. Most push through the agenda to say they did it. Students are favored if they’re a sports star. Average kids with no athletics get little to no attention. Most people I know did not feel prepared for the SAT. Those who did well academically and athletically DID get into great colleges!
I enjoyed going to school. Seeing my friends and all the teachers I grew close to everyday helped encourage me to want to go to school and do better.
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