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Like the school a lot because the number of kids is not that high, so you able to create that one on one relationship with those who work here. Sports are average, not a lot of funding but they are working on it.
While at East High I played soccer, baseball, bowling and golf. I enjoyed being part of one of the oldest high schools here in Iowa. I liked being that school that we have always been see as a nobody however making a impact when other doubt us. Reasons being is when I played soccer our soccer program never won a game in 15 years until my senior year. We all put work and effort and we finally won a game and change the program as well as saved it. Just being in that atmosphere really made me realize that East High is a school where change can come if students enjoy being the change. One thing I would like to see different is the support in sports and other activists such as robotics. Reason being is there is a lack of funding toward those programs because everything goes to American Football and I believe that it should be shared among the whole school because in the end Waterloo East High is family bonded by the name Trojans.
East High is overall a pretty good school. The teachers that work there are exceptional! They truly care about the well being of their students and the passion they possess for their job is quite vivid. The vice principal is also outstanding. Although our sports teams aren’t that good, there is a lot of spirit especially during homecoming week!
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I have been a student athlete for Waterloo east high school and has been a leader in the school taking a lot of kids under my wing. The school is amazing it always has been there for me and will continue to be there for many other students as well
East High School has been a great school for me. I have learned a lot about myself and others during my 4 years there. We have great school spirit and everyone is friendly. Something I would change would be more respect from students to teachers, and teachers opening up a little more so students can relate with them and build a relationship with them.
Great atmosphere and great teachers. Teachers care about each student and make sure they are ready for college. Lack of programs for advanced students. But overall great school.
I liked a few teachers, like Mr. Tracy and Mrs. Platte. I also liked the physical education and yearbook classes. I did not like that there wasn't very much school spirit throughout my four years. I also did not get challenged academically in all of my classes because some of the classes focused more on the students who couldn't keep up with criteria than advanced students.
East high is a good school coming from a smaller town it is not that bad. The school is not way to big and they offer lots of different classes. They even offer free college classes through hawkeye and uni.
I liked East High School because it was very diverse.. East High is known throughout the state of Iowa for its diverse student body. African Americans, bosnian, and, increasingly hispanic students made up a significant portion of the student body and the teachers were very helpful. East High School has academies. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. I was in the PBDA academy where all your classes are online. The classroom was set up with computers. Very good environment.
I graduated from East High School in 2007. I was in AP classes so my peers were very focused on their educations and the AP teachers were excellent. The students in the regular classrooms struggled with disruptive students and not enough college preparation.
There are many extracurricular activities to choose from. They take all extracurriculars seriously
I feel that I fit in right away all the people at this school are very welcoming and nobody cares if you mess up.
All the teaches are great. They make sure every student understand the material before moving on. They all teach at the student's pace. They show every student how much they care for them. They give extra help when the students ask for it.
I had a good experience
I think for the most part, during my highschool experience, i always had teachers i could go to if i needed, and most teachers i got along with
The health and safety policies at this school are average; however, this school makes is safe.
There are some extra activities; however, they could use some work.
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The school is unique because there are a variety of ethnic groups throughout the school. One experience here at East High I will never forget was the time I needed extra help in my studies; the teachers I had at that moment helped me and never gave up on me.
The teachers here in this school are okay. However, I believe that not many really engage in helping their students when needed. Only a few of the teachers here really care and put students first.
It's was fun and everyone got along. It was easy to get though highschool with no problems and good grades.
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