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I'm a senior at East, class of 2020, a permanent resident, and this is the first time I've been in a school in America because I'm straight from my home country ( Asia) to Kansas City to settle. My resume, I am from a High School for the Gifted in my home country, in a specialized math class. As you know, Asians have a high standard in education, so, in general, this school is not for those who have been educated in the Asian way like me. Honestly, if you don't want to fall into the same situation, delve into the school you'll study before coming there and then being disappointed and regretting.
There are many activities in East High School. You are able to join, only you do well in School. They offer many classes including college classes. All the teachers are nice and teach us well. But I want the counselor to focus more on students.
The main thing I liked about this school would be the diversity there was and how the teachers try their best to teach us. Not only do they teach us things that we need to learn from school but they try relating to all students as best as possible and they also teach us and give us life lessons. They do their best at getting students involved in school activities as well. I wouldn't have preferred completing my high school years in a different school that wasn't East.
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I loved the diversity of East High School because there are so many cultures but one home. The relationship between students and teachers is great because more times than not, students develop a friendship and a foundation of trust. Teachers show enthusiasm about their subjects and encourage students to get out of their comfort zone preparing them for the adult life and real world.
East High School was great school and when i entered the build i feel like being home because the teacher and the student are really close and the principle as well.
What I like about my school is that it have a variety of culture and diversity, there are people from almost everywhere in the world, also I can learn from them; another thing is the clubs after school such as art club, bike club , football , dance and another bounch of them.
One thing that East can be better is the foot and the luch staff, also I think that is not only the school but the district system, it can be better,for example,some of the students their grades are wrong, or the classes can't be chage that easily even if you don't need the class, you need to se the counselor but the teachers can't sent you, I think it is difficult to find the cousuleor, but everything else I think is fine .
I attended East high school when seventh grade was available until the day I graduated with my high school diploma. East is an amazing high school. Most of the teachers were very helpful. Each teacher didn't just care about you academically, they cared about you as if you were one of their own. All of the teachers I had wanted to see you succeed and not fail. If they see that you are not trying as hard or your grade is dropping they will talk to you and try their best to help you become the best student you can be. East is full of motivational people. Every worry you have can be solved by one of the workers at East.
Plenty of clubs but some not funded enough. picky
Some hard to work with but its a good challenge.
really involved and lovable. Know what's best.
Security is always around and there are two nurses in the building
Anybody that wan'ts to start a organization, does and there is plenty of teachers willing to help.
I would do it all again because I feel cared for. I know my teachers and administrators want to see me succeed .
The teachers have great communication skills, they're very compromising and dedicated to the students. Most teachers are consistent in grading because they want to help you keep up with your grades.
It's challenging but we get to where we want to get.
We have lots student of different races
Only activities I do are the JROTC
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Everything is right in handy
Good isn't that great here
No matter how my school looks, I still had fun in my class and made new friends of every race each year.
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