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High quality school, high quality faculty, high quality students, high quality education. Very safe school, never felt threatened by any student, teacher or upper faculty member.
There is a significant, phenomenal variety of clubs and other relevant aspects to get involved in at this school
Great teacher's, nice environment and friendly staff
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Teacher's here make sure students are exceeding in their work and doing the best that they can!
I feel very safe at this school. Bullying is never an issue, and there is always someone there willing to help out.
Brookfield East High School is a wonderful school, and at a point was ranked #1 in the nation. The staff is lovely, students are friendly, and the environment is very learning oriented.
The teachers are very helpful and knowledgable about the subjects.
Some things like drug searches and th pa system are taken more seriously than the others
There are a good number of different extracurricular s but they've not all diverse and equally funded or reprensented
The teachers are my favorite part of this school
wer have been very happy with the programs offered
we have been very happy with the quality of the teachers
my child has always felt safe in this school
We have had a positive experience at this school and i would highly recommend it to other families.
Academics are top notch. easy to get into classes you want
For the most part I feel there. Policies are in place at my school in case an emergency happens. But. Not much emphasis is placed on security. I feel like a student or someone could walk in the doors and have a backpack or gun . I think my school needs to have a system where any bag or purse are checked upon entry.
Many sports and learning clubs. Not serious commitment
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I have met some of my best friends at Brookfield East and I have made connections with teachers that have opened new doors for me.
Clubs are friendly but students aren't diverse
Teachers at our school are great. However our school is very cliquey and narrow minded. People will not go out of there way to talk to people outside there own clique. The Brookfield stereotype of "rich, white kids" is true. But, the quality of my education is second to none.
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