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The school gives many opportunities for you to succeed, but it gets its bad reputation because a lot of the students simply don't care for school and don't even attempt to come to class. However, if you try to apply yourself and work hard, then the teachers will help and support you.
pretty good good, electives are really fun, and some teachers are really excellent teachers and helpers.
When I went to East High, it was just all-around decent, some teachers are good, some are bad, some are AMAZING, etc. My major gripe with it at first was that they had no bus systems, so living 40 mins away from school and having to walk everyday wasnt the most pleasant experience, but now I've heard that they were added the year after I graduated.... So overall, average.
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I personally had a great experience at this school, my counselors and teachers always seemed to care very much about their students and encouraged them to go to college. However, I was always enrolled in Honors/AP classes. I would see other teachers (the ones in charge of kids that performed poorly and were overall uninterested in bettering themselves) give up on their students. I would like to see all of the staff be more involved and encouraging, I understand that it's easier to focus on the students that are driven but the ones that lack drive should be just as cared for. I must also say that the dean's assistants at this school are unprofessional. I overheard too many unprofessional conversations between dean's assistants and students. The assistants at this school are overall pretty young and although it is crucial to maintain a good relationship with the students, this section of the school staff did so in a completely irresponsible and careless manner.
I liked how the teachers do their best to prepare you for college and for life in general. I also loved the Girls Soccer Program. They were very welcoming and made you feel like you were part of another family.
I like how they have a college and career center. I also like how it was also easy to talk to counselors and that the library have a good selection of books. And most of my teacher are not boring to talk to or listen to. What I don't like is how there is a soft lockdown once or twice every year. Another thing is that fights are, I think, common. But the school does often do backpack inspection ,which is good for safety but not privaty. To be fair I only ever been to this highschool, so I don't have anything to compare it with. Some minor problems are that the school bathrooms are mostly broken and when I tried to look for clubs to join, there was no official list online or on paper. Lastly the school have low diversity, with mostly hispanics.
Entering East high was very difficult for my person do to lack of school the year before but with teacher guidance I'm in the top 1/3 of my graduating class. The teachers here are very kind and respectful. Security is one of many reasons why I feel safe at East. Though there were bulling probablems the first month of the year I got past it with the help of East high councilors.
It is a crowded school with a bad reputation to those who don't live on the East side of Aurora. It is a decent school with teachers who care deeply about the students. They will try to help you in any way they can to the fullest extent. Contrary to what many think, you can get into good universities from this school. The student population is mostly made up of minorities like Latinos and African-Americans.
I've attendant east aurora for four years and graduated in 2016. I've also,played basketball all four years. I had a great high school experience and I can say they helped me get into college with the career center. All of my teachers were great and also made friends I still have till this day.
I enjoy my time at East High from the education to the teachers that educate us. I've had a comforting experience throughout my current third year through the help of the schools administration. Although, I would like to see new methods of educating and a better environment outside of class due to small inconsistencies.
Friendly teachers and easy work- would like an increase in security and disciplinary actions against unruly students
I would like to see the attitude towards students change. Push them all to the best of their abilities. Push them towards 4 year colleges not community college. I loved several teachers passion for work, loved their students.
The school was bigger than average with most people with Hispanic origin. You have your typical mean teachers and nice teachers there.
East High School is a place where I found myself discovering new ways to make myself better. It's a school where most students come from lower-middle class families, where most students have a job. It's a place where most of the students will be 1st-generation or 2nd-generation graduates. For these reasons, it makes our teachers more understanding and encouraging. The school offers many ways to get involved or find academic help. We do lack some things that could put us up to par with other more financially prosperous schools. We also do need a change in our school's lunch system, as I do believe that it is not all nutritious nor appetizing. Other than that, I couldn't see myself anywhere else for high school.
Great School to learn, and participate in extracurricular activities and clubs. Furthermore the teachers were a great help in helping students apply to college or university
The school is not as careful with the environment they put their students in but the sports are great!
My experience at this school has been phenomenal because they really focus on your education and making you succeed in all matter. If I could I would choose this school over again because it has brought potential to the light that I didn't know was in myself.
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Overall, I had a great experience but I just wished some of the teachers could be a bit more supportive and involved with the students. Especially those students who really struggled with the subject.
I love my high school! I would never switch it for anything. Everything about my trip was great. I wish I could do it again.
I never feel in danger at all while in school. It wasn't until senior year where I noticed some kids fall off par. For the most part that isn't the case.
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