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While East Boston offers a wide variety of programs, extensive resources for students, and a strong inclusive culture, it desperately needs improvements in its curriculum for the students.
East Boston High School is an amazing urban school! This school has helped me to become the outgoing person I am today. The teachers are incredibly helpful and caring, and they do their best to see each and every student succeed!
I've had an overall amazing time at East Boston High School, mainly because of the outgoing attitudes of several of my teachers. Primarily, the STEM-related fields foster teachers who give great lessons outside of their topic, such as one of my math teachers explaining the meanings of abstract questions or my computer science teacher talking to us about network security in companies. Academically speaking, the school offers and encourages quite a few AP and honors courses, many of which are useful for students that aren't adequately challenged in their regular classes. It's unfortunate for me to say that it's my final year being at this school, as I'm going to miss out on meeting the rest of the incredible faculty.
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I love East Boston High School, the teachers are great and are willing to help you if your having a difficult time with your class. I feel like we are a family there, everyone looks out for each other and the Principal and the staff are great people. They help the students about making decisions about college and help us prepare for college and what to expect academically and socially.
I liked how we had great teachers who were willing to see us graduate, I would only change the school lunch, I feel that students need good food to be more engaged in school.
One thing I like about East Boston high school is the resources and help that they provide. Something I want to see a change to is the uniform policy and the minutes for each class because 80 -90 minutes per block is a really long time and not all students can be engaged for a long period of time.
East Boston high school is a great school,also the safest school. They always take care of you making sure you are graduating. Eastie show us we are a big family and full of diverse people also accept different personalities. There is nothing about East Boston high school that needs to change.
Its not what I expected i thought it was going to be more funny more school spirit. I didn't feel like I wanted to be there. If something could change I think it would be the headmaster. I felt like all he cared about was sport and the uniform he had to wear but not about our academic. I wont miss the school because there was nothing to miss but I will miss how easy it was. We didn't have a lot of things that where about what was going around the world and what we need to know and how it affected us we didn't any communication with the headmaster unless we were in the a sport that wasn't far to the people who worked so hard on getting good grades.
I am glad that I choose to go to EASTIE. East Boston High School is a very great school. I attended to this school for my junior and senior year and it was AWESOME!. One of the things that i most like about the school is the diversity. You can meet people from everywhere. There's a lot of programs and extracurricular activities offered here. I made part of the Debate and Swimming Team, currently I'm a member of the Key club, Senior Class council and also joined the Sailing team. I wish I could have done even more in those two years. In every club, in every sport, there's a family. Coaches treat their athletes as their own family. This school also had helped me a lot with the different programs offered for after high school such as Gear Up, Boston College Advisory, Summer search, NAACP and many More. If I had the chance to back on time and choose again, I'll definitely choose East Boston High, "Class, Pride and Tradition". GO JETS!
What I liked about my school was the fact that it taught its students to be independent and give me a sense of what not to do while in college. In East Boston High School, "Eastie", you have children attending who either care too much or do not care at all and the same applies with the staff, some who care too much or not at all. The children don't really affect how I perform at school, but sometimes, that's not always the case with the other students.The staff, well it varies from teacher to teacher because you have some teachers who care and then some who do not. Those who care, sometimes care a little too much and can be a bit unfair for those who want to do better, and they end up not letting them, and failing them and show bias towards the students who are already "up th1ere". Not to mention the uniforms are hideous, and its a public school.
East Boston high school was not a very good school. Why? Because I was never challenged I never felt that the work I was doing was intellectually challenging until I got to college and I realized how interesting school could be. Also, they baby the students too much and you get to college and its harder for people who don't know how to manage there time without immediate consequences.
I’ve been in this school since my freshmen year and what I like about it is our science department, I feel like it is very good and has the best teachers. One thing I’d like to see improve is the involvement the headmaster has with the school, he may be a busy man but us students barely see him or talk to him.
It's a good school. The teachers are always willing to help you out. They are always checking up on you. They want to see you succeed.
what I liked about the school was there are teachers who recognize the problems/issues with the school, and don't just sit around and let the problems be there. They inform the students and motivate the students to want to make that change because it is their learning environment. All teachers want to be flexible to be able to fit the needs of their student and that is a lot of effort because teachers have so many different students, which means different personalities and you have to adjust to all to ensure the success of each student.
I have had an amazing experience here! The teachers are really attentive and push you do perform your best. There are honors classes provided for an extra challenge. The resources it has to help a student succeed emotionally and academically is really helpful. Everyone is willing to help you achieve what you want.
Compared to other non-exam public schools in the district, East Boston high school was a good school. However, I did not feel adequately challenged when I was enrolled.
East Boston High School is a great high school with amazing teachers and AWESOME sports. There's so much to do & so many staff willing to help you whenever!
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Let me start my experience off by saying East Boston High school was the best experience I have had! Starting my freshman year I could feel that everyone there was a family and everyone cared about each other equally. I played sports, basketball and softball, and while playing the coaches made the whole team feel like they were part of a family. Our saying is "Home of class, pride, and tradition" and I can honestly say we demonstrate each of these three things everyday whether it be in the classrooms, on the stage, or on the field of play. I love this school and I hate to have to leave this year because I'm going to miss everything about it!
East Boston High School is a really nice place where anyone can go there and it is going to end up studying. There's opportunity for any diverse type of person. I started knowing nothing but Spanish and after 1 year or so of hard working, I can say I am bilingual.
Health is kind of bad as well as the policy and actions taken towards security
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