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East Boston High was the only school I attended to. It's pretty good for non-English speakers because their SEI program helped me to overcome language barriers.
The teachers support all the students and expect them to succeed. They will help you if you need help or they may reach out if they see that you are struggling.
East Boston high school is an amazing school when it comes to diversity, the school is very welcoming regardless of your status/race. Teachers are very involved with students, you will always have an adult in the building that you can trust. I enjoyed my 4 years at East Boston High, I always had someone to help me out regardless if it was a personal issue or academics. I was on the girls varsity soccer team and being able to represent my school outside of the building was an amazing thing, the school is very big on showing spirit.
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This school is unique, It doesn't have the best building in the educational system nor equipments, but what make it so special are the administrative team they are like a second family to the students, if there was a time a student felt alone, he/she could always fall back on the teachers or administrators.
I love how the Headmaster is always available and in top of things. Great bunch of teachers who are always willing to help out.
I have learned alot throught my 4 years in East Boston High School, Not just from books but life lessons and advice from teachers and staff members i look up to as role models. From my expirence here as a student athlete the only thing i would like to see changed is the school food. I would like to see more viarity and a little higher quality foods.
This school is not that bad as people have made it to be. It’s actually quite a good school with a good staff, teachers, and students.
I loved my experience at East Boston High School. I have grown and learned from freshman year to senior year. I have been so grateful to have played my high school sports at this school with all the amazing people I was able to share the court/track with. One think that I would love to see change at Eastie is the administration letting the students have more of a voice about the uniform and about different things they want to be able to do around the school.
My experience at East Boston High School was a breeze. The classes and amount of work were lightweight. Coming from a charter school prior it was a relief, however, we should challenge students. There's an ample amount of free time, which that time can be used for learning new things.
i am a student at East Boston high school and i think this is a great school overall. the teachers are wonderful they care about there students so much and the students are also very nice. the staff here go over the top for the students safety.
The school community can be very caring. My personal experience was very nice there. The only thing that was a little off-putting was the principle. He did not really interact with the kids unless you were in the football/baseball team or you were "popular". Money was spent a lot on sports but not as much on school resources .
They didn’t give us much preparation for moving on in life. We left the school pretty much empty handed with no life skills that could help us. Teachers don’t really care about the students yet the paycheck besides a few.
While East Boston offers a wide variety of programs, extensive resources for students, and a strong inclusive culture, it desperately needs improvements in its curriculum for the students.
East Boston High School is an amazing urban school! This school has helped me to become the outgoing person I am today. The teachers are incredibly helpful and caring, and they do their best to see each and every student succeed!
I've had an overall amazing time at East Boston High School, mainly because of the outgoing attitudes of several of my teachers. Primarily, the STEM-related fields foster teachers who give great lessons outside of their topic, such as one of my math teachers explaining the meanings of abstract questions or my computer science teacher talking to us about network security in companies. Academically speaking, the school offers and encourages quite a few AP and honors courses, many of which are useful for students that aren't adequately challenged in their regular classes. It's unfortunate for me to say that it's my final year being at this school, as I'm going to miss out on meeting the rest of the incredible faculty.
I love East Boston High School, the teachers are great and are willing to help you if your having a difficult time with your class. I feel like we are a family there, everyone looks out for each other and the Principal and the staff are great people. They help the students about making decisions about college and help us prepare for college and what to expect academically and socially.
I liked how we had great teachers who were willing to see us graduate, I would only change the school lunch, I feel that students need good food to be more engaged in school.
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One thing I like about East Boston high school is the resources and help that they provide. Something I want to see a change to is the uniform policy and the minutes for each class because 80 -90 minutes per block is a really long time and not all students can be engaged for a long period of time.
East Boston high school is a great school,also the safest school. They always take care of you making sure you are graduating. Eastie show us we are a big family and full of diverse people also accept different personalities. There is nothing about East Boston high school that needs to change.
I am glad that I choose to go to EASTIE. East Boston High School is a very great school. I attended to this school for my junior and senior year and it was AWESOME!. One of the things that i most like about the school is the diversity. You can meet people from everywhere. There's a lot of programs and extracurricular activities offered here. I made part of the Debate and Swimming Team, currently I'm a member of the Key club, Senior Class council and also joined the Sailing team. I wish I could have done even more in those two years. In every club, in every sport, there's a family. Coaches treat their athletes as their own family. This school also had helped me a lot with the different programs offered for after high school such as Gear Up, Boston College Advisory, Summer search, NAACP and many More. If I had the chance to back on time and choose again, I'll definitely choose East Boston High, "Class, Pride and Tradition". GO JETS!
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