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Pretty much all teachers devoted to helping their students and nice staff even with the annoying rules, principal/Vice President are great! Students are somewhat rude and it’s hard to find genuine friends
Despite the noticeable lack of diversity present, East Aurora High School has a welcoming, supportive environment that encourages participation in various extracurriculars. The faculty and staff are incredibly kind, intelligent, and passionate.
East Aurora High School has given me one of the best educations possible. The sports and other clubs that were offered and that I personally participated in gave me an experience that will never be forgotten. Another exclusive part of the high school was the acceptance between the students and the environment that was created. Students were able to be themselves and not have to worry about judgement from fellow peers, the musicals were greeted with warmth and others took notice of the talent and hard work that went into each and every production. My experience at East Aurora is one I will keep with me for life, and the education that was given to me is one of a kind. I had always thought that high school was some scary place that would beat you up and spit you back out, but East Aurora taught me that high school was different. It was a place to find out who you are, and to be yourself. High school was worth every moment.
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I liked the safety of the school. Teachers and administrators are wonderful. Would like to see more parent involvement besides after school sports.
East Aurora is somewhat of a "bubble" community, but the education system is great. Teachers are always available for extra help, and encourage it. The class sizes are small, which allows students to have strong connections with the teachers. Personally, I know if I ever had any problems I could trust any of my teachers to truly help me. The community is very positive, and there is a multitude of activities to get involved with. Sports are equally as popular as participating in the winter musical, and clubs being in the morning allow one to be in many extra curricular activities. Physically the school is above ideal, with modern updates constantly being added, and a modern exterior.
East Aurora High School is an amazing school. Passionate teachers engaging students, a wide variety of classes giving students opportunities to take preferred classes stand out in its education system. Sports, clubs, musical, and other activities are filled with friendly and accepting participants, as well as dedicated and skilled athletes. As a STEM student, I both loved and hated classes but feel that they all helped me become well prepared for college and figure out subjects I like and dislike.
Great learning environment. Caring teachers who set students up for success. All EA schools work together to deliver skills at the right time in students development.
I appreciated the dedication of the faculty, as well as the quality of the learning environment, but I would appreciate fewer symbols of hate speech.
East Aurora has some of the best teachers I’ve ever had. The Math, English and Social studies departments have mostly strong teachers. I would say that my weakest teacher experiences occurred in my science classes. Overall I would say they are all better than average. Business is great here. Latin is great here. It’s super white and it’s an old men’s club. And everyone calls it the Bubble because everyone knows everything about everyone and no one ever leaves. So. I guess that’s sums up the atmosphere.
great plcae. more words are neeeded. have i done 100 characters yet? Better than OP and Clarence. love living an loving in EA. ohufiu khxkjgcvkhg kjg vkj
In addition to proving some of the best teachers in WNY, the school administration makes a point to know each student by the time they are seniors. There is a family feel to the school that makes you want to prove yourself- a desire to be your best. There is support in every department, each Club is as important as the next. EA HS is a place for everyone to bloom. There are numerous activities for those who like to be involved, and for those who like to concentrate on class work only- the teachers and administrators support that 100%. EA HS is a school that me and thousands of students before me are proud to be a part of.
East Aurora High School Is a School that tries its hardest to involve both students and parents. Time and Effort has been put into East Aurora High School to ensure safety.
East Aurora High School is an excellent school. The curriculum offers a wide range of courses so you have the opportunity to study what you're interested in. There are many clubs and student organizations and students really have the opportunity to change the school. Only complaint is the lack of diversity.
I enrolled at East High my senior year and had no trouble at all learning where to go or trying to fit in. Everyone is very sweet but students don't give it 110%. Otherwise it's a great school.
East Aurora High School remains one of the best schools in the area, consistently receiving Blue Ribbon Status issued by the US Secretary of Education. Not only has it been named one of the best schools in the nation, but has also been recognized by high profile media including The Washington Post, and the US World. The school’s high rate of success is due to the most professional teachers and the students who strive for the greatest level of achievement. The school provides equal opportunity to all students in order to excel in future endeavors.
East Aurora High School provides an amazing education, coming to college I felt one step ahead and prepared for the classes. The teachers for the most part cared about me. Good learning environment surrounded by friends
Although East Aurora is a small school, we make the very best of it. With our incredible amount of pride for our sports teams and athletics, I am proud to call EA home.
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I enjoyed my time at East Aurora. For a small school, it had more than enough opportunities for me, and it got me ready for college.
I loved the helpful atmosphere and brilliance of the teachers in East Aurora. I would have a much harder time getting the grades I have if I was not in East Aurora.
I love being part of the band! They have the biggest band in Aurora. I really miss my days in band. You will find many friends there and talents you never knew you had.
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