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East Allen University is a great school to go to. All of the teachers here are amazing. Whenever you need help with something they help the best that they can. Also the teachers here are very supportive on whatever you decide to do. The students here at East Allen University are very supportive. This school is also very diverse with is a great thing to have.
I like that we are an academic based school. We focus hard or getting the things done we need to get done to graduate with an associates degree. I just wish there were sports.
Excellent teachers, environment, and principal. I have never met anyone who cared more about students than Mr. Hicks.
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This school provides an associate degree after graduation. The staffs here are friendly and ready to help the students succeed.
East Allen University is an amazing environment that has offered me a multitude opportunities. This school could improve on offering more extracurricular activities, but my overall experience has been quite enjoyable. Teachers and staff at East Allen University genuinely care about my success and future. The people that I have met there are extremely supportive and talented.
Being at East Allen University is a lot of commitment and time managing. This school offers many opportunities and a good look but takes away from your personal life. This school is an early college so it will be just how college is. Which is an advantage to an extent.
Good education for schools seeking academic focus! Many different chances to learn and smaller classroom sizes then regular schools. Classes are more focuses on teaching then just getting kids to graduate.
I love East Allen University! Going to this school has really helped me prepare for college. The courses offered are challenging and very helpful. The teachers do an amazing job and help students with academics and life lessons. The main focus is academics, which is well appreciated. I wouldn't change a thing about this awesome school.
Excellent and diverse school focused on the education of youth despite different cultural backgrounds.
EAU offered me a very great experience and definitely prepared me for college. I was able to earn my associates degree in the same four years I received my high school diploma and never had to leave. Many of the teachers were very supportive and made sure you were dtaying on top of all the work you had. It had it’s rough patches like all other schools, but it overall was a really great opportunity and I’m really glad I worked hard to get where I am today.
It was decent for the most part. The hardest year was definitely junior year because that's when you get most of your college credits. It was hard but most of the students powered through for the degree in the end.
What I like most about my school is the staff. Our principal is absolutely the best guy for the job, and he is always present at school functions and just in the hallways in general. Our teachers know their subject(s), and are very dedicated to our success as students. Because we are in an early college program, as students, we struggle with balancing high school and college expectations, so having supportive staff is incredibly important. I think we are offered more in-depth content and have better resources because many of our teachers could be professors but have decided to teach at the high school level instead of college, which means they have to love what they do. We are a smaller school, so you almost have to know everyone, and most everybody is included or has been invited to be included within the school. Of course, the biggest advantage is graduating with an associate’s degree from Vincennes University if you pass all the required courses, as well as from high school.
East Allen University is a high school that has partnered with a college to let students earn an associates degree. It’s a dual college program that allows students to experience what it’s like to take college classes. It has taught me to work harder everyday and do my best.
Every teacher here is amazing. The program in this high school is more amazing. Unlike other normal high school, students here graduate with their Associate Degree.
East Allen University is very diverse. Although we don’t have that many students, you can learn a lot about different cultures compared to other schools.
I really liked my high school experience while attend EAU although they don’t have their own sports steams as many other high schools do they make up for it with academic opportunity. A major part of their academic prowess is put toward giving the opportunity of receiving as much college credits as well as high school credits to revive an associates degree. Since the school is also quite small in my high school career we were able to create a very open and caring community. I’d like to see more students be able to take advantage of the academic opportunities they provide.
I like almost all of the teachers at EAU and the academics. There are one or two teachers who can be a little tough, but I don’t have them that much. I made my first ever actual best friends—people who wouldn’t ditch me or create terrible drama. The male math teacher doesn’t treat anybody like they’re stupid when they ask questions, even if it’s one that he’s just answered. I didn’t really learn that much in my junior year English class, but I definitely know I’m learning stuff in my senior year. All of the teachers actually care about their students, and we only have to do 2 standardized tests—the ISTEP and the NWEA. I know other schools in the district have to do more, but less standarized testing is definitely a plus of coming to EAU.
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I Love the fact tht East Allen University offers college credits and courses that you can take to get an Associate Degree.
Although there were things about EAU that I wasn't a fan of, overall I had an amazing time here. Being here opened my choices and my mind to things that I wanted to do. I really appreciate the students and teachers here, they were the ones who made being here amazing.
It has a very warm and accepting environment that you just don’t see in many other schools. I loved everything about it. The small size of the school allowed for more one-on-one talks between teachers and students. Even the principal knew most of us by our names.
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