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Early College High School is a small school but with great teacher. The teachers at Early College High School really focus on our learning they are always trying their best to give us the tools that we need to make our learning experience the best. The rest of the staff is kind to all the students and the give us all the help that we might need. The counselor and the nurse are always there to support and assist us. Everyone at Early College High School are friendly and they are always looking for the best of their students.
My experience at ECHS has so far been amazing. The school isn't that big in size, so having to worry about not getting to class on time has never crossed my mind. The teachers and staff are friendly and are always ready to help whenever needed. ECHS provides me lots of time to complete their high school class work, and also the college work we get from UTRGV.
Early College High School is a great school if you want to be college-ready. The teachers are very helpful and the students are very welcoming. I remember the first time I went to school. Everyone was so nice and welcoming that it made me feel like home.
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I love the experience the campus offers. There were plenty of opportunities to make new friends and branch out of your comfort zone. I would to see a change in activities and clubs. There seems to only be a handful of them. Not enough to keep the students busy and involved.
I am currently a Junior at Harlingen Early College High School and I truly find the people appealing due to the fact that we consider each other family and treat each other with respect. I enjoy the passion our teachers have towards teaching us and they are all very wonderful and kind. I wouldn't want to be in any other school. ECHS not only challenges one's mindset and character, but it also prepares us for college with the partnership we currently have with UTRGV even though we are only high school students at the moment. It pushes us to our full potential and lets us know that we can do anything and be anything as long as we remain with a positive mindest and work hard.
Early College High School has provided me with a great atmosphere as well as a great education. The past three years have been the best years of my life. I have been taking college classes to work towards my Academic Core, and I am so happy that I made the choice to attend ECHS.
its a small campus but it could be so much better. the food is horrible but tstc is rich next door so I go east there. the teachers really care and the staff is ver6y understanding.
Life in this school is a wonder, you will make lovely memories and make many wonderful friends. Education in this school is very easy and challenging at the same time, and the teachers here will help you through your struggles.
This school will provide you with excellent academic opportunities including your first 2 years of college free! However, the lack of extracurricular activities and athletic opportunities may make this school the wrong choice for you. But if you seek a strong academic chance, then ECHS will be the place for you.
I think it was great a couple years ago and now it is kind of bad and there is so much work. The school had so much potential and now it is in the process of transitioning into UTRGV and that is not going well for us seniors.
Its a small campus, but I think since it's a small campus everybody know everybody even if your not int the same grade. It really makes you feel like your part of a family. The school is partner with UTRGV so we get to take duel enrollment classes. The food is not that good, it's a little worse than the school they serve at the other high schools. The teachers are half and half some are pretty fun and you'll like their class, but others are just suck and will give you hour long speeches. But I think that's in every school.
I have been attending Early College High School since my freshman year. I chose this school because I knew it would help give me a head start to my career. When I graduate from ECHS I will have over 40 college credits that will transfer to any college in the state. This experience has prepared me for the future. I am now sure of the career path I want and have knowledge to help me reach all my goals.
After attending all four years of high school at ECHS, I can say that it wasn’t the best. The teachers are good, fun, and caring, but, the school in general needs improvement. The main building is worn out, and not to mention the number of rodents caught in here. It’s not run very well and it’s all disorganized.
The teachers are passionate about their jobs, and actually want to help students succeed, I can't ask for anything more out of them.
Early college high school has helped me become a more outgoing person and be more involved in school activities. The teachers and staff are very nice and always greet you with a smile and are always very welcoming. I like being at ECHS because it’s a very close community where everyone knows everyone and it really make you feel part of a family. I would ECHS to someone because you really get the experience of being in high while also getting college credit which will prepare you for the future.
Early College High School has given me the great opportunity to have hands-on learning with the college life. I started taking college courses my sophomore year of high school. The academics at my school are outstanding, every teacher cares about you and there's always a great student-teacher relationship. Diversity in my school is average since the area I live in is a majority-minority area. The College readiness is absolutely amazing, at my school by the time we're juniors all our classes have to be at the local college we are contracted with. Overall, early college high school is a great school with a great program giving students the opportunity to get college hours out of the way and saving money.
Everything about Early College was amazing! Friendly environment and the staff are very passionate about getting their students ready for college life.
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I loved the family community that presented itself every time I walked into the campus. Not only the love but the support that radiated from each and student there was just immensely the reason and sole indicator of why the school was rated the bronze award from the US schools. The only thing that didn’t shout awesome was the food but any American school that you find will never have the tastiest of meals but what truly fills your heart and stomach is the teachers that find their way into your brain to see just how much you want your life to be perfect.
My favorite part about this school is the amazing opportunity of taking duel enrollment classes for free, which is not available in most other schools. I would like to see more security in this school.
I enjoyed attending early college high school for many reasons. The first being able to take college courses and be one step ahead the average high school with the ability to get our core of college done. the next being that all the administration is very friendly and helpful toward the students in whatever way they can be. the teachers are really good with each student and tries to get to know you more to better help you understand course information. the experience of going to high school as well as going to college helped the students to get the experience they would need to be prepared for what college is going to actually be like. Overall the entire experience was very fun and interesting along with a huge learning experience.
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