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Earl Wooster High School might not appear as an amazing school, but it certainly deserves more recognition for it's devoted school culture and great teacher faculty. The teachers are very involved in the school culture and almost all of the teachers go a step beyond just teaching. You will feel welcome in every classroom and you will (somehow) have fun at school. Earl Wooster High School may not be the best sports wise, but all of our sports teams understand the meaning of persistence and pride in what they accomplish. Very good.
Overall, the sense of community is terrific and there is virtually little to no bigotry nor discrimination based on sexual orientation, race, gender identity, or other commonly discussed factors. The academic programs are amazing and there are programs regarding tutoring, standardized testing prep, college prep, and scholarship-finding available to all students.
I like the amount of Diversity that we have at our school, The clubs and classes they have to offer. If I would change anything it would be The Air conditionor in they gym:)
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Earl Wooster High School was once a great school. However year by year it's quality has been chipped away by mediocrity, a poor administration, and a lack of funding. It was once a bastion of academic excellence, now their IB program is getting smaller and smaller, and the classes are getting less and less challenging. IB classes have become the butt end of a bad joke. The administration that runs the school is incompetent at best. They constantly introduce new schemes to increase attendance which just inconvenience students. These schemes eventually are rendered moot as they are full of loopholes and logical fallacies. The administration often focuses on arbitrary objectives like their no headphones in the hallway rules, not anything that will actually benefit students and their education. Wooster is also very underfunded. Most its resources aren't of this century and they are left in the dust by other Washoe high schools like Reno or Galena.
The school is very lively and diverse. The IB Program also holds the students with high academic performance. However, there need to be improvements with the overall curriculum and accountability with teachers.
Wooster is an amazing school. it has a good diversity atmosphere. good experience and we also has a student body voice as well.
Going into this school I only had the idea that I wanted to do the IB program that they offered. It was the only thing the counselors ever talked about and they pushed everybody to do it. Personally I didn't like the program, for other students I heard that it was amazing and that they felt really prepared for college. The teachers are definitely there to see you graduate and get into college, many of them I felt so close with that they were like friends to me. I feel like I never witnessed anybody who was a loner because in this school you can find a group you can in with. Overall I did have some ups and downs but the school was pretty good.
I loved going to Wooster High School the teachers are super supportive and there is challenging material. The only thing I would change is more enforcement on rules.
Wooster is a good school for kids that are attending for the IB program. The teachers here are not qualified to be IB program teachers though and that’s what causes Wooster to slack. We have teachers that don’t care about their job enough to teach what we need to know. The teachers are there just because they need to be
The school has a great community with supportive teachers and friendly classmates. Although the campus and facilities may not be top notch, Wooster has a lot to offer, from sports to clubs to activities.
The IB program at Wooster is fairly good way to get a head start on college, and is the most ethnically diverse school in the Washoe County School District. However, certain decisions on behalf of the administration have lead to the decline in success, leadership, and participation in various programs at the school, in both academics and electives.
Earl Wooster High School is a great school that is very diverse and welcoming. Wooster High School is the home of the International Baccalaurate Program, which challenges students with a curriculum that is different from Advanced Placement courses and honors courses. Wooster gives students a challenge, and wants all of their students to graduate with an honors diploma.
I went to Wooster High School all four years. It was a very diverse school with various clubs and extra-curricular activities. It helped me prepare for university by allowing opportunities to take college-leveled classes such as AP and IB courses. Wooster is a part of the International Baccalaureate Program which is recognized by many universities for its level of difficulty.
The staff is very supportive and care for your needs. The entire school is well bonded and has a family like relationship ! Our arts and music programs are in the top best of the Washoe county school district as well as academically we are very good !
Wooster High School is a great place with a diverse group of kids that work hard every day to support themselves and their families, all of us working towards a better future. The IB program at the school helps attract the hardest working kids in the district, who in turn can support others and build up everyone as a community. The sports teams at Wooster feel like their own families, which everyone supporting each other to become their best. The staff genuinely care about each student. Great teacher-student relationships help make each student feel connected to the school and allow them assistance to work their hardest in school each day.
This school has demonstrated strong qualities that have shaped me into a better person. It’s such a diverse community with many extra curricular activities I can be involved in. Not to mention, their IB Program is a great way to learn how to interact with others and challenges me in terms of academics. Such a wonderful school full of nice people!
I absolutely love the IB program. The teachers are excellent, and our curriculum is challenging. Everyone is so excited to learn, and it is so refreshing to engage in all the academics I want to, every day.
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Something that I like about Wooster High school is the teachers because they're all so helpful when you are in need of clarification on a lesson. All of the teachers that I had at Wooster have been guiding and helpful when I don't understand the subject. This is helpful because it leads me to getting all my work done and getting a good grade, so I am grateful for that. One thing that I want to see change at Wooster is the interaction among students. The reason behind this is because so many students are focused on social media which leads them to not interacting from face to face. Students could be more social and participate in activities.
The community and environment is what I like most about my school. I feel like the people are more accepting than other school and there is a big diverse group of kids there. It’s more of a family setting due to the fact that we all struggle to get through some really hard classes together.
Wooster allows students the unique opportunity to enroll in the International Bacheloriate (IB) program, which put students into classes that are college-leveled. There is amazing diversity at this school. There is also a celebrated music, theater, and visual arts programs. Our sport teams are not very competitive but the environment is still great.
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