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I am a student there and it is a great school over all. It has helped me a lot and showed me a variety of different cultures and people from all around the world. Because most people are international students here, you get friends from countries from all the world. It has been a great experience and I have learnt a lot and had a lot of fun here. I came here knowing only 2 people who came with me and now I have about 200 new friends.
Eaglebrook made me develop into the person that I am today, thanks to some amazing faculty. One of the best things about the residential part is that the rooms are so close together you never feel alone, no matter from where the person is. Another amazing thing that Eaglebrook had was that the every student had an assign advisor that lived with you and would put you and the people assigned to him first, and its not favoritism because every student has an advisor that will cheer you on and will help in whatever you need. The campus is beautiful, and the facilities are incredible with really new technology in classrooms as tools to ensure the best learning experience. The sports facilities are huge and with large variety. From a private ski hill, to a large pool, tennis courts and many more things.
its garbage. food is not that great, the kids are mostly uneducated rich white people, drugs are very relevant in the community. Teachers mostly ignore the students, and money is the only thing that really matters. your kid is about to be expelled? just pay 'em. second chance. It is unbelievable how teachers don't give a crap about the students. If you want your kid to be a drug addict, a bully and a total mess without getting better at anything, send your kid here.
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it's an amazing experience.. my son love the school ..the faculty are outstanding
and the house parents truly made the experience home away from home even if home is as far away as Saudi Arabia.
The schools robust community, academic recourse, and faculty make this school a powerful and unique middle school experience. Strongly prepares you for secondary school and beyond with its teaching of time management, writing, and research skills.
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