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Eagle Grove High School Reviews

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Eagle grove high school is a good school where it is fairly easy to pass your core classes. The teachers do well with helping student who are seeking help. Some things that are not so good about this high school are the conditions. The school is fairly old and ready for an update.
The thing that I like the most about Eagle Grove High School is that there is an unlimited amount of opportunities that they give you. The educational system at Eagle Grove high school is always willing to help you in not only school, but with any problems that you may be having. From my freshman year till now I have gained so much knowledge from the Eagle Groves staff and they have all been so involved in not only my educational growth, but in my personal growth as well. The teachers are willing to do anything for you and try to get students to understand how important getting a good education is. They have definitely made an impact on my life and have made it clear to me that I am able to accomplish my goals of going to Iowa State University and becoming a vet if I put my mind to it and do everything in my power to succeed.
Our school is very good in out academics and arts, some of our sports have made it to state back to back and if they haven't made it to state they are very close. The overall experience has been amazing and every teacher I have been able to create a bond with and we are a small school but if you need help they will give it you even if you need help with another class. If a teacher notices something is wrong they will confront you and make sure everything is okay. The teachers also handle everything in a very professional matter.
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I had a great athletic experience because I worked very hard outside of practice to succeed. The teachers would always help me when I needed help. I don't think it readied me for college, I was behind on academics once I got to college and needed to take classes that didn't count towards college credit. It's a small school so you know everyone.
I love the basketball team
Its been tough but im glad to be graduting
Some of them do what is needed but alot of them are mean and just dont seem to care
Love that its small classes and everyone know everyone
The high school kids are still hungry cause we don't get enough
Our guidance counselor is terrible with helping students
We need better equipment and better schhol
Some teacher really care and others are just there for a paycheck
We have a lot of sports but not much like chest club and etec...
Overall, I think this school is amazing. The teachers, administration, parents, coaches, and students are all really nice and care about the well-being of everyone. Some of my favorite experiences would be band competitions where we travel to Minnesota and bond as a band, small and large group competitions where the band and choir learn to work together and bond to become better, and overall, my favorite experience is watching how everyone grows up and throws away all of their labels and we become closer as a school. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose this school because there are warm, caring, wonderful people who work there that are just wanting and trying to help you succeed in school so you can achieve your dreams.
We are offered a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. If people have food allergies, we give out alternate lunches for those people. In the past, we had to become a peanut free school because someone couldn't have peanuts in any form. So we try to accommodate the best that we can. Snacks are limited and are pretty average. I think we should have a better variety. The menus are pretty decent and the food quality is actually usually pretty good. We sometimes have weird foods but they turn out to be pretty good.
Our administration tries their hardest to make sure that the policies aren't to hard but they make sure that they are followed. The principal helps out a lot and he tries to encourage students to have fun at school but not to do anything destructive or anything to break the rules. The office staff is wonderful. They help you out as much as they can and they are extremely nice. Our dress code is put into action and if you come to school with something that violates the dress code, you will be asked to change your clothes and if you don't have anything to change into, they will provide you with something that covers you up better. The administration tries their best to make school appropriate and comfortable for everyone attending.
We have a really good amount of student involvement in our athletics. If you count how many people are out for a sport for every season, it would be a little over half our school. Our performance in sports are pretty good but I know that we can do better if we tried harder. There is a lot of fan support throughout each season of sports and they enjoy coming to see what we can do. If we did good or even if we are losing by a lot, our fan will be there cheering their hearts out, trying to show us that they do care about us. School spirit is pretty important to us. We like to be known as a school who is respectful and don't brag about winning to everyone. When we win, sure we celebrate and have fun, but we always go to the other team and tell them good job and we just overall have good sportsmanship.
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The teachers at this school are very caring, look out for their students, are almost always available to help students when they are struggling whether its before or after school, and they really want to see their students succeed in life. Their teaching styles range from a lecture to having students help teach the class every once and a while. They are very knowledgeable about many different things and if you are having trouble in one class and you know a different teacher that can explain it better, they are willing to help you so that you can get the best education possible. They are available to talk to in person or you can e-mail them, or you can even go on to Google classroom and ask questions there if they have a Google classroom set up. They try to make it easy for you to get a hold of them so you can ask questions and get things straightened out if you have a problem. Overall, the teachers are really the best teachers I've had.
Some of the extracurricular opportunities that Eagle grove provides include show choir, a variety of sport, FCCLA, FCA, Chess Club, Speech, and many others. There is a fairly high level of commitment for every one of our extracurricular activities because we get so involved and care so much about them that we want to make other proud of us. A majority of the people go out for sports which is probably our most popular activity. We have a lot of administration support for every one of our extracurricular activities. The administration just wants to see us succeed.
There is a Cockroach problem at this school and its not under control at all but thats the worst issuse.
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