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My son started Kindergarten at eAchieve because of lack of good school choices in our neighborhood; it was intended to be a 1 year thing. Initially I had nothing else to compare the work he was doing to. After excelling in his MAPS test, and speaking with parents of other kindergartners in our region, it was clear that eAchieve was an excellent choice. His weekly work became tailored to not only include grade level curriculum but also included harder work to challenge where he was at. My son was also able to continue his online courses throughout the summer. Our lifestyle demands a more flexible school schedule and eAchieve accommodates that with individualized learning for my son. He loves the monthly field trips!
Eachieve has given our family flexibility and a customized education for our son. Adjustments are made based on his struggles and successes and his confidence is a reflection of this. Teachers know him as though they have spent 30+ hours with him in a classroom as it feels very individualized.
We have enjoyed eachieve so far. It has forced our son to think outside the box, learn time management and other useful skills for the real world. So far he has really enjoyed all the work and the teachers are super helpful.
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eAchieve elementary is a wonderful option for families looking for an alternative to traditional school. As a parent you get first hand knowledge of how your child is learning and are able to play an active part in their education. With eAchieve children are able to progress at their own rate and not be controlled by the progression rate of other children in the class. More time can be spent on challenging subjects or assignments to help students grasp the knowledge while a student that is excelling can continue to build their knowledge without being held back. Truly a school that is designed to help your child grow academically.
This is our first year at eAchieve and everyone has been so helpful with the transition. My son really enjoys the interactive programs they offer.
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