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E.A. Johnson Memorial High School Reviews

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As far as college prep readiness goes, it's not good at all. Although there is a mandatory 1-2 semester (based on how well you did on the PSAT) SAT prep class and the test itself is free to take for all students, I feel that there isn't very much academic rigor overall. There were only 4 AP classes offered the year I was a Junior, and two of them were gennet classes where you were taught by a teacher online. Also, the fine arts program isn't the greatest either. The projects done in the art classes are average and boring at best and band program has been going through new directors every 2-3 years since 2006. The choir is pretty good, but there is no theatre program. If you plan on going to a prestigious college or are looking for somewhere to be creative, I'd recommend nearby schools like Flushing or Davison. Most of the students here are just super uninvolved and barely coasting by
I had an overall positive experience at E. A. J., and I would definitely recommend attending. I loved the teachers, and I found it easy to learn because the staff really cared about us. I graduated knowing that the staff truly cared about me and my peers and our success. The environment was friendly, and I knew that wherever I went in the building I could look to any of the faculty for support and a kind word. If I were to change anything, it would have been the unity of the students. The staff seemed to try their best in this aspect, but it seemed as though students were often coddled when they misbehaved instead of facing any real punishment, creating a line between those who followed the rules and those who broke them, because everyone really was treated the same regardless. It almost seemed as though there was no incentive to follows the rules and be respectful when there was no punishment for those who did the opposite. Overall, a positive experience.
E.A.J. is very diverse. For the most part school here is alright. Teachers are a little biased and pick favorites. Sports are the schools center there are not very many clubs, which for a lot of kids is awful. Would love to see more activities for kids who are not athletically inclined.
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It was a very small school so I felt a connection with everyone and everyone knew and respected me. Teachers care about your future success. Very welcoming area
The school as a whole unit was great. The teachers were helpful when and if I needed extra help. A few of them went above and beyond in their involvement with the students and the extra curricular activities that were offered(Mock Rock, Student Council, Blood Drives, Homecoming). The athletic boosters supported the teams and individuals. I made many great friends that I continue to keep in touch with despite being at different places in our lives right now.

I wish their was more support for all athletics by the entire class body. Also, I wish there were more ap college classes offered.
I recently transferred to EA Johnson High School. The student body was very welcoming. The staff has been very helpful in terms of getting extra help when needed. There is a wide variety of classes to choose from, as well as many AP classes. GenNet classes are offered. For example, ASL is a current class I am taking. It is a good break from the normal classroom environment.
I like the the big variety of food. Going to a smaller before, they didn't have a big range of food choices. Here at E.A Johnson Memorial High School the variety can make the toughest decision maker to make a decision. I like to see change is having a late day every Wednesday for the whole school year.
The health and safety at this school is great. All students take part in the few types of drills we practice for our safety, including fire drills, tornado drills, and lock downs. Bullying is always being stopped before it becomes a big issue.
The extracurricular activities are fascinating. The school even offered a ski club.
My overall experience with this school was great. I enjoyed most of my time there, especially with being able to take part of the National Honors Society, which really helped point me in the right path. What really makes this school unique, is the way all of the staff members make action, instead of leaving situations unsolved such as fights, bad grades, struggles, and more. I would choose this school again if i could do it all over, because i found it very easy to stay in school, and accomplish all the tasks given.
The teachers at this school were very reasonable, and very knowledgeable. They make sure the students stay up-to-date with everything and walk them through any troubles.
The teachers at this school are very helpful in real life examples.
I was an athletic student.
The students and parents that are involved with this school come from different backgrounds.
This school has many students in attendance that come from many different backgrounds.
This schools lunch program is aiming to make every student in attendance or on a visit as healthy as can be.
Students at this school come from many backgrounds.
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The safety of other students is this schools top priority.
This school aims to help each student have the equal amount to a good education.
The after school programs aim to the interest of any and every student in attendance.
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