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E. O. Smith High School Reviews

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They need to help seniors more with getting prepared and applying to college, and have better tutoring for math classes.
It is a great school. I been to this school and the classes they offer are great! You need to work hard in order to get passing grades. The teachers are helpful. Downside is that I sometimes found test to be very ineffective because all teachers are different.
The teachers are all very dedicated to their jobs and genuinely care about there students. If there's a problem in your personal life they will make accommodations and check up on you. The only thing I did not like was how they handle a student with mental illness. Their first plan was to just kick me out.
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There are so many great things about E. O. Smith. The transition from middle school to high school was extremely smooth. There are endless opportunities to get involved in clubs and activities. There are many different course options for for different levels and interests so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. It also offers many Early College Experience courses from three different nearby universities. I was able to graduate with eighteen college credits which gave me a great head start in college.
My favorite part of E. O. Smith is the agriculture education program. As a freshman I got very involved in the program which developed my public speaking and leadership skills. Each year of high school I got even more involved in the agriculture program because it taught me many practical life skills. If not for the program I would not be studying animal science at Kansas State University.
I would say that overall, it is a good school for the area relative to other schools as well it being a public school. With the very close proximity to the University of Connecticut Storrs Campus, student are able to take classes that are not otherwise supplied in the High School.
With the close proximity to the University of Connecticut, there are numerous opportunities that one may never find in any other high school not located on a university campus. Many clubs, sports, and activities, as well as a challenging curriculum.
My experience at E. O. Smith high school was a battle, but it was a kind of battle that (or high school kids need to go through) would help you find your place. Any type of clubs or teams after school (anything from debate, robotics, to track teams) find a group of friends that could end up being your friends for a lifetime. I was in the FFA program of agriculture where I then finished high school in the animal science program, I continued for the love of animals into college and into future jobs. The teachers I've had outside of the FFA program were all great teachers, who all were positive who encouraged and believed in me for what I was reaching for in my future. I'd like to see out of E.O. Smith High school, is to see all programs and activities grow. I want to see more afternoon programs being made; independent studies open for seniors. Also have the cafeteria to serve healthier food and expand to be more of a diverse school
E o smith is best place to experience life. Life means you watching yourself growing in class in extra activities. A place where I am learning everyday about hard work through the best teachers they have. E o offers extra help for everyone and at anytime they get time.
Challenging college honors classes in HS prepared me very well for my freshman classes in college. Help was always available from peer mentors, college tutors, or teachers. Academics, sports and clubs were well balanced, and there were a lot to chose from. Teachers were very good. For a large school, the class sizes were small. Many different ethicities made for a diverse environment. Students all got along. Administration wasn't tough enough on students caught using drugs. Open campus and privileges had to be earned, which was good. Cafeteria food was fair. Lines were too long to eat lunch during short lunch periods so I never ate in the school caf. after I earned open campus privileges.
Great school with awesome teachers. the location, basically on UCONN, provides access to ECE (Early College Experience) classes that will transfer directly to UCONN and other schools. You have the ability to take UCONN classes at UCONN also. The only weak spot in the school is the Chemistry department. The best teacher left last year and the staff is pretty weak, so i have heard through my brothers currently in the school. But overall, this is a spectacular school in a great location, centrally located in Mansfield with shops and a community center right there. Athletics are also a huge plus, they take the athletics very seriously.
EO Smith is a pretty good school. It offers many courses and students have flexible schedules. It also has many sports and clubs so that all students can get involved with the school and make new friends.
I have struggled with personal issues Freshman and Sophomore year. My guidance counselor and teachers had my back through the year. I love E.O Smith even with it flaws. I have never felt so much support in my life. I know if I have a bad day I will always be able to talk to someone. The classes and opportunities are endless. There is no limit to the education that is given at E.O Smith.
I really enjoy some of the clubs because they allow many students to get involved in their community in a way that best suits them. There are so many different clubs that everyone is able to find one that suits them.
I would definitely choose to attend this school again because it has so much to offer and there is so much to experience at this school. The possibilities range from attendeding football games, to watching plays, and so many more fun activities that not all schools offer.
I am very satisfied with the teachers at my school. They are very knowledgable in the subjects that they are teaching. Most teachers try to make the lesson fun and try to make it as easy as possible to understand the topic. They seem to genuinely care about our education. However, there are a few teachers that may teach a little too fast and move on from topics before the entire clas has a chance to comprehend the material.
I feel that the school is very safe. I've had no experiences with drug, gang, or alcohol issues, and I don't know of anyone from this school that has participated in dangerous or illegal activities. Bullying isn't a problem in the school, as far as I've seen, and the school climate is generally very accepting (at least compared to other schools).
There are many clubs and extracurriculars at the school. In fact, I don't know much about many of the clubs the school offers - partly because there are many options, and partly because the school doesn't share information effectively.

From drama to music to STEM, the school is very active and has many options such as VEX Robotics, FIRST Robotics, various Quiz Bowl groups, various honor societies, etc.

Despite the fact that there are more clubs than I have time for, I still wish there were more club options at the school, especially of clubs that are active in the community.
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EOSmith has many great resources and elements that make it one of the best public high schools in the country. Not only does it have advanced programs and free ECE courses that allow students to gain a large advantage when going into college, but its extracurriculars, fine arts department, and teaching staff is generally extraordinary. As well, the proximity of the school to the University of Connecticut provides many unique college resources that most students don't get, and adds to the school community and culture.
The teachers here are excellent; many of them are highly knowledgeable and highly qualified, giving students the opportunities for many ECE courses. They are very involved and help promote a positive school attitude. Every teacher I have had genuinely cares about their students and does everything to their ability to create a positive learning environment and to prepare students for the future. While not perfect, the staff at EO is a great resource of the school that most high school students don't have.
It's very protected from outside people coming in
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