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Dworshak Elementary School Reviews

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I believe that Dworshak has a monopoly on all the great teachers. They work really hard to make sure every student is learning. They go above and beyond what is expected and try to make learning fun. If there are concerns, they do not hesitate to make parent contact.
I loved this school for those who work there. They put forth the effort to help kids and tried to be loving, but firm. They are teachers after all and not the children's friends. They were interested in bringing in the community and even though it was more work for them, they still continue to host carnivals every year. I would love for all of my daughter's schools to have at least some of these elements.
As I mentioned, the building is old and was built in a time when modern day concerns were not in people's minds. I believe that bullying is handled on a case-by-case basis, but students could be educated more about social manners. However, much of the "old school" teaching has been put aside for testing requirements. There was a time that not only were children learning at home how to appropriately interact with each other, but at school as well. Too often name calling, pushing, rude comments, etc are being brushed aside (in many school settings). As for the building safety, I believe the school is vulnerable as all old schools. In a time when we worry about school shooters, children assaulting each other, etc. they are doing the best they can with what they have.
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Due to several school bonds not passing Dworshak has not been able to maintain itself and keep up with the demanding population growth. Both the heating and cooling systems need to be replaced, the building overall is very old, the classrooms are too small for the flow of children, and the outdoor space is being hit with many restrictions due to "safety" concerns. If the school had the appropriate funds, it would be maintained better and be able to meet not only the needs of the students, but even those of the community.
While my daughter attended Dworshak Elementary she was treated very kindly and the teachers and staff were very involved with the students and participated in activities to bring in parent involvement. When teachers had concerns they did not hesitate to call home and either discuss it with a parent or set up a conference. While attending Dworshak my daughter had some turbulent times during a divorce situation and the teachers and counselor were very aware and invited her to participate in groups, etc that helped her work through those struggles. There have been many times I wish that all of her schooling experiences have been like those at Dworshak.
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