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Dwight Morrow High School/Academies at Englewood Reviews

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I wish the school had more school spirit. There are so many kids on campus yet no one wants to really get involved. I have to say it is very diverse which is appreciated. Things aren’t really that organized especially when it comes to school events. There should be a senior class trip but there is only a trip for the freshman class and a few college visits. On a daily no one knows what is going on like when there is a game or if a club is offered. They have an opportunity to make things better at the school but they just don’t.
This school has potential, but it's ultimately wasted by the administration. The school has gone through so much administration and they still can't get it right. I feel like I'm constantly in danger due to the number of fights that happen at the school. The bathrooms cannot be used normally, the students do things in the bathroom that just don't make any sense. Most of the staff have no clue what they're doing, but there are some who are really great but are shadowed by the constant issues in the school. The diversity doesn't even matter because it has nothing to do the education. Overall, the school is pretty poor, only due to the administration, but it's not like the student body is any better.
I'm a senior at the Academies at Englewood, and the main problems that we've been having are with the administration. This year is the 3rd new principal our school has had since I came here. Everything is disorganized and it seems that nobody knows what is going on. For example, in September they told us senior internships would start in October. It is now the end of October and they're saying they will start in either December or January. This school is a mess.
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My experience at DMAE has been very good so far. As a junior currently, I can say that this school has helped me become a more accomplished student overall. The main source of my progression is a mix of friendly competition and personal motivation combined. Though, I would say that the school missed the 5-star mark because there are various inconveniences that occur due to disorganization. For example, I would be marked as a tardy truant despite having a doctor's note. Other than that, I would recommend the academy program to any student who is highly motivated to succeed academically and not fall under pressure.
Dwight Morrow has a very entertaining marching band as well as a good band instructor. The administration here doesn't care about the students and seeing them succeed. There are very few courses preparing students for college. There is a lot of violence here as well as most things being disorganized. The students barely care or put in effort because the faculty doesn't.
Dwight Morrow High School is not your average high school. Being that it is located in Englewood, NJ, you would have lots of thoughts on the school. It could either be bad or good, depending on which part of town you're familiar with. I grew up on the good side of Englewood so I only experienced the bad because of troubled students. The education varies, because there are some really good teachers and a lot of bad teachers. There is no school spirit what so ever and the sport teams are horrible. Dwight Morrow focuses and cares a lot for the football team and a bit of the boys soccer and no one else. Their music and arts field is okay. This is school is very diverse, ranging from students in and out of town. The food is terrible, but you can't really expect much from a high school I guess.
Dwight Morrow High School is such a strange experience. The fellow students in the school are second to none but the administration has been consistent in failing students and even teachers to meet reasonable expectation. There are many different possibilities available in the school but schedules are very restricting.
I believe the students are treated like children rather than young adults and discipline is necessary but can get too far
I like that Dwight Morrow is a very inclusive school that is very diverse. The campus is beautiful and spacious which gives students tons of mobility. Dwight Morrow presents its students with tons of resources and opportunities to express themselves creatively such as "Englewood Idol" and Diversity Day. What I dislike is how unorganized the school is ran and how things do not get done in a timely manner.
One thing I liked about Dwight morrow was that it was very diverse. There was no discrimination and there were people from all types of different countries. They had many clubs and activities for us to do and even had a “safe space” in which everyone is welcome. I also like that there were plenty of listening adults there so growing a bond with some teacher and weren’t a problem. Security even build bonds with the students and try to help the students stay out of trouble which a lot of school can’t relate to. I had a wonderful time at my high school for the most part and I’m glad I attended.
Studying here was a one of a kind start to pursuing my passion for the medical field. As prestigious as this sounds, I noticed soon that quality of education and administration began to diminish. The school had no control over students and some teachers weren't dedicated to making sure the material was understood. The school went through three different principals in 4 years. I never really got to know any of them. I took a math class my sophomore year in which we were doing all work through the internet. The teacher seemed to be there just to help here and there. Then, she disappeared for months. I fell behind in math drastically. Also, there are multiple problematic teachers, some of them racist, that cannot be fired as they are hard to replace. The school looks great from the outside, but needs reform on the inside.
Overall, the Englewood Academies is a wonderful high school with an enriching atmosphere, diverse student body, and groundbreaking curriculum. One of the best high school experiences in the world, this school offers an extraordinary variety of clubs, activities, courses, and opportunities for a successful future. The Academies bestow all of their students with the impeccable standards of excellence they possess, empowering them with the foundations needed for success in today's standards of life and living. Thriving in the Academies is both challenging but experiential, as it fosters a simulation of the workload, environment, and endeavor in college and beyond.
Great School. When I first got into this school I was really upset but as time went on I started participating in activities and had a lot of fun. Teachers are great. Homework is a lot but it is a Technical School so, you should ask for it and be ready.
What I liked about Dwight Morrow High school is that the teachers were very nice and made an effort to connect with students. What I would like to see change is the curriculum.
Dwight Morrow High School/ Academies@Englewood has great programs to offer. They allow students to take AP courses, honors, or dual enrollment classes. At the Academies the students take core classes but they have a focus of either bio-med, pre-engineering, law and public safety, or finance. I transferred to this school two years ago and it was very easy for me to adjust. One things the school can work on getting things done faster. You practically have to beg them to get something done. Also, some of the teachers I've had did not teach me and just gave the class busy work. Overall the school is okay for a public school.
I really enjoyed going to Dwight Morrow. It was very diverse in many areas, from the classrooms to the students. I met so many different ethnicities that I learned so much about them I. Such a short period of time. The teachers did an excellent job of preparing students with college readiness, there were even a variety of sports,clubs and activities to reach all students. From the most popular to the nerdiest student, the loudest to the quietest.
Dwight Morrow High School has many great programs to partake in and gives access to many great AP and dual enrollment courses. The school is also very diverse.
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Teachers, counselors, and other staff are very easy to form relationships with, and most of them are helpful and care enough to make sure you are doing well.
The school is very helpful for college/career readiness as long as the student puts in effort as well.
Bad teachers can't teach math or reading and tell students not to learn from their parents. Predatory alienation to kids to keep them from being protected by their parents. Bad school violent and 'tough' and they will go after you if your kids report bullying even sending corrupt New Jersey DCPP to drug and steal your kids! Be aware and take your kids elsewhere. Bergen County Judge recently ruled behavioral modification to kids and Dwight Morrow High School with terrible psychotropic drugs and black box anti-depressants that can cause suicide and should never ever be given to children is not only a good practice but any parents complaining must be unstable and should lose their kids. This has been documented and is the worst anywhere.
The atmosphere between the 2 programs on campus is really nice and the overall campus is so pretty and open. The teachers are hardworking and dedicated to help you learn, but the administration is quite bad at the moment and needs to be fixed.
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