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Duxbury High School is a great environment for kids to learn in but it can be improved a lot by improving the teacher student connection so that students can learn more and improve more in school.
Teachers and education are great. Lots of good AP and extracurricular opportunities. The high school building is nice and new. The overall school atmosphere though was awful. There is virtually no diversity and most of the student body is rude and shallow. I've heard and seen way too many racist, sexist, and ableist jokes made with no repercussions. I really wish I hadn't grown up in and went to Duxbury Public Schools.
Duxbury Public High School has an awesome program. The teacher are nice, there are multiple elective, great AP classes, and good sports teams.
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Duxbury high school is a mixed bag. The academics and teachers are above average but fall short in college preparation compared to available private school options. Sports and Music provide a lot while most other activities are not given as much priority. Administration, guidance counselors, culture, and diversity are lacking.
Duxbury is an excellent academic high that is certainly lacking in diversity. It is filled with excellent, friendly, and supportive teachers that want to see their students succeed. Although it is an excellent school, I had an issue with access to technology. I decided to take an independent study that was part of the program of studies of the math department, and the school failed to provide me with the necessary tech to complete the course. I ended up having to complete it entirely at home.
Great resources and overall great teachers but the administration can get power-hungry so watch out.
Duxbury on paper would seem to most as an idealistic school, but with my experiences are quite different. Starting with the teachers, some of them are the best around, for example I will name Mr. Craft, Ms. Morrison, Ms Sullivan, and some more. They made my journey through High school less stressful than if I had got some other teachers. But the ratio of good do bad is tipping in the bad scale. Most teacher have been then for awhile now and most of them teach laid back and not responsible. Most teacher will just give you a single sheet assignment for an hour long class. They don't teach, just expect you to do the assignment and if run into a problem they either tell you to ask someone else or they'll just tell you the answer without explaining how. This extremely frustrated me and it was something that I had dealt with going through every single grade. This is entirely my opinion, I have given my side and yours may vary.
I liked Duxbury High School because they all have very good programs, especially the art and music department. I love that they offer different types of afterschool activities. They also have an amazing musical program too.
Great athletic and academic program. The Performing Arts Center is huge and every year the Musical productions are amazing. Turf and gym facilities in great shape.
This school provides excellent education to all students. The warm and welcoming faces of administration an teachers makes each day that much better. The facilities are very clean, the food is excellent, and the academics are outstanding. I am very happy to have grown up in this town and experience all there is to offer.
Duxbury High School is definitely a good school, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to learn and grow here, but it comes with so many heavy social standards that at this time period in my life, I found very hard for myself and others to keep on. Duxbury High School also advocates for equality, no bullying, mental health awareness, but really does not do anything to actually help.
Duxbury High School offers an amazing education to its students. Its teachers mostly care about the well-being and success of their students, and strive to help them in whatever they need. One of the major downsides to this school is the lack of diversity. The town's reputation of being stuck-up definitely does reflect on many of the students and it shows. Another issue I have with the school is the lack of preparation they offer to students going off to college and the "real world". I felt like I was being thrown into the college application process and left to mostly my own devices, and was only told what to do when I went out of my way to ask my guidance counselor about it. The music, performance, and arts programs are especially redeeming, and offer students the opportunity to get involved and explore with creativity. I think overall, this is a great school to enroll your student in, as it gives a well-rounded education and many opportunities.
DHS is above average in many aspects. They have an excellent theatre/music program, their academics do prepare students for college, and there are some teachers that genuinely care, if you can find them. But if you are a parent thinking about sending your child here, I ask you to reconsider. The administration doesn't listen to students' concerns and frequently sweeps the underlying problems within the school's structure/atmosphere under the rug to protect their image (for example, a tenured teacher who married his student after she graduated still teaches here despite protests from the student body). The school has done nothing to address the widespread drug use and mental health issues students often develop from the social/academic pressure present here. If you do not fit into a certain DHS mold - academic, athletic, preppy, neurotypical, wealthy, etc. - it will be difficult for you to fit in here. My 4 years here were mostly miserable and I know many others who feel the same.
It's a nice school, fine the way it is. Everything at this school is very unique in that it provides opportunities. This opportunity is one that other schools wouldn't provide. The academics are known throughout the state to be some of the best. I'm excited to graduate and be done with high school even though the experience was one might expect to see from a high school anyway.
Coming to Duxbury Highschool as I entered my Sophmore year was a little bit uneasing as I was moving for the second time after relocating the previous year from Marshfield to Dover. The beginning of the year almost felt extremely similar to my freshman year as for the second year in a row I was the new kids having to get to know everyone along with the completely foreign town. Although, within minutes of warming up at the first Duxbury soccer tryouts, I was approached by a group of warm , welcoming kids who took me in with open arms and gave me a proper introduction to my new home town. Now, two years later I am perfectly comfortable in this once unknown town and sometimes feel as if I have lived here for the majoirty of my life. I am blessed to say I continue to have friends here who have accepted me to be as one of their own, treating me no differently from the kids who've been here for many years prior to my arrival.
Great school with plenty of opportunities and resources for any kind of student. Everyone feels welcome and we learn a lot.
Duxbury High was a great high school. However, I was not prepared for college at all. There were some amazing teachers, but some of them were not good and did not set us up for success in college and the outside world. The administration was always looking to start trouble with the students and never let us have fun. At the pep rallies, they did not let us say "sit down, freshmen" which was always a tradition. They were always shutting down famous traditions. On the other hand, Duxbury High gave the students many great things to remember, such as proms, senior night out, spirit week, everything about graduation, and just all the events they put on to recognize the seniors.
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Incredible high school. I was mainly involved with academics. Teachers focused on college preparedness. Incredible resources to support students in all aspects of growth. The entire community is so supportive of the Duxbury Schools.
Duxbury High School is a relatively brand new school. It has a wide range of clubs and activities to chose from. The music program is superb. I got to travel to Disney and Chicago with the band. I also got to perform at Carnegie Hall with is an experience that I will never forget.
The atmosphere is great! Everyone is very friendly and the teachers like to help in any way possible. Academic wise, the school is split into levels so each student will feel comfortable and work at their own pace. The school is big into sports, and so many of the students play. It brings so many people together and they work as a team.
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