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The school is a good school and is very strict to keep the safety of the students. The staff do their best to keep us safe and teachers do as much as they can to help us learn. The sports are good as most of the sports compete for regionals and state.
They worry about the little things, and it seems the actual education aspect is never really prioritized. They focus the MOST on upholding dress code, which I feel is not right. Also the tardy policy is horrible.
Personally, my experience has evolved around the JROTC program. This program has made my high school experience amazing. It induces a lot of stress and anxiety but it builds me up for my future and gives me a place to call home and a family.
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Durango is very Diverse, and has amazing teachers staffed at that high school. You will always have a friend at school, and their electives are fun. Also, playing sports is fun and a great workout.
Transitioning to the Mainland was very challenging coming from Hawaii a tight nit community was a big eye opener for me but the staff and faculty made it very simple and easy for me to blend in.....GO TRAILBLAZERS!!!!
Durango high school is a good school focusing on learning and getting ready for the future. Building and getting every student ready to go into life with a plan whether it's to go into work. Or if it's to go a college. They really help everyone find what's best for them to have a good comfortable life. I have been at Durango for all 4 years of high schools and every teacher I have had pushed me to do good and have good grades helped me to find a plan for after high school so I got a job and went into work and found how that's not what I want I want to go to college get a real job and have a degree to show my family of what i have done over the year to prove all my hard work didnt go unnoticed and it was worth every minute or hours staying up all night working hard to get to my dreams.
Durango has good teachers and staff but their rules are very over the top and any small thing you do is an RPC
Over the past 3 years, I attended Durango I have gotten much more involved in Clubs and sports. The principal (Mr.Miller)always trying to improve the school by keeping it super clean and having many opportunities for the school.
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What I like about Durango is the welcoming atmosphere. Everyone there is always wanting you as a student to succeed. What could change is the amount of money teachers get payed and the community service rules. I feel like all community service hours should be counted no matter where it’s done.
I liked how much some of the teachers cared for the students. Most of them acted like they had no care for the students futures. It felt like they where setting the students up for failure. There where a couple of classes that I had that the teacher cared more about kids cheating on homework with the internet than kids understanding the stuff that was being taught.
Durango is a place in which you can feel safe because all the teachers and staff are very nice and inclusive. The academics are very good and algo the school dances and sports. The clubs and extracurricular activities are very fun and entertaining.
Durango High School is a fantastic school! This will be my fourth and final year attending and I must say it has been a lovely ride. The teachers are PHENOMENAL! They care deeply about their students and enjoy staying connected. There are some small safety concerns such as; how I am able to enter and exit the building as I please without check of ID but other than that DHS is the place to be. I would like to see less “clicks” of students. There is little to no community between students; everyone has their own little groups.
As a future scientist, one of the most infuriating parts about Durango HS is its lack of a good science program. There is hardly any support from administration for fostering talents in this field and supporting children to pursue programs and opportunities that could help them in the future. I was also disappointed in the lack of care for progressive safety for the well-being of the students. With gun-control being a huge problem in society now, schools should find new ways to keep intruders out. Despite its title as a closed campus, it is easy to waltz in as all the gates are open and there is nobody guarding it except for staff that lets everyone through. could be a lot improved with the administration at this school.
It's a very diverse school, and they are big on school spirit. Many of the students participate in spirit week, and enjoy the assemblies. One thing I would like to see change is the disrespect that some students have towards the teachers. To achieve this change, I believe we should be more strict on the rules and policies and not tolerate any disrespect.
When I was a student, I loved the attention I got for being an above average athlete. I developed great relationships with the athletic staff, and still have a great relationship with a couple staff members to this day. I enjoyed my time at Durango High School.
I really love the teachers at Durango. They are very nice, helpful and encouraging. The environment at Durango is supportive and the staff are great to talk to when you need advice. I have heard of kids complaining about the strictness in rules and that they unfairly call out homosexual PDA more than heterosexual PDA but I myself have not experienced this.
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Some of the teachers are disrespectful to the students and the staff were mostly not helpful. The dress code is too strict and some of the students are disrespectful to one other.
My experience in Durango High School for all four years is amazing and I have learned so many knowledge from my teachers and they have supported me through my academic achievements. Counselors and administrations have pushed me to do great things and strive for my goals. I like how the school is clean and safe and the staff is all very welcoming. One thing I would change is the food they serve, they should serve a better balance lunch.
There’s a lot of opportunity to excel in academics in this school. I have had no problems with administration, however, many seem to be upset with some of the school guidelines, such as dress code and cell phone usage. During my years, I’ve had a fun time participating in the band and receiving an education that has prepared me for college. Durango offers a lot of AP classes in order to prepare you as well if you plan on going to college.
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