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It was good. I played on the football team in 2017 and the atmosphere was amazing. The schooling was great, the teachers were fun and made it exiting. The other students had a lot of school spirit and the most of the parents were involved in some kind of way, mine were not but they were part of the minority there. I have no really feelings on the music and arts at Dunlap because I have no first hand knowledge of them, but I have only heard great things. Although the band took over our football field one day so we had to practice on uneven terrain right after it rained and one of our wide receivers hurt himself and was out for his whole senior year that we went to state. So I have mixed feelings about them.
I have been offered many opportunities to help get the high school experience I want. I was able to start a club and create lots of student involvement. I also love the classroom environment especially in the honors or Ap classes, everyone is trying there best and is willing to help those that are struggling. The teachers are passionate about their work and love what they do, my only complaint is with how little involvement the administration has. I feel like they don’t know anything about any of the students who aren’t top athletes. I understand their job is a huge time commitment but I personally would like to see them build more connections with the students.
The teachers and administration are enthusiastic and dedicated to helping students become the best global citizens that they can be.
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Dunlap is corrupt. they are terrible at helping kids with special needs and mental illnesses. the staff is overall rude, ignorant, and sometimes pervy. the food also is still terrible. i’ve had stale bread multiple times. and it always tastes old
I really enjoy the atmosphere of Dunlap. It is really inviting and the it is easy to meet really nice students and faculty. The reason I am not giving Dunlap 5 stars is because some of the teachers do not seem to genuinely care about teaching. But most of the teachers are really great at their jobs. The music and sports at Dunlap are also very good. Dunlap overall is a fantastic school that has a great atmosphere.
I loved Dunlap High School, and I appreciate all the staff and teachers. However, extracurricular activities had very high activity fees. My family and I could not afford them, and therefore, I was unable to participate in any athletics, band, so forth.
It’s a pretty good school. Should be better with communication from teachers to students and school to parents. Teachers expect students to just know everything, but students are still trying to figure things out.
It prepared me well for college. Aside from all of the high school drama, I made really good friends here and I pushed myself to learn. While every class is not beneficial, some have really helped me succeed so far in college. I would encourage anyone to go to Dunlap if they are seeking a challenging education and a decent social life. The school is big enough that if you don't like someone you can avoid them for the most part.
Academics at Dunlap High School prepare students for the future in the best way possible by encouraging students to achieve an above average standard education. Majority of teacher are very kind and helpful when students need help.
I believe that Dunlap High School gave me all the opportunities to reach my full potential. They created an atmosphere that was comforting to all and easy to learn in.
Dunlap High School is a school that gives everyone athletic and club opportunities for everything, and the academics gets you ready for college or whatever your next step is out of high school. The teachers and administration are always there to support and better you in whatever you do. The parents are always involved and help out all of the time.
Dunlap is a college prep high school that encourages students to do their best academically. There are courses provided for all learning types and levels.
Over the three years that I have attended Dunlap High School, I have learned to love my school. My school offers many great opportunities for academics, sports, clubs, and much more. There is always something to be involved in, no matter what kind of personality the students here have. When I compare Dunlap to the other high schools in my area, I feel beyond grateful to attend the school that I do. Other schools don’t appear to be as inclusive and interactive as Dunlap. Each class is a challenge, but they are preparing me for my future. I feel as if I have thrived here at Dunlap.
Dunlap High school is one the most prestigious high schools in the area. All of the teachers there care about the students and want them to excel in everything they do. The athletics are second to none.
DHS is a great school that not only prepares you for success in high school, but success for college and adulthood, which is truly a special thing. It is an amazing school that anyone can feel welcome at, which most schools are not able to say. At our school, no one feels as if they are a “minority,” as we all feel that we belong to the school and that is our identity. We have great sporting programs with numerous state championships and appearances in the past couple of years, amazing academic courses that challenge you greatly but are worth it, and a culture that is unlike any other school. At DHS, we set our own standards, live up to them, and watch surrounding schools try to do the same (with our standards, of course).
It is a really good high school , the staff is excellent and the sport programs is the best mainly the swimming program
I enjoyed the fact that the teachers pushed us to be better every day and challenged us. They always made time to listen and understand how each of us learn best
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Dunlap High School is a great school. I enjoyed my time there very much. All of the teachers do a great job in preparing people for college.
Dunlap offers numerous courses in order to prepare their students for college. There are a lot of useful resources at Dunlap, such as computers, books, and staff that are helpful with any problem the students may have.
The new administration is horrible. Most teachers are pretty bad, only a few actually teach or even enjoy their jobs. The counselors don’t help at all with college stuff. They won’t fill out recommendations and they miss deadlines.
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