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The teachers are very involved but it seems like administration only cares about attendance and test scores and not the students themselves
I liked how the school is diversified and the staff and teachers are outgoing and there to help. There are many easy opportunities to get your grades up and many opportunities for playing sports or participating in extracurricular activities. It’s a great school to attend, you can make plenty of new friends.
I think we could have teachers that could help us to better understand the content more. I think From day to day we don’t have the teachers to help the students actually understand why they have to do these certain things. Like in math if you do an equation, why are you using this equation rather than this other one. Or relating to the question how could we know which one to use
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I enjoy the academics at dundalk and playing sports. But i dont like the people that go there because they dont have any spirit and they always mess it up for the people that do good. I wish people would change how they are and try to make school fun
Dundalk High School was an alright school. The student mentality was probably the worst with students being needlessly rude to teachers. Some teachers really needed to be fired due to lack of competence in teaching (especially in the math department) Despite this, I met some great teachers that I still talk to and I actually just went to their winter concert to show support. Not the best school, but also not the worst.
Dundalk is making me ready for college. I am graduating early and I really like coming to school to learn about my community.
Going into Dundalk highschool my freshman year it was nice and exciting at first but as I spend more years in the school I came to realize the severe bullying and neglect of teachers at my school. Teachers don’t care at all about the students, and are just there to get their job done and go about their day. Because of the neglect students stop caring less and less and drugs and fighting comes into play because that is the only way students can make their voices heard by the place that is suppose to help them find success and lead them to their dreams.
My experience at Dundalk High was pretty average. Some teachers were only there to get paid and other actually cared about their students and wanted to help/ see them do better. The previous principle only cared about the athletes and the current one is kind of rude. There was always fight. The food was typical public school food (not very edible sometimes).
It's a pretty good school. If you want to go to any college that's not super easy to get into you're gonna have to do a lot of work. High achieving students score very low on the sats, this school is trying but is not doing enough to get kids ready for college.
My experience in Dundalk has been overall pretty good. The classes and teachers are nice and provide a good learning environment. The only thing I disliked about Dundalk High School was the lack of student involvement and extracurricular activities.
I liked it in my first couple years when the school was brand new and rebuilt. Over the years it decreased in value swiftly.
Dundalk needs improvement in many areas. While I specifically have not had a terrible time just by simply keeping to myself, I have witnessed a plethora of problems such as fighting, bullying, administration overall not caring, etc.
Dundalk High school is a good/average school. This school is all about sports and academics. Dundalk has a variety of classes to choose from like human geography and forensic science. It's a very diverse school.
Parents need to be more involved . Teachers are fantastic! Definitely helped prepare me for college
Dundalk is a very diverse school which contributes alot of after school activities such as sports and arts. There are a lot of teachers that students can refer to when in a problem. Teachers are nice and respectful to students as students are to them. The lunches there are good always something new to try . Safety on the other hand isn’t the best there are a lot of fights but admistration stops them. Parents are fully aware of what the kids do because teachers keep in contact and come to events in the school.
The teaching staff is great. Most of the staff is very likeable and lend helping hands often. It is the students there make the experience a lot worse than what it could be.
I loved every minute of the 4 years that I attended Dundalk High. This school allowed me to grow into the wise young adult I am today. With the help of the teachers and administration, I was able to withstand my AP courses, even when they got a bit tough. I made wonderful friendships and I would not have changed one bit of my experience there. I learned, I grew, and I now have succeeded and am ready for the next chapter in my life to begin. (College!!!) I would recommend Dundalk High to any freshman or new student coming in. We were even chosen to teach 2 girls from Australia and Germany! There are such wonderful opportunities at Dundalk and I am beyond grateful to have known and worked with the staff. They have bettered me in ways I didn't think were possible.
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The food is terrible. I don,t feel safe in the bathroom after that one incident i wont go into detail.
The food is terrible, education is poor, drugs are being sold by students, teachers sending nudes, a lot of fights one kid spazzed out after getting punched, and a lot of people get jumped and their stuff stolen. Overall worse than Edgewood and that's a bad thing. Also, rape sometimes happen. Can't wait to leave and join the military and do something worth my time.
Attending Dundalk High School was a great experience, I've had great teachers from ninth grade up until the present day which is twelveth grade, the teachers are very educated. Dundalk High School is a very clean and organized building, that have a good votech school connected to the high school which have different majors in which students can study and have a career in, so over I think Dundalk High School is a great school to attend and graduate from.
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