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Dunbar Vocational Career Academy High School Reviews

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My experience was great. Although I did have problems with students, the teachers there are amazing. I grew so much as a person,and learned a lot about myself at Dunbar. I got 2 certifications in culinary, and got a lot of experience and learned a lot about myself and how to adapt to changes in environment, and changes in myself. Overall, my favorite things were the teachers, band, environment, and the multiple shops we offer at Dunbar .
Honestly my experience at Dunbar has been the worst of all my years in school. The school is unprofessional, the administrators and staff are biased based on the students that they look, the food is horrible, they don’t include students in any choices, they don’t clean the girls bathrooms, they aren’t any mirrors in the bathroom, the bathrooms don’t smell good, they sell us overpriced items, the vending machines no longer work, we don’t take field trips, we don’t take college trips, they don’t discuss college with you until you’re about to take the SAT, all they care about is testing and scores, they don’t invest in the kids, you stay on a learning topic for a week and if you don’t get it they won’t review it, they don’t take the kids seriously, they overwork us so that the test scores can look good, and they are against freedom of speech.
Dunbar is a great school, located near downtown Chicago. The staff is wonderful and go above and beyond for their students. I am proud to be a graduate.
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My experience at Dunbar was an experience I would never forget. The school did not manage their money very well, and the students were out of control. I would like to see the school support more of its athletic programs and make sure the students are actually learning in class.
What I liked about Dunbar is the amount of opportunities you have and how the teachers show that they care for you.
What I liked is the amount of opportunites they hand out to you. What i like the see change or become better is the teaching system.
I like the layout of Dunbar and how it is so spacious. Big schools have always been a favorite of mine. I enjoy the teachers and learning from the subjects I'm interested in. The teachers, in particular, are amazing people, each with a different story to tell. It's always interesting to hear their advice, life experiences, and what happens in their daily lives. It goes against everything you've seen about teachers in high school movies.
My experience at Dunbar was very great I had an outstanding prefect attendance and grades where very good. I love the teachers and stuff they where very helpful.
Through my years at Dunbar is like climbing a 4-year mountain with many obstacles I had overcome. Most of my relatives attended this school back in the days. There, I became two-time honor roll student and awarded for outstanding attendance.
No good experiences to remember here. Haven't learned many new thins either. Cannot wait to get out of there.
My overall experience at Dunbar has been amazing ,Although I’ve faced many Obstacles To get where i Am now,Dunbar Is a Really helpful school and helps u focus on your careers Choices/Goals.
I would love to have my voice heard, a library full
Of books, & tutors everyday after school in the library so we can catch up on our work and get help.!
Since I’ve been attending this school I’ve honestly loved it. I’ve enjoyed all my years here but I honestly cannot Wait Be done
I went their my sophomore and junior year. I had a great experience. Some of the staff were moody and mean but other than that, I Loved it! I will miss my days there because they were incredible.
My experience of Dunbar high school was fine but, could've been better. I didn't enter act I any sport or school activities. My school didn't have any clubs for students to join so I just wen to school and came home. I would like to see a change by having the school set up activities for students after school.
Dunbar is an your average school. It's not the best but it's okay. I love the culinary program there and the skills and knowledge i get to learn while there.
The teachers try their best. Some students may not want to learn or be in school, but some teachers are patient with them.
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As a student at Dunbar Vocational Career Academy, I have found some things to be challenging, such as learning about the benefits of financial aid, managing my time for school and to pursue my passion in performing arts and as well as the cosmetology field, but that is what it takes to make it a great experience, to be able to overcome adversity with enthusiasm and determination, and I intend to take that same attitude and apply it to my college education.
I have all good teacher they help you with everything they make you do all your work over into you get a better grade so you can get better at it teachers stay after school just to help you
Great academically, just need a little adjusting with the students
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