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Dunbar Early College High School Reviews

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After the last four years of being there I have had good and bad days there. My experience of being a student was okay except for senior year. What I mean by this statement is the senior class of 2019 wasn't given any right to pick where events would take place such as prom. Then administration were neglecting the needs of parents and students.
Over the years i’ve had my ups and downs at this school. I hated it and then i loved it. Every year you expect something new to happen from the energy of the freshman class to the anticipation of the senior class. I’ve had my fair share of high school though, just eager to graduate and level up.
While attending Dunbar Highschool I’ve had highs and lows. However, the overall experience has been great. As I progressed through high school I developed leadership skills, I gained lots of confidence and I truly grew to love the person I’ve become. Rather it’d be on or off the court, I felt like I gained a piece of knowledge everyday. Coaches and teachers helped me overcome challenges that I once felt I could never get through. They help shape me and mold me and for that I will love them forever.
One thing that I’d want my school to change is that parent involvement. Too many students that are involved in school activities lack engagement from their parents or guardians. I feel that support from parents would ultimately lead to more success from student because they aren’t doing it alone.
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Teachers are willing to help students. Coaches are great, and other students are easy to get along with if you are.
Hey my name is Eilah and i'm senior at Dunbar High School. I like alot things about my school like our sports like basketball and football, we win so many games of basketball and football. Also i like our mascot, cheerleaders, dancers, the band, and our fans. I think my experience at Dunbar was okay because i learn a lot of things and new things almost everyday. I read books with my multicultural class. I also learn french and spanish. I learn many things at Dunbar High school. The changes i think they should make are us to come together and come a agreements. I also think that the school hours should change. I think they should some food items, some teachers, and rules that the principle make for the school.
My overall experience at Dunbar High School has been good. Throughout my four years of attending school there, it helped me grow tremendously. The teachers since my freshman year have been outstanding.. from always helping me with my work, giving me extra time to complete my work, and just always being there whenever i need them. I would like to see more of the students engaged in school activities, and the parents more involved as well . Also more accentives for the students that’s doing well in school, just to give the students rewards on their achievements.
My experience at Dunbar High school was great. I transferred from Dayton Early College Academy and I got the chance to realize a real high school experience. The teachers and administrators loved to see all the students achieve and get better day by day. At Dunbar I learned things I've never learned and learned life situations that would help me later in life. I am a track athelete at Dunbar and I quickly learned how to become a champion in the classroom and on the track. I'm very thankful for my experience here and I strongly recommend this school to anyone academically, socially, and athletically.
What I like about Dunbar is how we get 90 classes. The reason is because we get a chance to ask the teacher for help an md we get time to work one on one with the teacher It helps people like me that are afraid to ask questions in front of the class to privately talk to the teacher. Something that's I really like is the opportunity we get to go to Sinclair An work on early college classes,this gives everyone a chance to experience real college work. I love Dunbar so much it's a really great school
When I walk into Dunbar I feel safe I know that there wont be no school shooting or no school stabbing.
There is not that many clubs here except for dance, band, and art club.
My experience at this school is preparing me for the real word I am glad I went to Dunbar because I made new friends and learned a lot.
The teachers at Dayton Dunbar High school are good on some days then bad, They will teach you everything you need to be successful if they can control the class and teach the lesson.
The tradition of this school makes it unique, but if i had to do it all over again i would not attended this school because i wanted to be more colllege ready and i would have wanted to go to a school that would have better prepared me.
Dunbar High school is focused on nothing but education. Sometimes students just want to be kids again and have fun sometimes.
I really loved my high school experience and the people I was surrounded by wouldn't trade for no other. It was a pretty smooth and diverse school. Didn't have as much fun as I expected and didn't expect sports to be so hard but the school truly made me who I am.
Food was very average and sometimes too repetitive and healthy.
Our principal made it key to keep students comfortable. She disciplined disruptive students often
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They try their hardest to give a nice education especially due to the environment we're in.
Its getting better their making many improvement. The weight has expanded, and we've got more equipment for each sport.
Our sports are great and give you many opportunities to play and learn.
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