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Duluth Middle School Reviews

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Honestly, When I went to Duluth Middle, It seemed to be an average school. The only part of the school that was above average was the probe hall which was separate from all the other kids. I feel like they may have changed a lot of the issues they had when I went but it's a solid school. It's not the worst school but it's also not the greatest.
Duluth Middle School was the epitome of middle school. I remember the awkward puberty phases, the random friendships, and most of all the chorus program that started my love for singing. They really cherish gifted students here, and have excellent academic programs leading students to the top ranks in high school and beyond.
I loved Duluth Middle School because the teachers did a great job in helping the students to do their best and get good grades.
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Duluth Middle School is one of the best middle schools to join in. Having friends in this middle school is so easy they come to you without you opening your mouth.
The teachers at this school were great, but the students weren't. Fights were very common and many students disliked learning.
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