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DuBois Area Senior High School Reviews

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Some teachers only spend time with certain students. Some of the kids who get in trouble are treated like "bad kids" which isn't right. I believe everyone should be treated equally. I went cyber the last few years of high school and not many teachers wanted to help the cyber students. I actually had a teacher tell me to keep failing the test until I could get the right answers.
The best teachers are Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Keith just from my experience. They will prepare you for college.
High school was an amazing experience for me. A very huge part of high school that kept me motivated was the music department. High school is only what you make of it, so if you spend your time there wishing it was over then you will miss every opportunity that comes your way. I was not involved in any sports but the games I went to was always fun to watch because the school spirit always filled every field, court, or track those players were on. I was a theater/choir student and the bond our school's music department has is like no other. I was able to participate in PMEA choir, select choir, show choir, and musicals pre-COVID. The staff at DAHS always made sure that the students got every opportunity for a good education and I am very thankful for that. To conclude this review, I would like to say my experience at DAHS was very good for the most part because of all the amazing extra curriculars and fun activities I was part of.
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I would like the atmosphere of the school to become more welcoming, and for health and safety issues to be thoroghly resolved.
I have been at the Dubois Area Senior High School for all four years. My experience there with the faculty & students was excellent. My favorite thing about the school was the tailgate home games. Every time we would win, the firetrucks would sound an alarm! I also like how they make sure every student graduating will have enough experience for college. One thing I would like to see changing is the scheduling. My senior year I already took one of the half year courses my junior year. Not only that I didn't get any of my classes I choose for!
I loved it I loved the interaction between the students and the teacher . I enjoyed the music department the most along with the art department.
Lots of the teachers are very friendly and will help you no questions asked. The students were okay. You had many possibilities to join clubs and activities.
There are a lot of electives of choice provided by the school. Although there are a lot of electives some departments like the music department could use more recognition other then that not bad.
DuBois Area High School is the perfect place to go if you want average class sizes, and good teachers. My classes always had at least 25-30 students, which isn’t that bad. The teachers are all friendly and very helpful. They are willing to take time out of their day to make sure you are learning to the best of your ability. My favorite teacher will always be Mr. Martin. I was in his history class in ninth grade as well as keeping Stat’s for the girls soccer team. I got to know him as a teacher and a coach. He is always available to talk to if you need it, and will listen to what you have to say, as well as having a great personality. Sadly, he is no longer working at the high school, but he is dearly missed!
DuBois Area Senior High School provides many benefits that other local schools do not. Clubs such as robotics, mock trial, environmental team, and many more provides the opportunity for students to collaborate with others and spend their time on subjects they are passionate about. Not only this, but the school has an excellent security system with metal detectors and many officers patrolling the school. The officers are friendly and sociable, yet they get the job done when needed. Also, the school has many programs that aid students in need. The guidance counselors are willing to devote their time to each and every student and make sure they are on the best possible path. Overall, this school is unique, safe, and helpful.
It was an alright High School, the school was behind on Technology and Books but they taught use everything we needed to know about starting our lives in this economy.
The school overall is not bad for a rural public school. I got a good general education and was able to be involved in a variety of clubs. Communication throughout the school could be improved.
The teachers and staff seem to genuinely care about their students and try to provide as many opportunities possible.
This school is about the same as the state average in key measures of college and career readiness, but depending on the state, average can mean only a minority of students are ready for college and career.

(Remember: high graduation rates don't mean much if students are graduating without the coursework and test scores they need to succeed.)
It was nice but all about sports. Most of the teachers were nice and helped out. I would change the administration if I could.
Dubois Area Senior High school is an above average school for the most part. The teachers I had while being on the honors track were very committed to getting us ready for college and also the real world. I think the best part about our school was how much our teachers cared.
I like the teachers that are hired there. Almost every staff member is caring, and our School Resource Officers are always there to make everyone’s day a little bit better.
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I liked how Dubois had different types of teachers who took time to help their students with what they needed. They have multiple places where students can reach out and ask questions when they are confused or need guidance. I also liked how they had great security by having the metal detectors for students, teachers and guests to walk through before you could walk further into the high school for the protection of the students inside. The one nice thing about DAHS was that they had school pep rallies and that they have great school spirit with spirit weeks or pep rally's or even just random Fridays of wearing flannels or school colors. I knew that I was safe going inside that school every single day and I don't think I would be who I am today without DuBois doing such a great job of teaching me the things I know now.
I loved the academic and extracurricular opportunities. There is a club, sport, or group for everyone. I feel that I will be prepared for college both academically and socially. Our school has many types of people and is of medium size, so I will have familiarity with dealing with people.
High school is an experience that varys from person to person. My experience was good because of the High School’s amazing teaching staff. I did not do 5 starts, because nothing is perfect. Some kids made it difficult to be in a positive learning environment and some teachers did not act like they really wanted to be teaching or to be quite frank, cared. But like I said, overall my high school experience has been amazing! So many awesome opportunities here.
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