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Great school academically, However I wish that the student body felt more comfortable prioritizing their mental health over their grades. DJHS pushes academic excellence which is great in moderation, but I think that much of the student body has taken that ideal too far.
Very good facilities and there are many teachers at the ready to offer help to any students who ask for it.
Jerome has competitive academics and a decent amount of classes to chose from. There's a stereotype that Jerome students are rich and snobby since many students are well-off financially. While this is the case with some people, many students I've met aren't this way. Downsides of Jerome would be the lack of racial diversity as well as the school's inability to compensate for its growing student body. The hallways and classrooms are packed and there aren't enough lockers for everyone. Many students have classes in the portables located in the parking lot which is already over-crowded. Overall, it's a good school for academics, but as with anything, it does come with negatives.
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Dublin Jerome High School is an excellent high school. We are offered a variety of classes, with the options expanding every year as new classes and academies are added. Additionally, several levels of curriculum rigor are offered, which gives us the option to take our schooling at the right pace for us. Rather than just variation in academics, there are also a ton of clubs, sports, and activities to participate in. In addition, many excellent teachers help make the experience more incredible through their intelligence and compassion for the student wellness.
I loved the fact that the coursework and academic program prepared me for college. The place is clean and is full of nice and caring people. The staff is always well informed and prepared to make every student feel capable of learning something new. One minor detail is that even though there is a clean atmosphere, it lacks in school spirit and color.
I am very happy with my time so far at Jerome. I have had many great teachers, loved nearly all of my classmates, and have generally been happy with my courses. However, many students are convinced they are of superior intelligence or intellect to the next person- when often times they are average at best.
Loved the school in general for my two years here, everyone was pretty friendly. Diversity is a glaring issue throughout the school and district that leads to lots of issues for minority students. (I can't even count the times I've heard the "n-word" get thrown around, or other demeaning terms.) The education I received here was definitely a step up from my old school, as the teachers at DJHS genuinely seem to care about and love their jobs, often going above and beyond in order to ensure their students are successful.
High School was a different experience for me. I had a great opportunity to attend one of the best high schools in Ohio. I received the best education, which allowed me to continue my academic career. I loved the connections I made with my fellow classmates and how the faculty wants nothing more than to see the students succeed. The one aspect of Dublin Jerome that I did not enjoy was the diversity. I was one of the few African American's that attended this school. I faced many hardships in my high school career. Not with education, but diversity. I wish to see more diversity in the school in upcoming years.
I liked the extreme dedication to education at Dublin Jerome High School, and the immense opportunities they present as well as collegiate opportunities.
Dublin Jerome has helped me in a lot of ways in helping me prepare for college; the teachers are always very willing to work with you if you reach out and ask for help. The administration is superb and they truly want the best for everyone at the school.
Jerome is an amazing school where the possibilities to learn are endless. The addition of Emerald Campus is a great benefit for all of Dublin High Schools and there are more chances of learning. All of the teachers are great and the opportunities for getting involved are very high. It’s easy to make friends here and everyone is very friendly. The course selection is endless and there is a class for everybody here that’s enjoyable.
Dedicated teachers and counselors. The principal is always open to the students' suggestions. Students are welcoming, fun, and supportive.
A perfect place for driven students who are involved in athletics. The culture here is awesome with a lot of energetic students who truly love their schools. The opprotunities at Jerome are endless and are there to prepare you for college.
Dublin Jerome High School is a fantastic school. The administration and teachers work together to create a positive and stress-free environment for the students. There are numerous clubs, sports and activities students can participate in and create everlasting relationships with others. The school provides various courses that students can take if they are interested in a specific career path or want to challenge themselves. The academics build a strong foundation that will help students succeed anywhere in the future.
Dublin Jerome is a very great school, it prepares students for college while still maintaining focus on clubs and activities. The teachers are all very understanding and take student input to the heart to ensure an amazing high school experience. The school could improve on cafeteria food, there are many options but none taste very well.
Dublin Jerome High School was a great place to get ready to go to college while exploring my interests and being a part of a terrific community.
Jerome was a really great school. They pushed students to work hard and learn a lot, and the effort shows.
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Dublin Jerome High School is overall an amazing school to get education from because of the variety of classes to choose from like honors, AP, IB and CCP classes.
They had great academics and really prepare you for college. I was accepted into college all over the United States because Dublin Jerome really prepared me for the application process. They also had excellent academics such as honors and AP programs and IB programs.
Dublin Jerome High School provided me with a relatively firm academic foundation for undergraduate education.
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