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For what it can afford, Drury is an excellent school, at least in terms of its academic offerings. Students with the drive for success and the willingness to put effort into achieving their goals will have no problem succeeding academically, and particularly successful students have little problem getting accepted into a selective institution if they desire to attend one. Many, but by no means all of the students who fit these descriptions can often be found in the music department, which is very strong and well-funded for what it's worth. The school has a significant problem with underachieving students, but social circles forming among the more involved students isn't an uncommon sight, and forming bonds isn't that difficult as long as you're friendly and empathetic.
I love everything at Drury! The supportive staff and all the clubs, activities, and classes they offer. Obviously some students are not so great but the community is amazing!
It’s a great high school for arts programs! A great place for a creative mind to grow and develop and learn
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Drury High School has been such an amazing experience for me, the teachers, students, classroom environment suited me perfectly. I was involved in three sports and enjoyed them all. Overall my years at Drury were memorable in many ways such as pep rally's, school wide field day, meeting new friends every year and feeling comfortable with my peers. The teachers will support you and do as much as they can to be there to help you with school work or any problems in you're life.
The teachers are fantastic and innovative, and they reslly do everything to help their students go further. The environment is so realaxed and everyone gets along with everyone else. Its very positive and calm, and really has a lot of tools to build your future
Pretty much everything at this school sucks, the only good thing is the art programs, no one should feel safe as fights break out just about every day, the lunch is free but I recommend salad if you want something good. Teachers don't put much effort for help, they mainly suggest staying after school which is nearly impossible for myself and some other students. Vert dramatic school with bad influences. Be prepared not to have food, drinks, perfumes, etc in the D hallway if you do go though as one of our teachers is extremely allergic and she's actually one of the really good and nice teachers.
The thing I loved most about Drury High School was the amount of school spirit that everyone seemed to have. Even if people didn't like each other we were all one big family.
I like how the teachers and administration are always readily available to help you whenever. Everyone is friendly and they work very hard to make sure you will do the best of your ability in all your classes and extracurricular activities. There is a college and career center that is always handing out information and helping you with every single step of the way for applying to college, scholarships, jobs, or military. One thing I'd like to see change is having them offer a few more classes. I was really looking forward to taking AP Computer Science but then they ended up not having it so I couldn't take it.
At Drury High School students have freedom to pursue their interests. There is a wide range of sports every season, there is an annual drama production and there is a dynamic music department. It's an active program relative to any other music program in the district or anywhere else. Since 2012, our marching band has performed in Montreal, Washington DC for the 4th of July, Philadelphia and we have marched in numerous parades.

The one thing I'd like to see added is a van or mini-shuttle bus to MCLA for dual-enrollment courses and possibly some classrooms equipped to SKYPE courses for additional foreign language offerings.
this school is an arts schol has lots of diffrent programs and stuff to do
there are mulitple type of teachers. they all have there own way of doing and teaching
I always packed my lunches.
I never got in trouble so I don't really know a lot about this area.
I enjoyed every sport I played.
Some teachers are amazing while others are satisfactory
I was very involved in extracurriculars including sports and clubs. If you want to get involved then the it is the student's choice to get involved but they are there if desired!
I am at Siena College now which is a great school and I am succeeding beyond my expectations.
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The dress code policy is enforced...for some people. Certain students can get away with revealing clothing while others cannot, and it is at the discretion of our deans to enforce the policy.
I've never felt unsafe. It seems that getting into school is controlled but I can say from experience that getting out without people noticing or caring is pretty easy.
A lot of students are involved with partying and whatnot outside of school but it's easy to avoid.
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