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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. College Preparatory High School Reviews

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As an incoming freshman, I didn’t really have a clear idea on what classes I really needed to take in order to graduate. As the years went on there were more and more problems as staff and student began to leave . This continues till today(junior year). But overall my experience hear has been average because there hasn’t been anything extraordinarily good or bad that has taken place. I have teachers who help me learn the things I need to learn, and are willing to help me when I go to them for help. There aren’t as many extra curricular activities as they were my freshman year but there are still activities available to do at the school.
Being at King all four years of my high school career has been a challenge, you see a lot of changes, both good and bad; but overall king is a good school. The academic are outstanding and they really do test your abilities and help you strive as a student, from honors classes to AP classes, the curriculum is rigorous and will b a good help in the long run.
The teachers help you grow not only as a student but as a person. They don’t hold your hand every step of the way and that’s what will prepares you for college. The load of responsibility and being on your own. They let you make your own decision, partially hoping you see how they affect your life.
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I love the relationship that teachers at king build with students. They make it easy for the students to open up to them and be able to discuss things beyond school work. I would love to see more school-wide activities and better school spirit from the students and staff members. I would also like to get a chance to experience school friend trips such as college tours, community service trips, and etc.
My experience at this school was terrible. The teachers have no problem bringing their own issues to the class environment, the staff including the principal was very bias, there is a serious bullying issue, and the building is infested with bugs.
Freshman Year there were more course offerings it seems and an overall better culture/climate. Most of the issues the school faces are due to budget issues which could potentially be resolved. I generally benefitted from my experience here.
My experience in this high school is that none of the students are heard. Or almost all the choices that are made don´t involve the student in mind. Even when the students who try to change the can´t get through without the support of the parents.
I think King College Prep has the potential to be a great school. The school suffers from lack of attention by CPS to introduce programs that will benefit the students needs. There should be more programs available for student interested in non-traditional education.
Overall Ive had a pretty good experience at King. The one thing inwould like to change is involvement of Principle. He’s present at the school but has the tendence to ignore the children.
King College Prep has prepared me for the college life and the real world. With the rigorous courses I take, it truly displays the true essence of maintaining good grades and learning as you do so. Also, I'd like to take the time out to talk about the accessibility the administration offers. The adults have open ears and they take the student's thoughts and opinions into consideration.
I've attended King College Prep for only two years but in those two years, I've grown tremendously. I've matured in a way that I wouldn't have anywhere else. This school not only taught me educationally but helped me with my mental state and taught me that we shouldn't turn away from our feelings. That the pain and sorrow that we feel in life isn't just a bad thing, those feelings remind us that we are alive. So pushing those feelings away just so you don't feel the pain is something that we shouldn't d. That's what this school has taught me.
King College prep is definitely a school for scholars. the curriculum is perfect and students do their best to meet the standards of school.
At King, academics are taken seriously by all staff. Whether it be the teachers preparing you or the counselors giving you necessary tips and resources for college, you will feel like you're being prepared for college all four years. The teachers are all caring in their own way and they let it be known how available they are. There are even some that will bond with you on a personal level. Availability of the staff is low though, due to there not being alot of staff. Other than that King is a good school to prepare for college.
The teachers here at King College prep along with administration are very welcoming and they care for the children. But because of funding some teachers are cut and we don't have much money for certain programs. The school is dominantly African- American with a small percentage of Hispanics, Asians, and Caucasians. Academic wise you do get to take AP classes like: AP Land and Lit, AP Art, AP Government, AP U.S. History, and AP Spanish.
My experience at King has been an eye opener. When I first came to King, I didn’t want to be there so I made it hard on myself, but the more I was there, the more I began to like it and do better.
I like that the school is very thorough in its preparation of its students for college and life after college.
I like king I transferred there my sophomore year and I didn’t kno anybody but I made a lot of friends. Just focus and your academics and stay away of drama if you decide to go their but I can say with the teachers that I have had , they really want to see you succeed. The teachers push you to work hard and have high expectations.
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I like how the teachers and faculty make sure your prepared for high school. I do not like how they make up new rules and enforce them to where certain things are not able to happen at all, even if you had nothing to do with the incident.
I've attended King College Prep for all 4 years. I am now in my senior year and I can now say it has been bitter sweet. I have met amazing people and been apart of the KCP 2018 family. In my opinion King isn't the greatest but it's not the worst. Somethings I would like to change are the policies, classes offered and school spirit. If these things improve then over the years the population will grow. We have loss many students over the last few years but changes can make it a school that appeals to new incoming students.
King College Prep has challenging classes not just including Advanced Placement classes, this is classes from your junior and senior year. The school can improve by increasing the computer availability and finding good teachers to educate students.
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