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Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School Reviews

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Great sports especially football and basketball, good academic academies such as Business and Bio Medical programs.
Help the Senior readiness for college application and scholarship option. I personally had great teachers
Dr.henry wise is a great school with great staff and great new opportunities for students when i first started here i didn’t like it but now it has grown on me i am a senior and have been accepted to 3 colleges thank you to the staff here at wise i am unsure about where i will be going this fall but i do have a good amount of options thafully to the dr.henry wise staff
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with the new principal there’s been many great changes to make the school better, however it’ll take some time to get the school back on track
I love the school that I attend because I feel all of the students supported each other and uplifted each other in positive ways.
My experience at Wise High School was different , I met a lot of great teachers and made great friends. The schools resources are old and outdated , the teachers are bias towards football and basketball players and administration allows teachers to disrespect students without being reprimanded.
Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School is not that bad of a school that everyone make it seem to be. You make your high school experience my surrounding yourself around people that are either meant for you or not. The teachers are what makes the students and the schools. To me this school is good and the teachers and administrations are good you just have to go right and make sure no one distract you. A few of the policies I dont really agree with but you dont always get your way.
2018-19 is my first year at wise. !! I have had a good experience at this school. The teachers are helpful and always concerned about ur well being. The dead code is a plus.
Dr. Henry A. Wise, JR. High School is the biggest school in PG County, MD. With thousands of kids and a hundred staff members things get a little crazy. Classes are a little over average sized with at least 20-30 students. There are many fights and the food is terrible some days. The athletics are great and so is the administrative staff. There are some teachers who care and there are some who don’t. It’s high school... it has its ups and downs.
Lots of kids are not motivated to stay on task or learn in the school environment. Kids are disrespectful to staff members and security and also cause disruption through out the halls. Although the other half of the students do pay attention and do their work it does make up for the bad behavior that is placed into this school. Kids like me that want to do their work and pay attention in class should not have to put up with the fighting, noisy, violent people attending this school. The teachers do try to the best of their ability to maintain a good and healthy learning environment.
Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School is a good school to go to. You meet a lot of new kids from around the countries. It is a great experience to get to know different groups of kids and teachers. What made me stay at the school is being able to join the football team. I feel like that was a big part that made me like the school even more. I grew a relationship with my coaches, classmates that became my teammates, and others. We grew a bond just by playing this sport and I felt more comfortable knowing I had a group of friends who had my back in the school. I believe the growth since my freshman year helped me get to where I am at today.
Was an excellent school overall. Diversity may be an issue if one is looking for a multicolored school. Majority is African-American, but one will inclusive, no matter skin color.
Dr. Henry Wise High School is an exceptional institution. The student population is diverse. There are a wide range of academics offered to help students excel in their education.
The school is big, you can meet a lot of people. The administration is good. The teachers are somewhat challenging to work with.
Dr. Henry A Wise High School is a school that is very diversified. You have at least 55 percent blacks, 25 percent Hispanics, and 20 percent other race including Philippines, whites, Africans, and other. The staffs are very diversified as well. We have the young, the old and all types of race. The number one sports they are good at and spends endless money on is football.
I really admire the diversity of this school. There are also many sports and clubs students can partake in, there is something for everyone here.
I love the opportunities this school provides for students. I just wish they would put more money into their other sports like their swim team instead of everything going towards their football team.
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I enjoyed my stay at dr Henry a wise jr high school , i was a cheerleader so i am having a lot of fun with that. The athletics are great. I’m a senior and i am proud to be graduating from dr Henry a wise jr high school. This school is very very for college readiness ,being a senior we have to do so much to prove we are ready for the next step after high school.
One of the things I absolutely loved about this high school is that there are many ways to express our culture our diversity. Many races in one school expressing there cultures and customs and theres no type of discrimination. Theres many after school club groups supporting the students to create a group and express there roots
My experience at Wise was alright. There were a lot of opportunties that were given to me throughout my Four years attend here and I took the leap with them. And I would say that Im not mad about it. I am part of the Puma Pride program for the past four years since the first year it was created. I take AP Courses to show that I care about my education. Im apart of the National Honors society and National Art Honors society. My Highschool Experience is really great.
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