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I use to attend this school from 1st-5th grade. i like this school when i younger , i met two of my close best friends there.
No matter what their will always be bullying in the school and outside the school. This leads to fights and installations against a group of students who do not like a certain kid. Turns everyone against that person. They give negative feedback towards that person. So bullying is not handled the way it should.
the activities at my school changed over time. Because if you want to join a sport you have to pay 25.00 ignored to help with the equipment you need for that sport team. Especially the uniform you have to pay for and wear the uniform as they give it to you when you compete against other schools.
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My school is ok because their are some things that makes this school easy to get into, but on the other hand its hard to keep your grades at a constant semester. Having no lasalle, meaning hours in which you can get help with your homework is not as easy. Now Its up to me to get all my grades up to the passing standard. In which no one is their to hold my hand when I need guidance. The power is in my hands to succeed in life, no one can help me but myself. Its time to take action and get myself together to graduate on time with my class of 2016.
My teachers take time out of their day to help students who are struggling in their classes to make sure they won't fall behind on their work. They have many opportunities to get their grades on the board and learn from their mistakes when they make them on accident. They have the opportunity to make them up. The teaching styles are flexible and sometimes hard to understand, but as bright students we have the time to stop and ask questions about whats being taught. The communication skills are extremely amazing everyone talks to each other in a nice way and respects each other when they get answers wrong.

But overall, the teachers that taught me over the years have done an excellent job in helping me come this far in life. Now I'm almost ready to graduate and go off to college in the fall of 2016. It might be hard but with the push of my teachers they can assist me along the way. Whenever I am faced with hard obstacles, in which I cannot fight through them in the time that I need to accomplish things in life.
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