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Dozier-Libbey Medical High School Reviews

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Dozier is a pretty good school. It’s really stressful though and it’s lacking school spirit and connectivity.
Great in college readiness! Perfect for those wanting to become doctors etc. Recommend for four year college and/university. Downside is that there are no sports to be able to play in looking to get a scholarship from college. Smart teachers some workers at colleges as professors. Lovely little place to work plus looks great on college. Hard work is needed to be top student, very very smart competitive people that push you to the right max. You know what It’s amazing. Personally we are a great family as classes are small and teachers are very smart and very reliable for the kids to work with. You can call the office anytime soon as they will gladly answer the phone call and help with any conserns you may have. The vibe of the place has been a great and welcoming the all not judging upon race or Identity.
It is a complex learning but skillful area that helps to enhance our learning in all areas but as well as specializing in the medical areas in our health classes. You are able to get along with everyone, and the school is smaller in size so there will always be help if you need.
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its pretty chill tbqh but its small so that's not chill but you'll meet some cool people or you might not but its chill but go to another high school if you want a high school experience
The campus size and student size are very big reasons i chose this school. i liked that it was smaller and more personal than most other schools in the area. Scrubs as a dress code was very nice and made the students feel more professional. some of the teachers did lack initiative however.
Dozier-Libbey is very challenging and has a rigorous curriculum that helps to prepare students for college level work which i feel is very important, however Dozier is a fairly small campus that somewhat lacks the college experience.
Dozier-Libbey gave me lots of opportunities to do internships and volunteer. I felt like there was a conscious effort to make me prepared for college. I did not like the lack of sports programs though.
Dozier-Libbey prepared me for my college coursework and readiness for the medical field. There, I learned emergency medicine and sports medicine, as well as medical terminology. I feel it has given me the foundation to get superior grades in college and advance in the medical field.
I love the classes and all but I feel like I was not left in a good spot for college. Because courses are so hard you end up with a lower GPA which them leaves you with an uncompetitive GPA for your college application.
I loved how Dozier-Libbey pushed its students to do their best and were there if we needed their help. However, it was really overwhelming at times.
Dozier-Libbey Medical High School is a small, close-knit school with just over 700 students. This school is for anyone who is looking into or interested in the medical field. The academics are rigorous and really prep you for what college is like.
I love my school since I am interested in the medical field. What I especially love is the integrated projects that are part of our curriculum. That is what sets us apart from other schools. The projects help the students build teamwork skills as well as their public speaking and exercise their creativity.
I fell in love with the warm and small environment at Dozier-Libbey. I have formed a bond with many of the students in my class and in other classes. The teachers are understanding and willing to talk about both academic and personal issues. The curriculum is rigorous with many group projects and presentations, but has allowed me to grow as a leader and a student.
I really liked the fact that it was medical based. Was able to learn so much about the medical field I did not know at first. I was also able to learn about new health care careers that may spark my interest. In my school offered so many opportunities such as listening to guest speakers and being involved with hands on experiences such as sports medicine internships. The only thing I wished was better was the engagement and participation within my classmates.
There is much to love about Dozier Libbey Medical High School. From an academic standpoint, there are many advanced classes available for certain grade levels, allowing students to express their academic interests. There are also more medical based classes at our school to help students get exposed to the different career paths there are in the medical field. The teachers at Dozier Libbey are by far, one of the most enlightening things about the school. Although there may not be many clubs to join, there are other activities that go on in the school. I happen to be the president of TUPE (Tobacco Use and Prevention Education), and am a tutor for math. Our school is unique that they have an individual time block called Advisory. During that period students are allowed to go to any class to receive extra help if they need it. Overall the studious environment and guiding teachers prepare you for a future filled with academic successes.
I like how this school prepares you for college. However, I wish I could see more student involvement / activities. Teachers are pretty average, its the curriculum that stands out. Campus looks dead and sad to be honest, need more life in it.
This school has given excellent sources for college readiness. Although the school activities are short, the preparation for college is outstanding.
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Dozier Libbey is a very fast paced, stronger curriculum school. The curriculum is more serious compared to other high schools in the area. The small student population size guarantees each student gets one on one attention from teachers. The teachers at the school are also very close to one another and get along well with their students. The teacher student relationship is well built. The campus is lacking in recreational activities such as sports or clubs.
Despite its relatively small size, and lack of conventional high school activities like sports teams, Dozier-Libbey is a excellent school that maintains not only an exceptional faculty but also a diverse array extracurriculars and clubs on-campus.
Dozier-Libbey Medical High School is renowned in the Contra Costa County for its academic rigor and college/career preparedness. Perhaps the greatest advantage about the school is the numerous medical career exploration activities it offers. From guest speakers to field trips to hospitals, students are informed of the medical field throughout their high school years. Although Dozier-Libbey is a small school ( approximately less than 700 students), the leadership qualities of the students vastly give Dozier-Libbey its name.
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