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I graduated with a great GPA and enjoyed making lifelong friends. I loved the small school vibe and being a part of a close knit community. However, the education was sub par and I felt like I did not get a foundational math education. The English department was fantastic! But I found many teachers did not care. The talented theater, Band, and music were the best parts of my experience.
The teachers and faculty are absolutely wonderful. It’s nice to have teachers care for students. They go above and beyond to help others, especially during our out time from corona virus. Doyle is a very small school, so the thing I would change would be the technology available for all students. It’s a struggle sometimes to share the same computers around the whole school.
This public school's teachers and academics are better than most. Although this school is small and most graduating classes only consist of about 60 people, everyone is close and it's easy to become friends with everyone that goes here. Just like other public schools, there may be rude kids, but overall my time here was met with fond memories and beloved teachers who almost become your friends.
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the campus is very small and easy to navigate. I loved how close the school community was with everyone. The parents were involved in things. Everybody knew every body at school and all the teachers knew you.
Very warm and welcoming environment. I love that Doyle High is a smaller school, giving teachers and students time to better bond with each other. It really makes the student body feel invested and committed to succeeding.
Doyle high school is an okay school but that is it. It is not great by any means. The teachers are overall not involved with the students and do not seem to care that much about their careers. The school is not the cleanest and most of the students do not get alone. We do not have enough elective to help each student with their wants and needs to help them prepare fore college and their lives after college.
Doyle High School is a great school if you plan to go into a trade like welding. Other than that, this school does not prepare students properly for college. You will find only a handful of teachers care about the students; half of the faculty are only there so they can coach. If you’re looking for a school of diversity, walk away. This is a school of primarily white hicks. I will credit that bullying doesn’t happen too often but when it does occur, administration does little to help with it. We’re a very sports-heavy school, yet we only focus on baseball and basketball. Doyle is just now popping up with many more clubs, but before you were limited to the talented programs, 4-H and Beta Club. Our culture consists of sports and hunting, a clear lack of enthusiasm for anything else. If it weren’t for the great friends I’ve made, I’d wish to have attended another school.
I’d like to see the students receive more choices when it comes to extracurriculars. There are only three sports for students to choose from, each is extremely picky and biased about who is put onto the team. The clubs also need a bit more of organization to continue on as they are.
Teachers and staff were always friendly and helped to the best of their ability. When I graduated I felt prepared for college. I overall had a positive high school experience at Doyle.
As a current high school senior at Doyle High School, there are many things I favor here. The faculty being one of them. The teachers here have their best interest when it comes to educating their students; they want to assure us a bright and secure future. Another favorable asset that Doyle High currently has, would be their athletics program. Given that my opinion may be based, considering I myself am currently on the basketball and softball team, the school provides us with a phenomenal coaching staff. The coaches are supportive, motivational, and empowering, leading us to victories throughout our seasons.
Although Doyle High has its positives, it also has some negatives. One thing i would like to see change, would be the school lunch provided. If there could be small improvements to the quality of the food, i would definitely give Doyle High school five stars. Ultimately, I love my school.My experience here as overall been positive and I wouldn't change a thing.
Very helpful teachers, and great environment. Only downfall would be lack of extracurriculars. It's getting there though in that sense.
I wish there were more opportunities for clubs like BETA.
Wish I had gone to this school all 4 years of high school! Awesome place
My teachers are great! They are always willing to offer assistance whenever needed.
The school no longer recognize team sports with an athletic banquet.
Doyle is mostly organized and incredibly efficient. The administration is personable and sets its policies and codes according to the safety of its students. There are checks for drugs when suspicion arises and at random intervals. Student safety is at the forefront of every day. Furthermore, administration is concerned with the academic success of their students and is proactive in confronting students who are failing, in danger of failing, or who are considering dropping out.
The administration is very concerned about their students. Both principal and vice principal and all other administration are incredibly proactive when dealing with reported bullying. Fights are prevented and stopped as quickly as possible when they arise.
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Doyle provides most everything from 4H to BETA to Bass Club to Golf to Chess club. Students are encouraged to involve themselves in clubs and activities often. Each club is well-represented.
While some teachers leave something to be desired on any given day, many teachers are knowledgeable in multiple subjects, making help easy to find in most subjects. The teachers care for their students. Free tutoring is available in the mornings, and staff is always willing to hlep locate extra help for students.
The experiences with my peers were not always the best, but Doyle provided an education and a caring faculty/administration that I could not have wished for from any other school. The teachers are personable. The office administration cares about the education of the students.
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