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staff are mean don't let you do anything or even drink water it is very bad.the floors are dirty and they have no materials.This school got robbed more than two times. Some kids stuff got robbed and kids have go to the hospital because allergy's. It's very trash and trash and trash and trash and trash AND TRASH AND TRASH this school is very bad. If you love your kid don't put them here. Its very true basketball academy's should come see this kid he's the goat!
The teachers are not supportive at all. They make the students feel bad and make them want to leave school. They are very unfair to the students. This school is just all around terrible. The boys basketball team is indubitably being carried by one person and he is just the GOAT. He is the real chosen one and just the best player I've seen since Lebron. He might even be better than Lebron and many others.
I think its bad for your kids to come here because there are many bully's and one of the staff got fired for watching nasty stuff. This school is very poor, trash, and unfair. This school is trash and trash and trash and trash. There's a kid that plays basket ball and hes the goat hes very good. Hes better than his friends.
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It is a very bad school and I don't recommend anyone coming to this school. This school is actually really bad and the adults are extremely unfair to the students. They don't make the students feel welcomed and make the students hate school. Also the basketball team is carried by one person. This boy/student is the GOAT. He is saucy and shifty. He's pretty much unguardable.
i hate this school because they have new management and these people are unfair to the students its is trash and trash and trash and trash and trash and trash and trash and trash and trash. These administrators dont know how to manage this school. the worst person to meet is Ms. Cohen. She makes something small to a chaotic problem and never build a better community. The food is not fresh at all and is just pre-packaged processed food. I do not recommend this school at all even if it has good reviews its terrible. This school is hell. There sports team is only good because of one kid. He is the goat.
Teachers were very supportive and cared about my education. Being a charter school, they have physical education for students while others do not and they have so much school pride. The community gets together every year and hosts a fundraiser event called "Fiesta" and students get to perform and parents volunteer to make food. Teachers and staff serve at booths and play games with students.
Everyone learns and if they don't get it they aren't made fun of, they just get extra help.
I've only been to three schools in my whole entire life and this was by far my favorite school. Everyone cares for everybody. They encourage each other. Every teacher that I had in the 8 years I attended always showed so much care for each student. No matter how hard headed the students were they never gave up. I wouldn't change anything about this school but one thing I would do is give back to this school. This school helped me so much and giving back is the perfect way to show how much I appreciated all they did for me.
My all time favorite teacher had to be my first grade teacher Ms. Qavi. She was sweetest and most caring teacher I have ever had. She had so much patience with me. I left my second grade class knowing how to do long division and I was reading at a 4th grade level. She challenged us and even when we wanted to give up she kept pushing us to do better. Our class was always fun and we reenacted plays and sang songs. I wish that she could be my teacher for one more year.
They have running club so you can practice for the LA marathon if you're eligible or you can run for fun with the group. They have an after school program which offers extracurricular events like cooking classes, music classes, sports events, and sometimes field trips
It's a pretty small school, and everyone is really friendly. There may be disputes every now and then between the students, but it gets resolved at the end. The classes are an average of 30 students, so it's fairly small which means you get a lot of help from the teachers. The teachers are also very helpful and will try anything so you understand the topic and make sure you don't fail your classes.
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