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I have been in this school for 4 years, and the only thing that detest about this school is that this school does not have any fields and that it is under a freeway. The teachers are great; they are very supportive. The students are vrey friendly too. The overall environment in this school is pretty nice.
DMHS is a small school, but it has great academics and staff. I wish there were more windows though and a proper court to play in.
I like the community of students and how because the school is so small, the help and guidance we receive is amazing from staff as well as our peers.
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My high school has a lot of caring teachers who try to help me and my peers succeed, these teachers go above and beyond their jobs in order to help us succeed and graduate. Downtown Magnet also offers a variety of clubs and fun events such as MORP(Dance) and Club Rush. Throughout the week there are also various fun activities to participate in and these are manage by the ASB members. One thing that I hope to change would be the size of the school. Our school is very small in comparison with other High Schools and since our building does not have windows there is no proper ventilations so when one student gets sick we all would and since there is no windows it also raises another question "what would happen if there was a fire?"
Everyone tries to help in any way they can, lots of available opportunities for everything. The staff is well trained and respectful and cares about each student. The work is challenging but not extremely overwhelming.
I'm in the International Baccalaureate Downtown Magnets High School, and this program readies students for college, with many research projects and with teachers who are open to giving help. The program helps students understand what will be expected of them in college.
The school is small, but there are fewer students than other schools, which makes it more like a big family. The education system inside is very good, and the instructors are very patient. The students who come here are very interesting. There are many ap courses and IB courses available here. One important thing, we are the SUNS in the school with no windows.
Academics are relatively great. Most people are extremely nice in the environment. However, it is a school with no windows, so not the best air quality around here; it's easy to get sick.
I like the school from an academic standpoint and the lack of bullying is often pretty nice, but the school is really dirty and far too small for the number of students it has. Also, I've always felt like a misfit and an outcast there. That might just be my fault, but it's made going there really difficult.
I love that Downtown Magnets is a very welcoming school The teachers and staff make sure that everyone is cared for and given the best possible resources.
This school is great at academics and offers a great array of AP classes. However, the sports area of the school is not the best because the school is more focused on academics.
I love this school mainly because it deeply focuses on academics. This is not really a school for those interested in sports, but that’s not to say there are no teams. There are many great teachers and courses that you would not find anywhere else. The teachers are dedicated and amazing and everyone is always on top of their work. The only issue I have it certain counselors that sometimes don’t do their job correctly and I ended up having to take a class after school because she failed to notify me about having to retake it. Other than that the school is one of the best.
Overall this school is amazing just some flaws within the school size and administrators but the people there a great!
DBM graduate here and what I can say about this school is nothing but positive as the school educational and sucess culture is one of the best.The school does nothing but help a student graduate and prepare them for college if the student wants to. From the outside perspective the school is small compare to other H.S schools but the school spirit inside is strong. Bottom line if the student doesn't graduate from this school is because the student didn't want to.
I really enjoyed my high school experience at Downtown Magnets High School. The teachers there really care about their students. The school also offers the IB program which I participated in and the teachers and coordinator gave a great support system to the students. I learned a lot from attending there and wouldn't want to change that experience. I would like to see improvements on the building it self because students who are doing well academically deserve a nice place to go to school.
My high school experience has been very fun and memorable, despite with all the stress with classes and AP's. DMHS has filled my high school experience by meeting new people, meeting the staff and faculty, and all of the high school events. I am so happy to be in a diverse school. Everyone is so nice and friendly, especially the teachers. I am grateful to have the counselors help us (students) achieve our requirements of graduating and help us get accepted to our dream college.
The academic rigor is what attracts people to dmhs but there is so much more than that. you have dedicated teachers who would give it their all to try and help you get the best grade possible, you have amazing people who understand your struggles and never minimize what you’re doing & you have an environment that 100% supports you and will make it easier for you to love school. The college counselor & regular counselors are ready to meet and discuss anything to help you and prepare you from your future. By the time you graduate dmhs you’ll be ready for the real world. The only downside is that dmhs is a very small school & we have no windows but aside from that, i’m proud to be a sun :-)
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Downtown Magnets High School is a very good academic environment for those who are looking to further their education after high school. It offers different magnets for different career interests which may potentially benefit students in college. However, they lack equipment for the sports teams and even space to practice and play their regular season games. This is because the lack of space on campus. Although their sports may need extra funding, there is a great amount of effort put in by student athletes.
The teachers are great at DMHS, the only thing I would change the building itself because it is somewhat old and some things should get fixed like the HVAC since it works when ever it wants to.
I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of this school. Everybody there was generally focused on studies and had goals to succeed after graduating. I think this school's administration could be smarter about which courses are taught, by who, and at what times. I think the restrictions on courses was the only downside to my experience.
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