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DCP isn’t a big “sports school”, but it provides its students with a good education. From my Freshman to Junior year, DCP has been making sure that I was ready for college. DCP also made it a graduation requirement for Seniors to be accepted to a college/University. DCP has classes dedicated to preparing its students for college. They even provide Sophomores and Juniors a trip to visit public universities to make it easier for us when we decide where we should apply. The only downside they have is the small amount of AP classes they offer.
The out of school opportunity are amazing, wuth guided support. Also tge teachers really care about your future.
I attended this high school the years of 2010 through 2014. Though at first it was the greatest experience of my life, I like what this school is focused on. They are focused on getting first generation students into a 4 year college. The teachers are a wonderful assest showing that education is more important than you know and can help out in the long run. As well as how important it is to further your education to build a life for yourself and your family. There is nothing but support and guidance throughout the time you will be there.
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You learn a lot about yourself here. The teachers are very nice and the education you are getting here is very high equality. Of course you still need to do your part.
This school holds a very special place in my heart. Previously I had went to their middle school and it was amazing the teachers were so nice and caring as well as the students. The school also gives you classes they know you can handle like if they know you’re a bit more advanced they will put you in a more advanced class likewise if they see that you are struggling too much they will offer you so much help like after school tutoring or some teachers have office hours you can go to. I went to another school for my freshman year of high school and it was just terrible. They didn’t give students the classes they needed and they just kind of ignored you when you had a question but then I came back to DCP and it was like suddenly everything was so perfect! The students are very caring and friendly, they love to joke around and play music and games. It’s just fun all over the place! I honestly would recommend this school a thousand times because I just love it so much!
I started off my freshmen year unwanting to grasp the rigid concepts my teachers where trying to engrain in my brain. For one day is all that lasted as most of my teachers became the closest of friends in the initial hours of class. Amigable and honest is the atmosphere I would describe every single hour I have spent behind Downtown College Preparatory’s doors. By my sophmpre year I was enjoying the rigorous classes which I had so avidly pushed to take. There are endless opportunities provided, some lucky people alike me selected for magnificent classes at places like Stanford University and the San Francisco Symphony. But there is one last thing, the food served is decent, nothing spectacular, although I am sure anybody attending this institution wouldn’t mind that over the lifelong educational benefits they receive.
DCP has a small close knitted community that really inspires growth between the students. Its goal to apply to college is mentioned a lot and help is easy and fast to get. The only problem is the lack of extracurriculars the school sustains, but it makes up for it by offering and connecting to a great number of summer programs and internships and so on.
My experience with downtown college prep was not the best. This school needs to focus on Staff and needs to have a more welcoming environment for students. This school does not have the many opportunities that other schools have.
Something I liked about Downtown College Prep, DCP, is that the school is small. I liked this because we get to create bonds with teax=chers we probably wouldn't have if the school was bigger.
I've been part of this school since middle school. This feels like a second home to me. I feel like I can express myself and I know that there will be people there for me. These teachers here will try to make an effort to try to get and know a lot of the students.
What I liked about my school experience at Downtown College Prep high school was the community, the professors, the student and the stuff member that work there why because they help you when you need help they don't mind helping you they are always there for you, being a first generation student was difficult for me but thanks to DCP they help me with all my thing to apply to College, look at me now, I am attending college soon its all hard work, and help from DCP. One thing I will change is maybe the location and add a library to the school, this our two key point to make the school more amazing, having a library will make the student have their own space to study and to do their homework better if they need help, they will have more option to pick a book, the location is bad because they are a lot of crimes and gangsters.
I would not choose this school all over again simply because it is uncomfortable. The environment is not comforting at all. At my old school i could not wait to go but at DCP I can not wait to go home.
DCP does not get all the funding it deserves but with the constant disorganization and chaotic habitat students do not feel the need to follow the rules. Many do not appreciate the unstable environment that the staff creates. Even though they produce results it should be recognized how stressful the teachers make it.
Teachers take their time off to be with their students and help them succeed.
Where can I begin, my high school experience at this school was incredible I wish I can go back. With the help of my counselor I got to attend CSU Stanislaus. Every student builds a strong connection with their counselor and with the help on one on one is what I like best at the school.
Teachers have enthusiasm to help their students learn and try their best so that every student graduates.
There isn't a lot of extracurricular activities but they're are a few ones that I liked such as Unity Girls and Prom Committee.
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I liked this school because it's a small school which means you will get more help. It was so easy to make new friends and overall my experience was okay.
The teachers at this school are very friendly. They would do anything to help you succeed in school. All of them have a certain way to communicate with student.
I am involved with sports and I can honestly say it's great because it is very engaging and worthwhile.
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