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I love how many programs they provide to not only be competitive for college but to grow yourself as a student and person. The grading system has pros and cons, it is called mastery grading. Mastery grading is where you get to reassess any test or homework assignment you may have failed or get a grade you arent happy with. This is to show that you mastered the subject so that if you didnt understand it the first time around it wont be held against you. The con this isnt the reality of college there is no re do button. During senior year you WILL be supported which is great for a first generation student not knowing anything about the applying process.
DCP is a very good school and cares deeply for its students but its only downfall is how poor it is. DCP doesn't have the most money so it doesn't have the most programs or anything like that. It has excellent teachers that care deeply for the students. Most provide and spend time outside of the class to help their students.
The teachers and staff are really nice and think of all their students. They want nothing but the best for them. It’s a small and comfortable campus.
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There were a lot of experiences that I enjoyed while attending Downtown College Prep but my main experience would have to be the level of education and the teachers. The school really does prepare you for college by making sure you finish all your a through g courses as well as pushes the idea to take more classes than the recommended minimum. The teachers here really do care about the students that they have in their classes so much that they are willing to take time out of their day to stay till hours after school has ended to help them, in some cases the teachers leave at 7 pm. Some improvements that I would like to see from Downtown College Prep Alum Rock to try to motivate the students more in order to make all students that attend succeed.
I would enjoy if we expanded our school's campus, because we are currently on a very small campus. I would like there to be more classes that have philsophical subjects.
My experience here was amazing. Its like no other school in my area for many reasons. The main one being the attention i got from each of my teachers because of how small the school is and how much they truly care for their students. I've been here since 7th grade and I don't regret spending all my high school years at DCP. The school kept me out of trouble, helped me academically in areas such as math that I struggled a lot in, and the friendly atmosphere is like nothing I've ever seen before.
Down town college prep is a school that help you go to college , its one of the tops schools there is to be able to succeed and get somewhere.
Some things I love about dcp is how much family is valued in our school that everyone fits in .Also, I love how supportive the teachers are and all the college and life advice they give. One major thing I would like to change is to finally have our own campus because we have shared campus since the schools been open and it's difficult have activities when we always have to make sure we don't interfere with what the other schools around are doing .
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